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  1. School starts
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by Willum
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You walk into your High school, and find yourself shrinking rapidly! 120,000+ views!
Chapter #1

School starts

    by: Willum
After the usual long walk to school, you stop to check your watch and proceed through the large gates. There are many other people around, some are listening to their iPods, some are eating, and some are just chatting to their friends. Your mate Mike normally meets you by the gate, but as he was not there today, you figured he was ill.
Just then, you remember you have not finished your Maths homework! You stop and unzip your bag to find your revision booklet. You then carry on walking while reading your booklet at the same time, muttering maths formulae under your breath in the somewhat distant hope of memorizing them.
But suddenly, your lack of attention to where you are going punishes you as you walk straight into someone! Apologizing, you look up and see...

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1. Beth

2. Emily

3. Maria

4. Rebecca (Miss Blake)

5. Suzy

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