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You are stranded on an island with anthro amazons, ruled by a giantess
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Chapter 2

Kina, the cobra

There, coiled on the throne, sits the strangest creature you've ever seen. She appears to be a snake of some kind, except the has arms! Her upper body is almost human, except it is covered in scales. Her head is that of a snake as well, with a large hood spread out around it. Below her waist, she has no legs, only a long scaly tail.

Her scales are a deep blue color, with her under belly being yellow. She speaks in a hissing voice. "Come here." She says. You timidly approach her throne. Her forked tongue flicks in and out of her mouth. She can smell your fear.

"Who are you?" She asks. You tell her your name and how you ended up here. "Sssssssssssso." She says, rolling her S's. "You come from the human world? Well then, there isssssssss only one thing we do with humansssssssss."

You pray that whatever they do, it doesn't involve you dying, or being eaten, or both. She turns to her guards and orders.....
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