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  1. And so it begins.
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by rex
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · #1881649
A little interactive of "The secret of NIMH" with Brisby going through some changes.
Chapter #1

And so it begins.

    by: Ace Jones
Dawn has risen over the small farm were our beloved lil field mouse Mrs Brisby lived with her young children under a old tree stump in the corner of a corn field. We find our dear Mrs Brisby out on her morning routine to gather some food for her and her young one. It was a normal day for the most part, she had noticed that the cat "dragon" has not been around lately when she picked up a scent... a sweet scene of something yummy & soon started to search for the source of the smell. a few moments go by when she found the source of the smell... it was a small wad of cheese out in the open.

"Is that cheese?" Brisby questioned as she looked around the field trying to see if any humans were around but came up with nothing so she slowly scurried over to the small was of cheese and gave it a good sniff "It is defiantly cheese" she said to her self as she was just picking it up there was a sound of a spring noise and with a loud clang a small cage sprang from the ground and closed all around her... she was trapped.

Brisby was in a state of panic was she was frantically trying to get out of the cage she was in but try as she must she couldn't squeeze out or pry open the cage. About 24 minute go by when a 2-3 humans in white coats came over to her cage, Brisby got a good look at the words on the coats which sent a chill up her spine.. It was NIMH. The scientists soon took her cage and loaded her into there transportation and headed back to the research facility.

Once inside they placed Brisby's cage onto a metallic table, brisby looked all around as her heart started racing as she darted her left and right eyeing all the terrifying thing in the dim lighted room as she saw the scientist were getting charts and a couple of needles filled with unknown substances...

You have the following choices:

1. Inflation

2. Pregnancy

3. Weight Gain

4. Toony things

5. More Choices

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