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  1. Just an average day...
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Josh is the owner of new water park called Shrink and Swim.
Chapter 1

Just an average day...

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Early afternoon was always a hot time for people to start piling into the water park. Josh, the owner of the park, was just making his rounds near the front desk to schmooze with guests. The short 5'5" fairly thin 22 year old jogged his way near the desk and scanned the crowd intently.

"Welcome to Shrink and Swim!"

Josh said to a family of four, the two sons looked about, amazed at how they just shrunk and went into (from the outside at least) what looked like nothing more than knee high, long plastic box. Their father was busy fishing money out of his pocket to pay the admissions clerk while the wife turned and gave a thoughtful smile while her children grew more and more impatient to start riding all the fantastic water rides.

Josh smiled as the family went on their way. It really was a magnificent park, and who would have thought of shrinking people and making a tiny water park! It was even more genius since basically the whole park's water supply could run off a kitchen sink. Not to mention the shrink ray which was solar powered to reduce cost and increase productivity!

"It practically prints money!" Josh thought to himself as he watched several more families pay admission and begin shouldering their way through crowds to the rides.

- - -

Josh took a stroll past some of the rides he had to inspect today. There was the popular family ride the "Tubular Time". Not to mention the speed slides for people who liked to practically fly down the slide called the "Skin Burner". Of course there was also the wave pool and lazy river which people who hated waiting in lines could always appreciate.

Turning down the "Employee only" section he found the break room entrance. At least from the shrunken side. There was two ways into the break room, one that required going out of the park and around the back, or for the lazier just going in shrunk. "Wonder who's on break right now." Josh thought looking down at his note pad.

One of his duties did include checking on the lifeguards in the break room to make sure they aren't late for their shifts as well as going to certain rides to relieve lifeguards from their current shift.

- - -

Flipping over his note pad he noticed he had several new employees to interview in the near future. One of Josh's other more interesting duties is interviewing new employees to work at his water park, a process he often did while still shrunken in a special room near the break room.

"Huh we might be getting a few newbies sometime soon, better take a quick look at their files..." Josh said to himself flipping through the profiles of the eligible young men hoping to become lifeguards at the pristine water park.

"There you are boss!" came a familiar tone from across the walkway. Josh looked up and saw his head lifeguard, Tyler, running over.

"Oh hey Ty, whats up?" Josh said as the huge man came to a stop in front of him. Tyler was an impressive sight, 21 years old, 6'5" with wavy brown hair concealed under his red lifeguard's hat, brown eyes hidden under his sporty sunglasses, and a nice strong looking dependable face. Tyler was certainly very easy on the eyes.

"Josh don't you remember what you need to be doing right now? It's why I came over." He said as Josh's eyes wandered down Ty's strong tanned body. Particularly his massive pecs and sculpted abs. Snapping back to reality though he had forgotten what Tyler was talking about and shook his head.

"Dude you gotta..."
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