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  1. A Giant Discovery
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Squidgirl learns that she has the power to grow as large as a giant squid! Chaos ensues!
Chapter 1

A Giant Discovery

    by: ForestFire5000   More by this author
The day started like any other. Squidgirl had woken up like she would any other morning. However, today she felt a little... different. She decided to go outside and do some stretches to help wake herself up. This was where everything went in a not-so-ordinary direction. The instant that she began her stretches, Squidgirl felt a strange tingling sensation in her body. She looked down to see the ground getting farther and farther away. It took a few moments for Squidgirl to register what was going on, but eventually everything clicked: she was growing! She quickly freaked out and began to worry about just how big she would get. As if responding to her thoughts, Squidgirl's body suddenly stopped expanding. She had already doubled in size by this point, and knew that something like this was not natural. She knew that if anyone saw her like this, they would freak out! She began thinking about how she could return to her original size, and reacting to her desires, her body shrunk back to her original size. Finally realizing that the bizarre size changes were being controlled by her thoughts, Squidgirl got a broad smile across her face.

"I wonder what I should do now... Either way, I ink that this could be really fun!"

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