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  1. Kibal, the evil sorceror wolfess
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You are stranded on an island with anthro amazons, ruled by a giantess
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Chapter 2

Kibal, the evil sorceror wolfess

Before you sits an imposing sight. A giant female gray wolf, with long black hair tied in a ponytail, dressed in a flowing black robes that covers her feet. Around her neck is a blood red ruby in a black frame attached to a chain. She beckons you with a finger.

You slowly walk toward her, terrified of what will happen. "What is your name?" She demands. "Jake." You say timidly. "Well, Jake, do you know where you are?" She says smiling evily. "No." You say.

"You are on the island of Anthromia, and we don't take kidly to inturders here." "But I'm not a" "Silence!" She snaps. "Here, my word is law. It is my decisions to decide you fate. Now hold still." The ruby around her neck begins to glow, suddenly you are lifed into the air, as if by an invisible hand!

Your lims flail all over as you float towards her face. When you are close enough, she licks you with her long wet tongue. You gag at the stench of her breath, and shiver as you are covered in drool.

After licking her lips, she puases, thinking about what to do with you. "Alright, I've decided." She says after a minute of thought.
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You now have these choices:

1.   "You shall be my food."

2.   "You shall be my slave."

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