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Chapter 3


    by: BIG BAD WOLF is Merry   More by this author
Zena's Bio
Real name: unknown
Alies: Commonly called Zena, her grandmother's name (looked enough like her to have been her twin) other allieses include, but not limited to, Swallowing Zena, Bringer of Death, Savior of Slaves, Murdereress of Outlaws, The Uncatchable Theif, and a list of others
Race: Grey Wolf/Grey Fox (note. foxes, and those of their blood, are natural telepaths. Also, they can't lie, but they can certianally tell some tall tales)
Gender: Female
Sexualality: Bisexual, however, perfers females over men, and the only man she'll sleep with is her husband, and she barely sleeps with him, but then again, the guy is a nomad, and has other women to care for his needs. ***note*** Her husband is steril***
Ocupations: Thief (robbed musuems that most theives couldn't) and Vigilanty (Killed Outlaws to free their slaves, as well as personal revenge), wife (she married a former soldier to keep from being in prison for the rest of her life), mother/aunt to husband's many children (note, due to an event in her past, she is unable to have any children of her own)
Crimes commited: Robbed at least fifty museums, minumal, assulted, at least, 200 security guards, 1000 police officers, 100 soldiers, 20 Wild Beast officers (But, she never killed any of them, though many were severally crippled after their encounter with her) murdered, at least, several hundred outlaws, many by dismemberment, in one fasion or another, kidnapped over three dozen nomads, and raped them (though she did release them after she had sex with them, as it was a biolgical need at the time)
Reward: one million (unit of money not to be stated, so no dollars, pounds, yen, whatever)
Current ocupation: Supreme Commander of the Wild Beasts (Hey How do you supose a crimimal became an officer in the first place? Tell you later.) Owner of the Hungry Wolf and Snake, a tasting house in Grass City, one of the first cities built when planet was colonized, Security Consultant (People hire her to break into their home to test out their sequrity systems) ( Now why would people want to hire her to do that if she is a theif?) (Okay, spoiler, she turned herself in, and later on, reformed herself. Oh, and she got pardoned for her crimes, after a certain event.)
Date of birth: Around 4030 A.S.(years after Animalus is settled, not Common Era) that would be, about 10,030 A.D. or C.E.
Age: JUST UNDER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD?!?! (Okay, after that certain event, she became immortal, spoiler later)
Height: origianally seven feet in height, currently Thirty feet tall (started to grow after certian event) **note** tends to walk on all fours, which means that her head is about ten feet above the ground. Length of body, from hips to shoulders, twenty feet.
Wears: a robe of one sort, or another. Has, at least, seveal gold-plated, steel bracelets (worth more to her than anything else, as they were given to her by her lovers.) will use glasses on occasion, especially when reading small print. Tends to wear grey fingerless gloves on her hands, or front paws.
Medical information: Has broke every single bone in her body, at one point or another, some multiple times. (note, broken tails are really, really, painful) Been burned multiple times, with various substances. Been shot, stabbed, strangled, and just about every other thing out there, all on numerous occasions. Has arthritis, a lifetime of injuries will do that.
Powers: Has an accelerated healing rate, which she had long before she became immortal, just for you to know. Has an immunity to various venoms and poisons, making her a walking anti-venom, or poison, factory, (she HAD to become immune). Has telipathic abilities, can make people see things that are not real, or as they appear. Can read someones mind, and be able to know their language, if they speak a different one than her, and speak it fluently. (last two abilities are not very common in many telepaths, not even foxes) Can swallow things larger than her head, hence her alies, Swallowing Zena, Can move her organs, and strech her stomach, which allows her to store a lot of things inside of her body. Very fast, very strong, and a quick learner. (All three of these were what kept her both alive, and one step ahead of the law when she was a criminal)
Home: Lives in Grass City.
Financial status: Very wealth, though she tends to donate large sums of money to those who are less foutanate, as she knows what it is like to have no one to care for onesself, go hungry, as well as other things. Of course, this wealth attracts criminals like the plague. However, she has lots of live traps set up at her house, not to protect her money, or her valuables, but those who live with her, like her lovers and extended family members.
Places that she has been: Let's say that it is easier to say where she doesn't go to, and on Animalus, those would be mountianous areas with lots of snow. (Bad Memories.)

Life Story, thus far.

Born to a loving wolf (mother) and fox (father) couple, with two fox like sisters, the girl, who would one day be called Zena, took after her mother, and looked like a large grey wolf. From the time that she was born, to the time that she was eight years old, she lived near the town of Snow City, a place that was up in the mountians where it snowed for half of the year, with four months of rain, that was split by two months of sun. Had things contenued on as they were, all that would have been known was that the girl was the daughter of the then mayor of Snow City, and that she grew up, and died there. However, fate had different plans for her.

One day, when she was just eight years old, her family was out hiking. It was suposed to have been a simple family outing, like all of those before it. On this day though, an avalanch struck. The girl, and her parents, watched in horrer as her sisters were swept away before their eyes. Her mother grabbed her, and she, and her father, started running, trying to find someplace to wait it out. However, the girl's mother fell, and broke her leg, nearly losing her. Her father though, grabbed his wife and pointed at a cave, saying that they might be able to take shelter. However, as they got close, they saw that it was facing the wrong way. Realizing what they had to do, to save their only surviving daughter, the couple tossed the girl in as far as they could, and sealed the enterance with their bodies, just as the avalanch hit, killing the two of them instantly.

The girl, realizing that she was all alone, sat down in the dark, within touching distance of her parents bodies, and started to cry. However, after two days of crying, something in her woke up and said, "Your parents gave their lives for you. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain." She then heard her stomach growling, but, after she checked herself, as well as what she could of her parents' snow encased bodies, she realized that the only things avaliable to her to use as food, were her parents' bodies. Seeing as to how she didn't want her mother and father watch her eating their bodies, she decided to eat their heads first. However, other than her teeth and claws, she had nothing to use to take them apart, or even cook them. Therefor, she made the decision to bite their heads off, and swallow them whole. Closing her eyes, so that she couldn't see herself doing it, she somehow managed to place her jaws over her mother's head, tore it off at the neck, and swallowed it whole, and did the same to that of her father's. However, she was in pain, not only emotionally, and from hunger, but because she was using some latient abilities, that had been passed on to her from her late grandmother, who had died some years before she was born.

After a month or so of being trapped in that small, dark, and horible place, she was free, free to see the sun again. However, something was not right with her. She had become fearal, and her wolf side had taken over. She survived only on her wolf and fox instincts, staying away form others as much as possible, especially after she stole a meat pie, and swallowed it, along with the pan it was in, and was chased away from a small town.

One night, she came upon a caravan of nomads, who were resting for the night. She smelled some food, that was in a pack, that was in the group's supply area, and tried to steal it. However, she dropped something, that caused the group to wake up. When they saw her stealing from them, they tried to capture that they thought was a young adult male wolf, as she was five feet tall by that age, as her mother, and her mother before her, were seven feet tall, by the time that they both died. However, she was caught by a middle aged wolf woman, and when the girl looked at her, instead of being scared, and afraid, she smiled, and said, hugging her, in a young girl's voice, "Mother!" She then broke down in tears, saying how lonely that she had been without her and father since the two of them died, and that she was glad to see that she was, at least, alive, once again. Needless to say, this caused the group some confussion, until a male grey fox, whom the girl jumped onto, and called "Father", read her mind. When the man told the others what he had found out about the insane wolf girl, who just kept ahold of him, and the wolf woman, calling them mother and father all the time, the group decided that it would be best to take care of her, as she had easily proven herself to be a formidable fighter, as she had easily beaten a few of the group's best fighters.

However, one week later, just as the girl's mind was starting to heal, and she was becoming used to the others, and playing with the children, a group of outlaws attacked. The girl's "mother" and "father" told her to stay with the other children, and to protect them, as they went to fight the outlaws. However, they were easily beaten, and either killed or taken captive. But when the outlaws came for the children, they found themselves facing something that they hadn't counted on, a crazy wolf girl, who easily killed those who aproched them first. It took almost all of the outlaws in the group to finally take her down. Just as one of them was about to slit her throat, the leader, a highly venemous snake, showed up, and told them to not kill her, as she could be a valuable addition to their group.

After that, her life became a living nightmare. For the next twelve years, she was beaten, raped, and severly injured on countless ocassions. It was during one of these occasions, that she recieved the injury that would prevent her from having children later in life. The leader had somehow gotten her pregnant, during one of the times that he raped her, but the child died during birth. He had ordered her to be beaten, and by the time that the group was done with her, her body was badly injured, enough to the point that her body was forced to sacrifice her reproductive capabilities, and her eggs, in order to heal the damage.

After her muraculis recovery, she was forced to do something that haunted her for the rest of her life. The group had caught a Wild Beast officer, who had been tracking them for a while. The leader decided that the girl was to kill him, and ordered her to. However, the man was a grey fox, and she refused to do it. At this, the leader bit her, injecting his venom into her body. He told her that unless she killed the officer, with her teeth and claws, she would die, but, if she killed him, she would get the antidote. Seeing as to how she wanted to live, the girl was forced to kill the officer, trying to make his death as quick as she could. However, after she did it, and recieved the antidote, she was stained with the blood of the officer. After that, in addition to being raped, beaten, and being forced to act as bait to attract unaware travelers, she was forced to kill any adult male prisoners that the group had caught, or else she would die from the effects of the leader's venom, or those of any of the other venemous snakes in the group. She prayed that she would wake up one morning, dead, and find herself in Paridice (equivilent to Heaven) and not suffer anymore.

Then one day, after she had turned twenty, the group had murdered some travelers, including a young boy, who had tried to attack the leader after he had killed the boy's parents. The leader ordered her to eat the boy's body, but she refused. Thinking that this was just another small rebellion on her part, he tried to bite her. However, she grabbed his fangs, and broke them at the roots, and, using one of them, stabbed him in the eye. Roaring in anger, and pain, he ordered his men to kill her. Unfortianatly, for them, she became a whirlwind of beath, using the fangs like daggers, tearing off arms, legs, and heads, with her teeth and claws, killing all of them. When they were all dead, she turned, and faced the leader, tossed his broken fangs away, and ripped him open, with her bare teeth and claws, a feat most concider impossible as croc and snake skin is highly impenertrible, and ate his heart and lungs, just as he had forced her to do to so many others. After that, she watched him die, and freed the slaves afterwards, and caplapsed, from numerous injuries.

After she recovered, and lead the others to a nearby village, She went to a city, and entered a large building, that was filled with worthless stones (rubies, diamonds, ect) looking for food. However, while looking at a wolf's head made out of gold, which seemed very familiar to her, she was attacked by a guard. Well, needless to say, one doesn't survive twelve years of rape and abuse by outlaws without learning a few tricks. As a result, she dominated him, breaking his arm and leg, and was about to kill him when something caught her eye, a painting. This painting had a wolf that looked exactly like her, only in an uniform, fighting a large number of outlaws. After questioning the guard, who told her everything that he knew about the woman, including her name, Zena, and said that the statue that she had been looking at was of her head. At this, the wolf, looked at the painting and, as if sencing a connection between them, said, "I'm ZENA" and placed her hands on the painting. She then took the statue from its case and swallowed it saying, "I'm swallowing Zena." Then, she robbed the place, swallowing everything that she could, and left.

Sometime later, she encountered a group of outlaws, who had attacked a group of nomads, torturing the survivors. The sight of this caused her to fly into a rage, shouting, "ZENA! ZENA! ZENA! ZENA!" and she killed the lot of them. After checking on the survivors, mostly women and children, who were terrified at sight of the blood covered wolf, she left them the majority of her loot, except for the gold head.

Over the next five years, Law Enforcement officials cursed her as she seemed to strike out of nowhere, and rob the museums, many of which were thought to be impenitrible, but the nomads blessed her, as she would show up to save them, wipe out outlaw groups, and the Wild Beasts were hunting her down, and getting the outlaws she had missed. During this time, Zena found out that if she disguised herself as a man, she could travel with the nomads undetected, and she also found out that she enjoyed having sex with other women, as there was no memories of them raping her, only men.

Then after one theft, she found herself being followed by a police officer from the city she had robbed, a young female feline type hybrid. Seeing as it had been a while since she had had some fun with anyone, she played her verion of "Follow me and I'll follow you," in which she would lead the officer part of the way, drop back, and follow her, leading her on a merry chase for several days. During this time, she watched the officer, especially at night, and after one exploration of her camp, saw that she had no food or water, and put some near her to have in the morning. However, the next day, the officer, who had something of a fever, and was feeling weak from hunger and dehydration, started walking along a vine covered cliff, and slipped, and would of fallen to her death if Zena hadn't rushed out at the last second and saved her life. The officer, shocked that she had been saved by the person that was considered a thief, murderer, kidnapper, cannibal, and all sorts of criminal names, fell unconciuse. This gave Zena a moral delema, leave the officer and let her die, or take her with her, and risk capture. Well, despite the risks, Zena decided to take her with her, and take care of her. After all, the woman had done no harm to her, so there was no sence in letting her suffer. Besides, traveling alone makes one long for someone to talk to, even if the person is a reluctant traveling partner.

After nurseing the woman back to health, and answering a few of her questions, as to why she had saved her, Zena, more or less, had the officer carry the supplies, and at night, would tie her hands and feet together, so that she wouldn't escape, or try to capture her. After a week together, the pair stummbled upon a sight that was all to familliar to Zena, the aftermath of an outlaw attack on a group of nomads. After searching for, and finding one survivor, who told them what happened before he died, Zena told the officer to drop the supplies, for they were about to hunt down the outlaws, and free their captives.

When they found them, the outlaws were busy raping the women that they had captured. While the sceen may have shocked the officer, Zena flew into a rage and attacked, and killed the outlaws, in manners remenicant of her fight with her captors. However, after all was said and done, after she had killed the leader, who was a younger brother to the snake that she had kill a few years prior, Zena fell to the ground, and lost consiusness. Thankfully the Wild Beasts showed up, as they had been tracking them for several days, as the police officer was the Commisioner's daughter, and took her to the hospital, where she was kept under heavy guard and restrained. After all, while Zena had been captured before, as well as sent to the hospitals after several fights, the woman had a habbit of waiting until she healed up, and escaping.

This time, after a failed escape attempt caused her to break her back, she was watched by the commishioner himself, who had two, or three reasons, for doing so. One, he wanted to thank her for saving his daughter's life. Two, she was a high risk criminal, one who had a habbit of doing the unexpected. Three, acording to D.N.A. profiling, she was the granddaughter of the preivious Commishioner, who had two children, an illigitiment son, who was in the military, and a daughter, who was believed to have perished in an avalanch with her husband and three children. Since the son was still alive, and didn't have any missing daughters, this meant that the ledgendary Zena was a survivor of the avalanch that took the lives of at least four others. Needless to say, this gave the man mixed feelings, as the woman had once been his partner, and lover on occassion, and her granddaughter was now his prisoner. Seeing as to how she had only killed outlaws, and helped out their captives, he had been planning on asking the judge to go easy on her, and release her into his custady, so that she would be cared for by him. However, Zena wanted none of that, and took his daughter hostage, with her arm around her neck, indicating that, unless the man did as she said, she would snap the girl's neck like a twig. After opening up a window, she let the woman go and escaped once again.

A year later, she took control of a small group of slavers, after killing and eating their leader, who had tried to rape her. They had a few slaves with them, whom she protected from the others. After a while, they were traveling through the land of a former soldier, one who had been tortured, and experimented upon, by the faction of Spidarians who had destroyed Earth and Herog, her men captured two young women, a cat and a fox, both of which were under twenty.years of age. While the cat was terrified of her, the eyes of the fox were similar to her's, not by color, but by the story that they told, one of pain, sorrow, starvation, and other things. The fox didn't have to read her mind to know what she had gone through. She told her her tale, which, while not as blood-filled as hers, was similar, with one differance, someone had saved her life, and gave her a real reason to exist. This struck a cord in Zena, and she had a deal with the young woman, help her save herself from what she had become, and she would free her and the others. The woman agreed, and after setting her and the others free, the woman took them to her husband, Crog, who was of Herog decent, and asked him if the woman, Zena, could stay with them. However, due to the expariments done to him, the man, who was of the Herogan Royal Bloodline, looked nothing like a ten foot lizard. Instead, he had the body and head of a croc, with the neck and tail of a snake, and was forced to grow ten feet each year, and was easily fifty feet in length by then.

Now, Crog had heard of Zena, and had half a mind to turn her in, when Zoey, the fox woman, told him about the woman who Crog concidered to be his main wife, who was six months pregnant at the time, and how the two of them first met, and how she had stolen a necklass from her, but, when the woman helped care for her wounds, as she had been in a bad fight with some of those that she had been with at the time, that she had been given a second chance by her, and gave the necklass back to her. She told Crog that Zena deserved the same chance that she had been given. At this, Crog made Zena a deal, as long as she didn't harm his wives/lovers, he wouldn't turn her in, but, if she did, he wouldn't hesitate to kill her.

Over the next several months, Zena's life began to turn around. She wasn't on the run, she wasn't hungry, she didn't have to seek out a mate, as Zoey tended to help her out with that, and, after she revealed to her that she couldn't read or write, or do much in the way of math, Zoey was helping her to become litterate, and to know her arithmitic. However, like with all things, it came to an end. Seeing as she was going to town anyways, to drop some anonomous mail off at the post office, as she had been writing to various newspapers telling them the real truth about her thefts that were put into the paper, as there were errors in their stories, she was asked if she could go to the store with Zoey, and pick up a few things, including baby powder. However, just as they were buying the items, as they were the last ones in the store, there was a special report issued over the telescreen (television only more advanced), telling people that athourities believed that she was in the area, and to be on the look for her. Well, when the storekeeper recognized that she was the ledgendary theif, Zena had two choices, run, and risk getting her friends in trouble, or stay, and turn herself in, and risk being sent to prison for life. However, just before she could make up her mind, the storekeeper's young daughter came out from the back of the store, saw her image on the screen, and asked if she was famouse or something. At this, Zena had chuckled, and told her that she was, and that she was waiting for her biggest fans to arrive, and sat down in a chair to wait for the police to come and pick her up.

After that, for the next several months, Zena's life was a living Hell. Due to the risk factor that she presented, she was kept in issolation, under twenty-four hour guard, with several hundred pound weights strapped to her arms and legs, to slow her down if she tried to run. however, to her, the worst torment that she had to deal with was the mockery, and ridicual, of the guards and other prisoners. After all, the uncatchable theif had been caught while buying baby powder, as the papers reported. About the only good things were Zoey's weekly visits to her, and her contenued tutalage in learning how to read and write, as well as being able to learn how to do math. Also, something amazing happened, the charges of murder and actual canibalism dropped, This meant that, while she could of faced a lifelong prison sentance, at least she would not of been executed. On the day of the trail, after pleading guilty to the various thefts and assults she had committed over the years, the judge had sentanced her to a total of 563 years and 9 months behind bars, which would of prevented her from ever seeing the light of day, except for one thing, Crog showed up. The man had found a loophole, as long as one wasn't convicted of first-degree murder, or another more serious crime, they could be placed under the custody of their spouse, and live, and stay, on the person's property, until the sentance was up, and proposed to her then and there. Well, Zena accepted, which meant that, after checking the lawbooks himself, the judge had no choice but to marry them, and place Zena under Crog's custody.

Of course, even a cage made of gold is still a cage. After fifteen years of marrage, Zena was becoming depressed. As much as she cared for Crog's children, who called her and the other women that were not their mothers aunts, she wanted to have someone to call her mother. However, after seeing a doctor, she found out the whole reason that she could heal at an accelerated rate, her reproductive organs had changed, and gave her the ability to heal rapidly. She had nothing to really live for, because she was trapped, trapped on Crog's land. As much as she cared for him, and he cared for her, she couldn't really live her life to the fullest. She wanted to leave, leave Crog's land anyways. She wanted to see the world, and search for her family, as she had found out that she had an uncle, and a few cousins, some that were in the military, and at least one who had been in the same unit as Crog at one point, before one of them got transfered to another unit.

It was at this point, that Crog's past reared it's ugly head, when a friend of his, a spidarian who was loyal to the Queen spidarian that saw humans as equals, showed up. After some catching up, in private, the man told Crog that his Queen had been captured, and would be killed unless he gave the enemy what they wanted, Crog, as he was the reason that the enemy queen's daughter, who was going to betray her anyways, was accidentlly killed in a firefight. This queen wanted to make Crog suffer, and was planning to torture him by taking his numerous children, about forty of them, or so, and doing painful experiments upon them.

However, by the time he got to his place, the children were gone, and the enemy queen left a message, Come and get them if you can. Needless to say, Crog had a contact in the military, and told them that now was the time to launch the entire fleet, but they needed to wait a week, as he and a strike force of a small group of commandos needed to distract the Spidarian forces, so that the fleet could catch them off guard.

During the trip to the Spidarian planet, which was called Web by those of human decent, Zena met up with a soldier by the name of William, who was a wolf like her. He was her long lost cousin. However, he hated her, because she was a criminal. Also, he hated Crog, because, when Crog had been held captive by the enemy Spidarians, he'd been forced to eat the man's half-brother, alive, or else the man would of died a very painful death.

As a result, during the trip, the two of them had several altercations, Zena's wilderness survival experiance against William's military training and experiance, with both of them never giving way to the other, until someone broke them up. However, when they were asked why they kept fighting, they never said a word, not even to say that they were cousins.

When they got to the planet, and made contact with those loyal to the Queen who was friendly to humans, Crog took both Zena and William, so that they could see what was going on. However, when the group got to a ridge, he had them stop to see what was going on. It was then revealed that the thing had been part of a trap, and some deception, to distract the enemy Queen, as the commandos, and Crog's other wives, who'd came along to get their children back, were captured by those loyal to her. At first, William was outraged at this, until Crog told him the reason for the deception. They were not just there to rescue Crog's children, but to free a world that had all but been taken over by the Spidarians loyal to the Queen who saw humans as slaves and cattle, and kill her in the process.

After navigating through the various traps that had been set up in a secret tunnel that lead to the heart of the Spidarian palace, they carried out their seperate missions, which were to distract the queen, as she'd been poisoned when she had mated with, and eaten, the spidarian who had met up with Crog, who'd been the one queen's main mate, who'd raise her children, as he was steril so he couldn't have children. That Spidarian had poisoned himself, so he could kill the enemy queen in this manner.

After a day or so, the poison took full effect, and killed her, though a rock being shot out of Zena's mouth at her throat, that caused her to fall off of the web that she'd been on and splatter across the ground, sped things up.

After that, Web was free form the rule of that queen, and its people began to really prosper.

Also, the queen who'd been saved gave Crog and Zena each a potion of immortality, and promissed Crog that she'd find a way to reverse her sister's expariments that caused him to grow like he did.

A week after they got home, Zena found something for her in the mail, a full pardon for every crime she'd commited, and a special immunity for any thefts she commited in the future, providing that she followed certain rules. (Crog had made a deal with a judge, so that Zena could come with him when they went to Web, under the reasoning that since she Was a master at breaking and entering, her skills would be useful in rescueing his children.) That night, she celebrated her freedom, by robbing about twenty museums, especially those with items that were really stolen or were actually fronts for "ligitiment bussinesses" that were run by criminals.

Also, and most importantly for her, She found out that Crog had adopted a child, one that looked like one that the two of them could of had, and that SHE was named to be the girl's MOTHER.

After that, she began to live her life to the fullest. She began to travel, went off-world, visited other planets, (and robbed a few places in the process, though she'd actually been helping out the athorities in the process, because sometimes they needed a reason to enter a suspect's house, which they could if it was an active crime scene.) and forming friendships with those of long-living races in the process.

Then, when she was a hundred years old, to avoid suspicion as to why she looked so young, because while Crog's surviving wives knew that she was immortal, the nighbors were getting suspicious, she faked her death, and went into the Wilds, and did what she did best, track down outlaws and break them up at any rate. Of course, she would show up on occasion, pretending to be her own ghost, and check up on her friends' relations, and go back into hiding, until Crog faked his own death when he was two hundred, and was over two thousand feet long.

It was a while after this, that the Queen of Web showed up and gave Crog the antidote to what her sister had done to him, though it would take time to shrink him down to a more comfortable size, fifty feet in length, from the tip of his tail to the tip of his snout, about two hundred years.

A while after this, Zena told the Spidarian Queen about one of her own desires, to be able to swallow people without having to use her trick jaw to do so, so the woman gave her a slow acting version of the growth formula that had been used on Crog, but Zena didn't mind waiting, concidering that she had all the time in the world. Also, she was given a few things that improved her telepathy, and was able to make people see things in their minds that were different from reality.

It was during this waiting that several advancements in technology were made, including portable view wraps and an improved safety pill, which, when swallowed, lated for the life of the individual who swallowed it. This safety pill made being swallowed by swallowers relatively safe, especially if the person was swallowed feet first.

When they were about four hundred years of age, and Crog was fifty feet long and Zena was thirty feet tall, though she started to walk on all fours, for the most part, though she still can walk on two legs, the pair moved to Grass City, under a couple of alliases. There Zena started a new chapter of her life. There she met a young fox woman, who reminded her of Zoey, who had died of cancer when she was eighty. She also learned about the hardships that she had gone through. When the fox had been thirteen, her mother, father, and 'aunt', (the term most children tended to use when addressing their father's other wives) had died in a fire, and she'd been raised by her older half sister, and both of them worked at a tasting house, though she had just started. This fox was Ariel, and the two of them struck up a friendship that would last the rest of the fox's life. However, the girl's sister had a rare cancer, one that was untreatable, and she had, at most, two years to live, and the two of them lived on a bad side of town, her sister saving up their money, so that when she died her sister had something to live on.

However, Zena accidently sped up the rate that the cancer took the life of Ariel's sister. One night, during her sleep, Zena walked out of her house, and went to the apartment where Ariel and her half-sister lived. When she entered the place, still in her sleep, Zena went into the room where Ariel and her sister slept, grabbed the girl and swallowed her, while she was also asleep. However, something caused the girl's sister to wake up, just as Zena swallowed the girl. The woman, fearing for her life, and that of her sister, grabbed a frying pan and proceded to beat Zena with it, and put her into a deep coma before she realized that the wolf was really the woman who had started working for the tasting house, as Zena had been using an illusion to make her less fearsome, when she saw that a bracelet that the wolf wore was the same one as the woman who had showen up, and did what was concidered impossible, swallow a grown person, without killing themselves, or the person, in the process, had on.

For the next six weeks, she and Crog barely left Zena's side, both of them worried for the people that they cared about. It was also during this time, about fifteen hundred others were also in a coma, including the mayor, a croc, as well as the top doctor at the hospital, a ram. This was because Zena had been in their minds, at least partially, This meant that when Zena was put into a coma, so where the others. In this coma, the people were in a dream where they thought that most everyone was dead, but Zena managed to get them to work together, and survive, and face, the Wilds of their minds, and face their fears.

When Zena fianally woke up, and was informed about had happened, she was able to bring Ariel up. After that, she dropped the allias that she'd been using before, with the explanation that she had something of a criminal past that she'd been trying to get away from. A few months later, the owner of the tasting house where she was working as an entertainer and guard, who was a decendant of her step-daughter, gave ownership of the place over to her, and moved out of the city. Also, during this time, Crog packed up his bags and went to travel the world, but Zena stayed, because she had made a promise to Ariel's sister, that she'd take care of her when she was gone. A few weeks after her sister's death, Ariel moved in with Zena, and became something that was a mixture between a lover and a daughter to the four hundred year old wolf. Then again, Zena had had something of a habit of showing up at her place and swallowing her in her sleep, so she moved to shorten the distance that Zena would have to go to get to her.

It was also during this time that Zena took over the city's gangs, telling them to either do things her way or the highway. She also offered her services as both a security advisor/consultant, and tester, seeing as to how she had been, and was, the greatest thief to have ever lived. She would find a way in, get the things that she would of once taken, set them on the table, very carefully, and write down ways that the owner of the house could use to foil most theieves.

Then, something happened that changed her life again. A man, whom Ariel had been dating for a while, tried to rape the girl. However, Zena showed up before he got very far, and gave him two choices, leave, and there would be no trouble, or else. He chose 'or else', and got swallowed by Zena, and got brought back up, feet first, getting his arms and legs broken in the process, which was also painful for Zena, as her throat was sevearly scratched, but, while she could of turned the man around before she brought him up, as being able to move things that are in one's stomach is a very useful trick to prevent unsightly bulges from showing when you swallow things for a living, especially when stealing them, she would take physical pain over emotional pain every time, and she wanted to give that man the pain he had been about to give Ariel. After the trial, in which the man was sentanced to spend a minimal of twenty years, before he could have the possibiliy of parol, behind bars, Zena was aproched by an officer of the Wild Beasts. Despite the fact that she'd been a criminal, and had never been on the police or in the military, she was given the rare honor of trying out to become an officer of the Wild Beasts. She accepted, and breezed through the training faster than anyone had antisiapated that an average civilian, who was a former thief, could ever do. However, when it came to her partners, Zena said, "Give me your two most disobediant officers, ones who are the most troublesome, who always disobey the rules and regulations, and everyone hates. That's who I want as my partners, for I want parners who will do whatever is nessescary to protect the travelers and the nomads of the Wilds. I don't want someone that I have to watch to make sure that they didn't trip on a root." Well, she got her wish. Her partners were a croc and a snake, both of which had been brought up on disiplinary charges on numerous ocassions, and had been close to being drummed out of the force on more than one ocurance, though someone whom they had saved had always managed to speak up for them, in a way that made the tribunal of the most experianced officers on the force change their minds and contenue to let them serve. However, they couldn't stand each other, something about the one doing the other's wife or girlfriend or something. However, during one of their arguements, Zena grabbed the pair, lifted them off of the ground, and after hog-tying them, hung them from a tree, upside-down, telling them that she'd only cut them loose if they agreed to follow her commands, and stopped argueing amongst themselves. Needless to say, they agreed to her terms.

Of course, Zena prefered to work alone, telling her partners, which included six others, to wait until she had taken care of the majoriaty of the outlaws before entering the fights themselves.

Meanwhile, Ariel was seeing someone new, a black fox named Tom. Of course, after Ariel's last boyfriend had turned out to be something that Zena had to take care of, the former theif used her skills to check the young man out. After all, she wanted Ariel to be safe from someone who would try to take advantage of her. After her investigation was finished, Zena decided that Tom was someone that was alright for Ariel to date, except for one small thing, he was lazy, and didn't even bother searching for a job, as his family was wealthy. However, after one of the guards at the Hungry Wolf and Snake, the tasting house she ran, was severly crippled while fighting an escaped murderer who had entered the place, and had been rough with one of the girls, Zena gave Tom an ultimatum, after she'd been released from the hospital, as she had been stabbed by the man who had assulted her guard before she had caught, killed, and eaten him, and saw the black fox laying on her couch when she came home. Her ultimatum was this, "Work for me as a guard, or don't bother seeing Ariel again, because I don't want her to have a boyfriend who is a lazy bum." Needless to say, the young man agreed to work for her, and a year later, he and Ariel married.

However, during their honeymoon, which was to one of the undersea cities, Zena came with them, as there was a few groups of outlaws that the Commissioner had heard of between the cities of Grass and Marsh, one large one in particular. Also, Zena had been able to track down a decendant of Zoey, the fox who had saved her life so long ago, who supossedly resided in an unrecognized settlement along the way to the undersea city that the couple was going to. Of course, this decendant was not of a child that Zoey had had with Crog, but of one that had been concieved when she had been raped when she was fifteen, long before she met up with Crog's main wife-to-be. Zeoy had asked her, on her deathbed, to track down her child, or those of him, as she had abandoned him on someone's doorstep, so that he could have what she couldn't give him then. Also, she had heard rumors of a young female wolf, who was doing what she once did, and could do, stealing things and swallowing them, more spacifically, swallowing things the size of her head, in the very city Tom and Ariel were going to for their honeymoon. (Coincidently, it was also the very place that she had made her first robbery, and stolen the Gold Head of Zena from, which she had kept all of those years.)

During the trip, she made a few friends, especially after she rescued the one, who was the other's wife, from a bunch of canibal outlaws, which was the major group that the Commisioner had asked her to take care of. She had wiped the group out in much the same way as she always did, by basically, ripping and tearing them to pieces, and eating them alive. However, the fight had done a number on her, and besides being severly crippled, she'd been posioned, as most of the outlaws were posionous toads and frogs. Thankfully, some of the prisoners/slaves, that she had rescued were crocs, and after making a litter, they were able to get her, and the others, to Marsh City, where she was treated for her injuries. After she recovered, the two that she had become friends with asked if they could travel with her, as they were all going to the same place anyways. She told them that they could, but they had to make a slight detour to a nearby settlement.

While in the settlement, Tom got involved in a fight with a wolf-like hybrid, when the man had tried to take Ariel for his own pleasures, and got his left arm broke, and lost his right eye in the process. The man was a multiple murderer and rapist, who had either killed or raped about twenty people, was highly dangerous, and had a very large bounty on his head for his capture. However, the thing of it was this, this was the person that Zena was looking for, as he was Zoey's thirteenth great-grandson. (By thirteenth, I mean that there is thirteen greats before the word grandson) Since it was her duty to capture criminals, Zena made the man her prisoner, and after giving him a safety pill, swallowed him for safekeeping. The next day, when the group left the settlement, Zena told them who the man was, and how he was related to the woman who had saved her life, and how she was sorry that he wasn't more like the woman that she had known.

After turning the man over to the police in the undersea city, the chef of police asked her to help them out with a case of theirs, involving the young female wolf that she had heard about. As it turns out, the wolf was really a young teenager, one who was forced by the son of an ambassador to steal the objects. She was basically a mule, as it were, for him to transport her goods. However, there was something else, she looked exactly like Zena, not just the former theif Zena, but the Zena that she had named herself after. It was then that Zena realized that the girl was her cousin, several times removed of course, who was of William. However, because the man who used the girl as a mule had Diplomatic Immunity, the local athourities couldn't touch him. Zena, on the other hand, was an officer of the Wild Beasts, which meant that she could bring him in, as the Wild Beasts' Jurisdiction extended to, not just the Wilds, but the entire planet. Anyone who was a citizen of Animalus was under the Wild Beasts' jurisdiction, even if they were not on Animalus itself.

When she got to the place that the man was robbing, she found the man trying to rape the girl. However, Zena rescued her cousin, killing the man in the process. Then, just before the group left, she left something at the police department, the Gold Head of Zena.

Over the next forty years, Zena climbed up the ranks of the Wild Beasts, eventually becoming the Commissioner, and watched as Ariel, Tom, and Rachel, Zena's cousin, whom she had adopted as her stepdaughter, grew older, had children, and watched those children have children of their own. It was during this time that she also helped some archiologists uncover the spaceship of the ancestors, and learned of the planet's early history, and why the hybrids, like herself, had been created. Also, Crog would come to visit Zena during the summer, with the group of nomads he now lead, as he had saved them from some outlaws who had killed their leader.

Unfortanatly, after being her friend, and lover, for forty-five wonderful years, Ariel died, due to complications from injuries that she had sustained in a fight with some criminals, which had taken Tom's life, a few years prior. Despite accepting her friend's death, things were hard for Zena, as she had been named mayor on that day to. During her time as mayor, the Commissioner of the Wild Beasts shared the role of leadership with some of the more experianced officers, and the owner of the Hungry Wolf and Snake let her employees, spaciffically the more experianced ones, run the place.

When the next election came up, she didn't run for office, as politics were not really her thing, as she didn't quite have the patients to lay in wait as it were, like crocs and snakes did.

It was during her first week back as an active officer of the Wild Beasts that Zena rescued a young woman, a born human, as her parents had been a wolf and a horse respectively, and she'd been born a human. However, her parents had been murdered by the outlaws that Zena had saved her from, so Zena took the girl under her paw, as it were. The girl's name was Julia. A few years later, when she was of age, Zena married her, out of love, as the girl helped fill a hole that was left in her heart when Ariel died. A month or so after they married, an ambassador, who was heading to another planet, Fleras to be exact, asked Zena to be an Honor Guard, as she had saved his son some time prior. Figureing she could use a bit of a vacation, she decided to go with them.

This was because she had recently recovered from some wounds with a space pirate, who had took the lives of two of her partners, as they had been inside of her when the man had fired a laser at her stomach, which severly injured them, as they had been asleep inside of her as they had taken a room at a more recently built resting place in an unrecognized settlement, which didn't have very good beds, so she had swallowed them so that the three of them could get a good night sleep, when the pirate entered the place and woke Zena up. However, the wound to the stomach was not what had killed her partners, as they could of survived, except for one thing, the man also shot Zena in the throat, preventing her from bringing them up, and saving their lives. Because she didn't want her partners to suffer from the pain of being digested alive, as one's safety pill wasn't fully efective when one was severly injured, she had asked the settlement's enforcers to tie her down, and club her stomach, to give her partners a relatively quick and painless death, as opposed to being digested alive by stomach acids.

During the trip, Zena had brought her various lovers, those who didn't have husbands and children at any rate, including Julia. The girl had been looking for the man that she wanted to to have as a husband, but despite the numerous guards at the tasting house, which she worked at, none of them were what she was looking for in a life long partner. Also, she had almost been raped by a man that Zena had let spend the night, a wolf to be exact. As a result, the girl had a slight fear of carniverous hybrids, especially canines, and spacifically, wolves, including Zena. As a result, Zena had to be carefull around Julia, as something as simple as putting a paw on her shoulder, when she wasn't looking at her, could bring on a panic attack, bringing out the small bits of wolf and horse that were within her, and cause her to fight Zena.

It was during this trip that Zena met up with a few ship rats, kids whose parents were crewmen on some spaceship. However, their parents had been the victims of space pirates a few years prior, and were also, basically, stowaways. Now, while an adult could face up to twenty years in a penal colony for doing so, children, especially those whose parents had been crewmen on a ship, especially those whose parents had served on the same ship as one, or more, of the other crewmen, were something of a special clause. If a crewman was willing to give up four or more months worth of pay, they could adopt the child as their own, otherwise the child could be turned over to the athorities of the planet that the ship last left. Of course as a member of the Wild Beasts, this meant that the kids would of been turned over to her anyways, so after Zena took them before the ship's captian, the children became her wards.

However, a week into the juorney to Fleras, pirates, who followed the man whom Zena had captured, attacked the ship, intending to hold the pasangers and crew as hostages, to get their leader back, and took it over. Unknown to them though, the man was in a holding cell on board. Zena, however, lead a counterattack, and managed to not only retake control of the ship, but also forced the pirates to surrender, after she took those that she had killed while saving the passangers and crewmen to the kitchen and began to cook them, saving their leader for desert, as she had dragged him to the kitchen, and hung him on a hook, and rewired a camera in a manner which overroad every other camera, and forced the pirates to watch. She gave the pirates two choices, surrender to a man, or watch as their leader was eaten alive. Needless to say, they surrendered. After that, the pirates were turned over to the United Planets Space Navy, which was the navy that every planets' navy gave way to, as a planet's navy was like the national guard in a manner of speaking, when there was an enemy that was a threat to multiple planets, like space pirates, much like the Wild Beasts on Animalus.

A while after this, the ship landed on a former penal colony to pick up an ambassador that was heading to Fleras as well, as well as his son. The son, however, was something of a womaniser, in which he'd get women to fall in love with his good looks, and sometime later, slept with them, and just left them afterwards. He took one look at Julia and wanted her as one of his conquests, as it were. However, while Zena didn't exactly like womanisers, she didn't mind them too much. However, it was his attitude that made her fur stand on end, and cause her to bare her teeth at him, as it were. He had the same snooty attitude that most non-native humans had when it came to hybrids. However, one night, after the man, James, had tried to force himself onto Julia, when the woman had told him that she didn't want to have sex, when he was drunk, Zena had forced him to swallow a safety pill and swallowed him for the night. In the morning, she had gone to his father and told him what had happened. After letting the young man out, the pair had a very serious talk with him, and told him that his immunity would be revoked the next time he did it, meaning that the embassy would not grant him sancuary if an angry husband came for him.

This had shocked the young man, especially when Zena revealed the fact that, according to Animalus Law, she had the right to have eaten him alive when he tried to force Julia to have sex with him, reguardless of his Diplomatic Imunity. However, she was willing to give the young man a second chance, providing that he followed certain rules.

A few months later, they were back on Animalus, and James had to face his first challange, dealing with the diets of the various hybrids, especially the drinks. Since hybrids can't handle alchool to well, they drank specially carbonated fruit juices, or, especially in the case of carnivores, blood mixed with water. He found out about this when he saw a bottle that was labled "Human Blood" right behind the carbonated grape juice that he had taken out of the fridge when Rachal made him some lunch on his first day on the planet while he was in Zena's house. He was even more surprised to see the elderly wolf drink it as he would a glass of wine, very slowly, and savoring the flavor. However, the wolf, who was Zena's distant cousin mind you, told him that seeing people drinking blood was something that he best get used to seeing, After all, things like wine were reserved for only highly special occasions, like the mid-summer celebration on the day that the planet celebrated the colonization of Animalus, the day when the Lovers' Flowers bloomed and had their seeds scattered.

He also had to deal with getting a job, but when he told Rachal that he wanted to work at the Embasy, the wolf asked him if he wanted to be janitor, as they wouldn't let someone just become a guard without at least two years worth of expeariance, either as a minor servant at the embassy itself, or had worked as a guard at either a mating house, or a tasting house, or some other such place where things, or people, had to be protected, and also had to know how to handle himself, and hold his ground, during a fight. So James asked what was avaliable then, that would allow him to get the experiance that he needed to become a guard at the embassy. The answer that Rachal gave him was, "Working at the Hungry Wolf and Snake, as a guard, will give you the experiance that you need." However, she also told him something else, that if he decided to work there, he didn't just have to be a guard, he could also be something of a servant, whether it was to those who were full-time dishes, or to Zena herself, part maintnance man, keeping the equipment at the place functional and up to date, and code, or, if he really wanted to make money, a dish for those who enjoyed the taste of male flesh. Seeing as to how Julia work there anyways, James decided to try it out, if only to be close to her.

The next day, while bathing in one of the large baths Zena had, James met up with his partner, a skunk named Hennry, who gave him something, a knife that had belonged to his late brother, who had been born human, who had been a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. The man told James that it was both for his personal protection, as well as the fact that he couldn't carry it himself while in the city, and because of the fact that he looked a lot like the man's brother. After seeing the pain in the man's eyes, James accepted the knife.

However, when they were done bathing, Zena had asked the two to follow her to her private chambers, which were where she did her paperwork and kept her personal trophies, heads that represented the various outlaws and criminals she had killed or captured over the years, slaves that she had freed, and those that she had found, or rescued, and so on. It was also here that Zena kept some more, personal, momentoes, of her favorite lovers, like Zoey and Ariel. However, that was not what she had brought them in for. In the room was the man who had killed Hennry's brother. The man was seeking forgiveness for what he had done, before Zena carried out the man's sentance, which was to be executed by her. After some soul searching on his part, Hennry forgave the man, and left the room, with James following him.

When they were eating their breakfast, James had heard a very distinctive *Snap* of bones breaking, which he heard again when he noticed Rachal biting on a bone, so that she could get the marrow out of it. Needless to say, he didn't bother ta ask what the snap had been, especially when Zena came into the kitchen and Rachal asked if she was just going to have a light breakfast, to which Zena more or less nodded.

A few years later, after learning more about Animalus than most non-native humans did, and after he had married Julia, James became an ambassador between his home world and Animalus.

This was also when the planet, that was later called Char, was discovered. Anxious to have a colony of their own, Animalus patitioned the United Planets alliance for the chance to make the attempt, which, surprisingly, was granted. As a result, plans to find those who were willing to colonize the planet were created. The people who joined up tended to be nomads, who wished to blaze new trails, as it were, or minor criminals, who were given a chance to earn their freedom, the same sorts of people who had origianally settled Animalus all of those centuries ago. On board the ship that took the potential settlers was also, five hundred soldiers, five hundred police officers, and one hundred Wild Beast officers, which were lead by Zena herself, who was also the honorary leader of the colnists, as she was highly respected but the majoriaty of the people on board. Also, Julia was with her, and she was pregnant.

However, when they landed on the planet, Zena felt that they were being watched, and set off to find the source of this feeling. She quickly found what she was looking for when she saved a human-like creature from the stomach of a wild animal, that had tried to attack Julia, who had followed her. After reading the young man's mind, Zena realized that there were two sentiant races living on the planet, the human-like Charzons, and the dragon-like Chargons. After going their seperate ways, the two groups got themselves ready, the Chargons and Charzons gathering in force in the forests and hills surrounding the clearing, and those from Animalus getting ready for a celebration, with Zena and the soldiers, police officers and Wild Beast officers keeping an eye out for trouble, whether it came from within their own people, or with the locals, which everyone knew were watching.

That night the leader of the Chargons, and some of his best fighters entered the clearing, and Zena went to meet them, with some of the croc and snake officers. The two leaders were sizing each other up, when Zena said that fighting would do none of them any good. She told them that a battle would be costly for both sides, as both would sell their lives to protect what they cared for the most, their friends and family. Peace, and trade, on the other hand though, would benefit both of them. These things had been on the mind of the Chargon leader, as he only wanted to protect his people, and would only fight if the off-worlders proved to be hostile. As a result, new friendships started to form between the two groups.

A few months later, however, duty called. A strange-looking cheetha landed on the planet, one that gave her an eirrie feeling. After reading his mind, she discovered two things, one, he was really a human who had been fussed with the DNA of a cheetha, and two, the cheetha that he'd been fussed with was the same cheetha who had been fussed with the captian of the spaceship that had taken the origianal hybrids to Animalus, whom she had spoken with several decades prior, after he'd been awoken from a cronogenic sleep of more than four thousand four hundred years, before the man had died moments later. After they told her their story, in which Zena was informed that they were not the only ones that this had happened to, but it was also worse for others, many of which were children, Zena agreed to help them.

Within the month, she was on the man's homeworld, EarthTwo. She and the man, who was an expert in breaking and entering like she was, entered the place. While the cheetha-man went after the captives, Zena went for the scientists that willingly preformed the expariments. When she found them, they were disecting a young man, who was still alive. At the sight of this, Zena flew into a rage, and attacked them, knocking many of them out. She then stripped them, tied them up, and stacked them like cordwood. After that, she went to the young man, who asked her to end his suffering, as Zena saw that the boy would not make it. She told him that she would, and after he thanked her for freeing him from his captors, Zena gave gave him an injection of sleeping medication, and when the man had fallen asleep, she snapped his neck, which brought back painfull memories. Then, she gave the scientists a taste of their own mediciane, and turned them into the very things that they had once tried to create, gave them each a safety pill, and swallowed each of them.

After gathering up various documents, both as evidance, and hopeful that they had formulas that could be used to reverse the process, for the captives, not the naturally born hybrids, Zena set up expolsives, which she set off, after making sure that there was no one else, and burying the body of the boy, as he deserved a decant burrial, destroying the entire place.

After that, she went after those who were resopnsible for the whole thing, locating more than a few currupt public officials and police officers in the process, and brought them to face justice. However, there was one person that was on Animalus who was a part of it, as he had supplied them with the blood of hybrids, but he didn't know what his partners were doing with it. When Zena informed the man of what exactly his partners had done, and after showing him pictures of what had been done, especially to those who were children, the man was so remorseful that he asked Zena to see to it that his entire fortoune went to help those who had suffered because of what he had done..

Ten years later, the UPA, The United Planets Alliance, asked Zena to help explore a recently discovered planet, especially to see if there was sentiant life-froms on it There was, with beings that came in every shape and size immagianable, from human-like creatures, to anthro-like creatures, to various types of taurs, to creatures resembling things from every mythology that Earth had, and then some, all between the size
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