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Welcome to Animalus, home of the hybrids, people with strange customs. 24,510+ views
Chapter 1

Welcome to Planet Animalus

    by: BIG BAD WOLF Feels Lucky   More by this author
*Author's Note* Alright, it seems that I need to fix my rules, yet again. So, I will do them a third time, this time with an intro that most people should be able to understand. The rules are in the story. *Please note* Seeing as to how I have to fix my rules, if you have questions about something, like tasting houses or the Wild Beasts for instance, or the charactors that one can use, please e-mail me and I will answer your question. For instance, when I first put this up, Twiga asked me a question about whether or not birds were humanoidal, which they are, and I answered her question. So, even when my rules are compleatly fixed, but you have a question about something, ask away.

*Quick note. When it comes to accents, if the story is between 0-100AS, or 4000-4100AS, I will allow the natives to speak with them, unless the person is from a group of nomads, or some such thing, that tends to speak a language other than Standard, which is a variation of English. Of course, to a human from another planet, Hybrids have a wide variaty of accents, like barks, growls, meows, hisses, chirps, baas, moos, naighs, ect, due to the fact that they are part animal, due to what their ancestors had done to stay alive, but the natives don't really hear these, including those called "born humans", as well as pure humans that were born and raised on Animalus. Thank you for your time.*

*Note about drinking. Hybrids can't handle alchool too well. As a result, if they want a drink, it's either specially carbonated fruit or vegtable juices, for herbivores, or blood mixed with water, for carnivores. Now, with the blood/water drink, the ratio is a maximum of one cup of blood to three cups of water. Also, the blood is actually donated from people, who are paid based on how much the blood from their race is in demand, with pure human blood being worth the most, especially before 4000AS. (A large wolf pops a cork off of a bottle that is labled "Human Blood" and asks, "Is anyone thirsty?" as he pours a glass for himself and slowly drinks it, savoring the taste, and smiles widely, revealing blood-red teeth.)*

As one walks the street in a city on the planet of Animalus, they notice a few things. While there are indeed humans, most people seem to be part animal. This was because of a battle that their ancestors had been in and in order to survive, it had been necassary for the scientists on board the ship, that everyone had been on, to fuse them with the DNA of the animals that they'd been cloning. The attackers had been those known as Herogs, ten foot tall lizard like creatures with a warrior culture.

The scientists had been reluctant to turn their fellow humans, especially those who were their friends and family, into freaks of science. However, if they didn't do it, out of one hundred thousand people, only one hundred people would of survived. As a result, after the captian, who had also been wounded severly, talked to his wife, who was the head scientist in charge of the cloning project, and asked her which would be better, to just let them die, or do something that could potentially save their lives, the scientists began to, one at a time, starting with the captian, who had voluntered to be the first one to be changed, put the wounded into special chambers, and flip a switch, which fussed them with the DNA of the animals.

After that, the captian. who had been turned into a cheetha hybrid, set the ship on a course to the only planet left in the ship's navigational computer, which had been codenamed Paridise. This had been the planet that the cloned animals, who were of species that had gone extinct on Earth after the twenty first century, would of been taken to, without the interferance of humans to wipe them out.

When the people, who came from a wide variety of backgrounds, from ship's crew, to scientists, to soldiers, to police and prison guards, to criminals of all levels, to priests, to a wide variety of other law-biding citizens, got to the planet, they realized that there was no going back, not only because the ship's engians had gone out, but because no other planet would understand their sacrifice. They were now what writers and artists would call, anthros, basically humanoid animals. Also, they had the instincts of those animals, like the urge to mate during certain times of the year, and those who were carnivores had the urge to eat human flesh. As a result, various laws and places were set up, which were modled on the laws of the USA and most western European countries. Of course, given the fact that those who were humans had no natural weapons, it was agreed that they would be allowed to carry a long knife, which had to be worn on a belt, in plain sight, no matter where they went, as every other person had weapons, like teeth, claws, horns, ect.

Also, special houses were set up, mating houses for when single adults had the urge to mate, but they didn't have a partner, and tasting houses for carnivores who hungered for the taste of flesh. However, despite the fact that these places had people there provide customers with certian services, there were rules that had to be followed, and the safty of the employees was the owners' top priority, with money following ten spaces down on the list of important things that ran those places. (Note, see Leland, under average person in the city, for a summery of those rules. If you have further questions about them, e-mail me.)

However, there were those who couldn't stay in the cities, as they had the urge to travel, or were highly dangerous criminals, like murderers and rapists who could never settle down and become decent citizens, or want to. While those who were law-biding citizens that hate to stay in one place for long were allowed to come back from time to time, the criminals could never enter a civilized city until they had redeamed themselves. Now, there were many criminals, like theives, smugglers, and counterfiters, and the like, who were allowed to stay, as they had been sentanced to do hard labor on a penal colony for a few years anyways. Also, some of these former criminals had useful skills, which the people could use. After all, things like birth certifricats and other documents are useful in civilized society.

Of course, the exiled criminals struck back, and attacked the law-biding travelers that were soon called nomads. The leaders of the groups went to the cities, demanding protecton from the murauders, who were soon called outlaws. Of course, the cities were unable to help them, until reports of various soldiers and police officers fighting each other started to come to their attention. Every single one of these men and women, three hundred of them, were brought before the leaders of the cities, and as they were being indicted for conducts that were unbecoming of officers, they started to call each other wild beasts, which came to a stop when one judge called them all wild beasts, and gave them two choices, prison, or become members of a new force that would require both parts of their combined training, to fight the outlaws. To a man, they all joined. After that, they begain to fight the outlaws, and were soon called Wild Beasts by the outlaws themselve, and this became a source of pride for them.

Of course, there was a problem that all societies must deal with, death and funerals. After the first settler to die was burried, it was discovered that there was a plant, with a strange black flower, with skull-like leaves, that threatened to destroy the settlers, as it grew on the graves of the dead and gave off a gass that made cyinide poisoning seem like the cold in comparison. As a result, people needed a way to deal with the way to give people proper, and safe, funerals. Someone made an off-hand remark that the people would be better off just eating them. Of course, this sparked a great deal of arguement, especially from priests and other religious leaders. After all, such a thing would violate the soul of the dead. However, the cities leaders then asked the priests if it would violate the soul of the dead if a priest was the one to do the deed to make those who died safe to eat. After some discussion amongst themselves, the priests agreed that it would be acceptable for them to cook the bodies and serverd them to the friends and family of the deceased. As a result, several of the younger ones started to learn how to cook things that were around the size of a human, searching for methods that seemed to be the most respectfull for one's body.

When the next settler died, the priests were ready. After the doctors had removed the deceased's viable organs, like kidneys, liver, lungs, ect, the body was turned over to the priests. Then, under the watchful eyes of five of the person's most trusted friends and family members, a tradition that contenues afterwards, the priests drained the body of any fliuds, and used preserving methods, such as salting and smoking, which kept the Death Plant, as the dreaded black flower that had leaves that looked like skulls was called, from growing on the body and producing its deadly gas. Then, they carefully roasted the body, under the watchful eyes of the five witnesses, making sure that they didn't destroy, or damage, the body during the cooking. Then, when the body was ready, the priests, aprehensively, started to cut the first pieces off of the body, which were the size of one's palm, and served them to the five who had watched. After a few minutes of nervousness on their parts, one of the five cut a small piece, and was the first one to taste the flesh of a dead friend or relative. After shedding a few tears for his friend, the rest tried it as well, and after they finished crying as well, they gave premission for the rest of the body to be served. During the course of this first "meal of a loved one", as it was soon called afterwards, no one said a word, and ate in relative silence, as if to respect the dead. While such things had never happened before, at least not like this, these things soon became a common practice, five witnesses to watch the priests, the five were to be given the first portions, and the body was to be eaten in silence.

Of course, where death exists, so does life. The settlers spent time with the loves of their lives and started to have children who were born on the planet, which was called Animalus, after someone said, "We can't call the planet Paridise, becuse all of us are animals" and the words "animal" and "us" were combined. One such couple found a flower that seemed to intensifiy their own desires to have sex with the other, and increased their pleasure as well. When they took it to some of the scientists, the flower, which had leaves in the shape of the hands of two lovers holding the other, was found to be an apherdesiact, with high potancy levels, especially the gas it produced. Several researchers, who were botinasts, started to study the flower, noting the variaties, where they grew, their colorations, growth cycles, everything. Coincidently, they found that the flowers, no matter the variaty or their location, bloomed their fullests on one day, and dispersed their seeds, and that day was the day that the cities celebrated the day that the ship brought them to Animalus.The flower, which was called the Lovers' Flower, with the name of the type, like the color and locations that it grew in, in front of it, was given to couples on their wedding days.

Also, when it came to weddings, people were soon starting to have two weddings, one was in church, which was anytime, and the second was during the planet-wide celebrations of the settling of the planet, when everyone in the city was gatherd in one place, meaning that there was no shortage of witnesses. In fact, it became a tradition to hold the weddings first, followed by the rest of the celebrations, which revolved around feasting, contests of strength, agility, and other things, with everyone having a good time. In fact, providing that they behaved themselves, this was the one day of the year that convicts, who had been on good behavior all year, could be free, without spending time in prison or having to report to work, and mingle with the rest, although there were plenty of police officers and soldiers, who spent time protecting the cities from outlaws, around to keep an eye out for trouble.

Of course, when it came to marages, same sex marages, as well as marages to multiple lovers, had been leagle for several thousand years before Animalus had been colonized, and the leaders saw no reason to get rid of them, and took comfort from their own lovers, both multiple and of the same sex as themselves. (Note, when it comes to sexual practices, I will be leniant, providing that one doesn't go too overboard with oral, anal, and the like. Try to stay with casual sex, be it gay/lesbian, or straight, if you can, please.)

Also, during this time, those who had been turned into foxes found it difficult for themselves to lie, meaning if their lover asked if they'd been doing something that they shouldn't, they could only speak the truth. However, they found a way around that by telling what has become known as fox lies, basically speaking the truth in riddles that were hard to figure out, unless one was a fox themselves. Also, many started seeing the doctors, complaining that they were hearing peoples' voices in their heads, long before the people spoke. Of course, while the whole "I cannot tell a lie" thing had the doctors stumped, telepathy was something that had been known for centuries, and usually required the activation of a certian gene to awaken it. Eventually, while the exact reasons for these two things were still not explained by the scientists and geneticits, these things were passed onto those of fox blood, including those who were born human.

Meanwhile, as the years passed, just as the rest of the people had families and children of their own, so did the outlaws. These children were usually of captive nomads that were turned into slaves and the outlaws themselves, usually by rape. These children either became outlaws or slaves themselves. However, they heard stories of the Wild Beasts, warriors who caused both fear and awe in anyone who saw them, especially when they were in combat. They traveled in groups of three, a male and a female, both of which were about the size of humans, with a snake or a croc with them. (Note, while most hybrids are humanoidal, like birds, mammals, fish, and most amphibians and reptiles, snakes and crocodilians are not.) At first, they seemed like ordinary travelers, and would seem to cower in fear as the outlaws surounded them. But, just when things seemed to be at their worst, the trap was sprung, and the cowerdly travelers became feroucous wild beasts, who would tear the outlaws limb from limb, sparing only those who decided to surrender, and would free those held captive by them, especially the children.

Finally, deciding that it would be better to be executed by the Wild Beasts, rather than see those who were what they once were turn into them, the younger outlaws and slaves of several groups overthrough the older ones, and went to the Wild Beasts, to be judged for what they had done. However, instead of killing them, they were pardoned for what they had done. Of course, due to their upbringing, it was decided that it was best they should not be allowed to just enter the cities. However, they were not compleatly cast out of society, as the Wild Beasts had them build settlements along the roads between the cities, especially where different nomadic groups tended to meet up, swap goods, spend time with friends, with travelers that were going to another city leaving one group to travel with the other, and those of age could leave their family groups, both for personal reasons, like seeing other parts of the world, and to keep the nomadic groups from being too closly related to each other, especially by blood, as most groups tended to be family members with the others of the same group. It was at these meeting spots that settlments were built, with houses for the residants, places to trade goods, a school, a church of some sort, and a place that was a mix between hotel, mating house, and tasting house, all to provide travelers, nomads, and Wild Beasts out on patrol, with a few comforts of civilization. Overtime, these settlement soon became towns and cites themselves, with their own police force and town/city guard to protect them and enforce the laws.

*Note, this is just the basic of things that happen after settlement of Animalus, up to 4000 AS, which is equal to aproximently 10,000 AD/CE so to get Animalus years turned into AD, just add 6000 to the current Animalus year. Also, around the equator, the weather is dry for half the year, with little to no percipertation, and the other half is rainy, or as you get close to the poles, snowy, and at the higher elevations, like mountians, you may only get two months of dry, with the rest being rain or snow filled. Also, the first three cities, in order, are, Grass City, as it was built in a grasslands, Marsh City, which was built on the edge of a marsh, and Undersea/Dome City, which was built under the sea, with a dome for land dwellers to live in. (Those who live in the dome tend to be related to those who are fully aquatic. Also, they have special double tasting houses. E-mail me for information about those.) Also, technology is highly advanced, though environmentally friendly. Of course, there is a wide variaty of weapons that one could have to compliment their own natural weapons, especially for use in the Wilds where one needs to be armed to protect themselves from wild animals and outlaws. These weapons can range from simple knives to swords to axes, always useful in a forest, to projectile weapons to partical weapons, like "Phasar-like" pistols. However, it is concidered to be more honorable to fight without anything other that the wapons that one was born with, though humans can weild long knives. These knives tend to be crafted to fit the individual, from the size and shape of the grip, which is about the length of the person's fist, with half an inch added for the guard for the blade and the pomal, to the length of the blade, which can be no longer than the distance between the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky when they are fully extended. (Make the sign for "Call Me" and you will get the idea as to the length.)*

Of course, after 4000 AS, things got interesting, not only for Animalus, but for the rest of the universe. (Note, after this date, you can chose to be some sort of alien. Also, if you want to be something like a giant, a dragon, or some "mythical" creature, they are to be concidered aliens of some sort. Also, your hybrids can only be mammales, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians, all of which are mamalian in the ways that they have children and produce breastmilk. Also, your hybrid can be a mix of other types of creatures, and hybrids can give birth to "born" humans, though this tends to occur more often with those of "human" ancestory that was within a few generations back. Also, if you are one of the first settlers, especially one of the first hybrids, the early hybrids had two souls in them, the human soul, which is in control most of the time, and the soul of the animal that they were fussed with, which tends to take control during certian situations, like when they have the urge to mate or, in the case of carnivores, the urge to eat the flesh of humans, which was what tasting and mating houses were created to deal with. With those that were born hybrids, they, more or less, had one soul, with that of the animal only emerging when it was needed, or the person was under stress or the influence of something.)

Here is the basic rundown: *Note, dates are aproximent*

4000AS Earth and Herog are destroyed by those known as Spidarians. Survivors from both worlds flee, leading enemy forces away from other planets settled by those of human and Herogan ancestory, and others. Survivers stumble across Animalus, whose inhabitants welcome their long lost cousins, as it were, and allows them to stay. For the next seventy years, Animalus is the jump off point for various missions against the faction of Spidarians that destroyed Earth and Herog. (Think of England during WWII against Nazi Germany when U.S forces used it as a stepping stone to strike at Nazi-occupied Europe to get an idea.)

4050 Zena makes her first public theft. *Note* Where Zena is mentioned, see her profile for details.*

4055 Zena turns herself over to the athourities.

4070 The faction of Spidarians that attacked Earth and Herog is destroyed,(Zena) and trade is established between Animalus, and the friendy faction that had been fighting a gurialla war against the other faction for serveral centuries. (Think of the French resistance, and other "Freedom Fighters" during WWII to get an idea.) Animalus begins to set up embasies on other worlds that had been former colonies of Earth and Herog. *Note* Human occupied worlds resented the fact that a bunch of Half-animal Half-human creatures did what they couldn't, while Herogan occupied worlds respected them, as they had proven themselves to be formidible fighters during combat.

4130 Zena fakes her death. Scientists make an improved safty pill, which replaces the old two pill system, though it takes about seventy years to be used in every town, especially in the more remote settlements in the Wilds. At this point, tasting houses can allow swallowers, who wish to do so, swallow the "dishes" that they are served, who need to be brought back up before the client leaves.

4150 Contact with a planet called Floras is established. Planet is inhabited by two groups of sentiant beings, Fleras, basically sentiant plants, and Flarans, human-like beings, which depend on each other for survival. *Note, Earth had discovered the planet in 1000 AS, and tried to colonize it, but after an event, in which a settler raped, and murdered a Flaran, and was executed in a manner customary to Floras laws, the humans left the planet, and avoided it. When an expadition from Animaus arived, the natives avoided them, as they had heard of the stories, until an expadition member gave his life, protecting a young Flaran from a rampaging wild animal, and in doing so, opened the minds of the natives to the chance that these offworlders were different from the other group.*

Between 4150 and 4430, contacts with other planets, that Earth tended to avoid, are made, and rumors of the ghost of Zena wiping out outlaw groups and freeing their slaves spread like wildfire.

4430 1500 people fall under a strange sickness that puts them into a coma in Grass City, which is gone within two months. (Zena)

4450 The spceship that carried the first setllers is unearthed, and Animalus's early history is revealed. (Zena)

4460 Leadership of the Wild Beasts is given to one who was once hunted by them. (Zena)

4480 Animaus decides to create its own colony, on a recently discovered planet, but when it was revealed to contatin sentiant lifeforms, that plan was scrapped, in favor of trading with the natves. *Planet is called Char, the inhabitants are Chargons, which are dragon-like creatures, and meat-eaters, and Charzons, which are human-like creatures, and are, quite literally, on the bottom of the food-chain. The relationships between the two species has changed from that of owner and livestock, to master and servant, to actual friendship over the millenia since the Chargons started to capture Charzons, which have the unique ability to make a new body when something eats them, a usefull ability as the planet is full of predators that seem to like the taste of Charzon flesh.* (Zena) *Please note, if someone that is not a native of Char, or of their blood, tries to eat a Charzon, the experiance is painful for the person, because a Charzon reforms its body using the energy of the thing that ate them to do so, yet another reason to nap after a meal.*

Also, in 4480 AS, on EarthTwo, a theif makes a horiffic discovery when he breaks into a labratory. Unethical scientists, and others, had been kidnapping and preforming illeagle expariments upon those between the ages of ten and twenty. These expariments turned the people into things that were a mixture of animals and humans, and not in the manner of Animalus hybrids mind you. For instance, these people might look human, except for a tail and the ears of a cat, or some such thing. The theif is captured by the scientists, and mutilated, and mutated. However, this was the biggest mistake that those people ever made, as he was fussed with none other than the cheetha with whom the captian of the ship that the settlers of Animalus had been fussed with. The man managed to escape, and took a hostage with him, and went to a dinner, where he called up his twin brother, a police officer, and asked him to head to the place. *Note, the dinner was close to an Animalus Embasy, and was fequently visited by people from there, so he didn't stand out much.* After explaining the situation to him, and the fact that the scientist, a woman, had basically been a prisioner there herself, the officer took the pair to his place to hide. However, after a close brush with death, the three of them, along with the officer's fiance, and her same-sex mate, fleed to Animalus. Then, they went to Char, where they hooked up with Zena, and the group brought down the whole operation, and got justice done, and freed those held there, both those who had been exparimented upon, and those scientists who had been corroesed into doing it, in one way or another.

*Note, after this date, you may use people who look like a mixture between hybrids and humans, but these are few, and tend to be located around Grass City* *Also Werewolfchick777, from Deviant Art, deserves some credit for this, as I read her/his D.N.A. Expariment stories, and got the idea from them. Buddy, if you are reading this, thanks for the insperation.*

4490 Planet Talkan discovered. (Zena) Planet is full of beings that resemble creatures of various mythical ledgands, and thensome. Beings come in all sizes, from human size, on up to 600 feet tall. Given the size discrepancy between the various peoples, smaller ones tend to wear special safty bracelts, which can reform one's body, should something like getting stepped on or eaten occurs, which activates when someone touched them. *Note, if the bracelet is destroyed, there is no way to bring the person back from the dead.* Status seems to be determined by height, with the tallest being the rulers. However, something is descovered when an exbaditon from Animalus shows up. *Note, wide variaty of cratures here, like giant anthros, Taurs of all sorts, dragons, and even human like, and sized, creatures as well.* *Credit Goes to Talon for insperation, I hope to hear from you buddy.*

After this date, the future has yet to be forseen, so, proving that it is plausible, if improbable, put it on guys. Just contact me if you have questions about anything, whether it is something silly, like how many breasts a female hybrid could have, or something more seriouse, such as what happened during the war between Animalus and the Spidarians that destroyed Earth and Herog.

I hope that you have fun walking down the streets of Animalus, the home of the hybrids, and people with strange ways of living.

PS Always leave options for others of the same race of aliens or species of hybrids, savay. (Little Captian Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Carabean, impersonation)
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