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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter #2

Try to grow your penis back

    by: bobboled
You tell Morrigan that you feel tired and that you were going to try and go to sleep. She agrees that it is getting pretty late, so she gets dressed for bed too and you both turn out your lights and turn in for the night. In truth, you weren't really going to bed, you had to do a little experimenting first, but you couldn't very well do it while Morrigan was watching in in full view of the lights of your room. So you wait, about a half of an hour, mind wandering as you wait until you are certain that she is fully asleep. You peek over at her bed, nestled against the wall opposite you. Her head is turned up at the ceiling, her normal posture for when she is fully asleep. You wave your hands at her and whisper, making absolutely sure she is asleep, and when you are certain that she is, you open up the blinds to the window between your beds, the faint moonlight illuminating your room enough for you to see a little more clearly. You sit up and quietly slide your sheets and blanket off of you. You think back about what the goddess said, about you having powers, the ability to morph and shape flesh to your will. You find it odd that of all the people that she could have chosen, she picked the someone with a transformation fetish. It was like a dream come true! You are so eager to try this gift, but she never told you how it worked. You concentrate, deciding that if you can do anything, you would try enlarging your breasts first. It was something harmless and easily hidden, something that wouldn't freak people out. You concentrate and after a couple of seconds, you feel a queer sense of tingling in the back of your mind, like there was something back there generating power. you feel this power flow through your body, seeding itself in every inch of your being until it is as though your entire form is exuding power. You focus more intensely, willing your breasts to grow, and soon enough, you feel and see your breasts begin to expand! It doesn't hurt, in fact it feels rather good, like someone was gently caressing you.

You will your breasts to keep growing, and eventually they grow so large that they stretch your shirt up past your stomach. You cannot even fathom what cup size they are now, but they are way to big to be natural. They must be at least big a watermelons, if not bigger. Worried that Morrigan might see you like this, you shrink your boobs until they are more or less back to their original size, although your shirt will never be the same again. You make a mental note to be careful about overusing your power. wouldn't want to crush someone under the wait of their own tits. Although the idea does arouse you a little, imagining Morrigan with a huge set of breasts on her skinny frame. The thought captures your attention for a while until you hear a light moan from Morrigan's side. You see her shifting in her sleep, but what really surprises you is the set of F-cup breasts she is now sporting! They are practically spilling out of her tank-top, her nipples just barely peeking over the neck line. You panic and quickly will her breasts back to their regular size, hoping she doesn't wake up.

She doesn't, instead she rolls over to side and resumes sleeping. You breath a shallow sigh of relief, noting that you apparently cannot even fantasize without affecting someone as your little fiasco with Morrigan has proven. Clearing your head, you resume your experimenting. First you lengthen your hair, then you change the color of it then back again. You grow a third eye on your forehead, but quickly get rid of it as your vision gave you a headache. You extend your tongue from your mouth until it can reach your toes, and you give them a playful lick before retracting it back inside your mouth. You concentrate and another pair of breasts form beneath your first pair. they are the exact same size as the ones above, and on closer inspection they feel the same too, even when you play with your newly formed nipples.

You morph these back into your body, and begin to think of other, weirder things. You concentrate just above your vagina, and soon there is a brand new penis there, balls and all. It is a little bigger than your original, but you decide that doesn't really matter at this point. The sky is the limit as they say. You give it a couple of strokes, just to make sure it is real. It most certainly is and your ministrations have helped it grow fully erect. It pulses in your hands, but you decide to fulfill your needs in a different way. Hoping against all hope that it will work, you reach your hands up to your head imagine pulling it off. You push, and feel cool air underneath your head and on top of your neck.. You did it! Your head is truly separated from your body. You move your head around, getting used to using your arms to move your head around. You spin your head around to get a good view of your crotch. Your new dick, at least a good eight inches, is fully erect while your pussy drools beneath it, partially obscured by your balls. You lick your lips, and draw your detached head to your now furiously erect dick. You give it a tentative lick you feel a little spark of pleasure, but it doesn't feel much different from jerking your self off, as your body still know it's just you. Not caring in the least, you take in some more of your cock, wrapping and licking your tongue around it. By now your breathing has become a little labored and you feel your face go flush, but you are nowhere close to coming. You are certain that if you kept this up, you would cum, but you need to get this over with fast and go to sleep. yes, this is fun, but you're afraid that if you continue much longer you are likely going to wake up Morrigan, and there is absolutely no way that you are going to be able to explain this. You grin wickedly. You know how to finish this quickly, and it fits right in to your weird fetish. You think about it, and soon enough your mouth begins to twist and contort, and after a moment where there once was a mouth was a now fully formed pussy, dripping in anticipation. You slowly slide your cock into your mouth pussy, the sensation sending thrills down your spine. Slowly, you begin to bob your head up and down your shaft, your slick walls making your dick twitch with every thrust. Soon you are greedily face fucking your mouth pussy, wet sucking sounds escaping every time you pull up and push down. The sensation is driving you crazy with lust and you can feel yourself on the edge. After a couple more thrust your cum hard, both your dick and your face vagina, a dribble of cum leaking from your pounded lips. You take a second to rest, basking in the afterglow, and to make sure Morrigan was still asleep. Amazingly she was, wand you thank the gods that she was such a sound sleeper. You place your head back on your neck and it reattaches. You will your pussy back into a mouth and cough a little at the cum that was still inside. Sure, it was your own, but weren't really prepared for that, so you grabbed a tissue of of your desk, spat in it, and threw it in the waste bin.

You are about to pull your sheets up and go back to bed when you remember that you forgot to get rid of your dick. You are about to when you decide that instead of being totally female all the time, you rather liked the duality. You decide to keep it, unafraid of being found out. After all, you mostly wore shorts and jeans, so the only way someone was going to fins out is if they caught you naked or reached down you pants. You snuggle up in your sheets, comfortable and sated, and drift of to sleep.
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