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  1. A Helpful Stranger
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A growth story about the biggest pecs ever!
Chapter 1

A Helpful Stranger

    by: Big Boy   More by this author
"17...18...19...grrrr....20!" Adam squeezed his chest hard as he pushed the final rep and re-racked the barbel. Panting a bit, he sat up and drank heavily from his bottle, water spilling from the side of his mouth and dripping down between the valley of his massive pectorals. He had just finished benching over 300 lbs., and from the way his chest strained the straps of his tank top, it showed.

Adam was one of the biggest and strongest jocks in his school. At 17 years old and 215 lbs. of pure muscle, he had the biggest and most ripped physique among his peers. His arms were thick and meaty. His shoulders and back were wide and combined with his skinny washboard abs, he had a decent V shape.

But the body part that Adam was most proud of was his chest. It was as if someone had taken two big slabs of meat and shoved it under his skin. Whenever someone was checking him out, Adam would bounce his pecs and watch them swoon at the sight of those huge muscles move.

Just thinking about it made Adam want to check himself out in the mirror. Standing up, he began to hit various poses that showed off the size of his bulging pectorals.

"That's some nice muscle you got there." A voice said.

A bit startled, Adam turned around to find a tall, huge raven haired bodybuilder standing behind him. Adam hadn't noticed him approaching at all in the mirror, but then again Adam had been so focused on his chest that he barely noticed anything else. Still, it was hard to see how he could miss a guy that big, he looked as if he were over 280 lbs. of shredded muscle, possibly a pro. He wore under armor and tight shorts that hugged his every bulge. But what Adam really noticed was the guy's chest. It was huge! Much bigger than Adam's own. Even hidden under the fabric, Adam could see the sheer size and shape of them. He could even make out two nubs where the nipples poked out.

"Yea, my pecs are my best muscle group." Adam said proudly, tensing his muscles up to show off against this much bigger guy.

The bodybuilder laughed. "Yea, those pecs of yours are pretty decent."

Decent? No one had ever said that about his chest before. Then again, compared to this behemoth, his pecs were just impressive on a high school, possibly college level. But pride prevented him from admitting that.

"They're more than just decent." Adam said, tensing them up.

"Whoa there stud, not trying to pick a fight." The huge guy said. "I'm Craig. Been watching you for awhile now and I can see that you're pretty into getting bigger."

"You bet I am." Adam said. "I want to be huge, and have the biggest pecs in the world."

"Is that a fact now?" The man rubbed his chin. "Well, I suppose I can let you in on a secret on how you can do that."

"What secret?" Adam asked, suddenly interested.

The bodybuilder leaned in close. "I have something that can help you get bigger."
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