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A person looking for a little excitement in life is given the power to morph others.
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Chapter 2

Brian Walsh

    by: Blarg Blargington   More by this author
"What a boring day," Brian thought as he lay awake in bed, Indeed. there hadn't been much that happened over the course of the day. It was the middle of the summer, so Brian didn't have school to keep him occupied. It also made it hard to sleep comfortably at night because of the heat. His mom was hesitant to have the AC on all the time unless it got really hot because she wanted to save money even though his family was well off enough that they could afford it.

And so, Brian was now trying and failing to fall asleep and thinking about his day. He was at least looking forward to hanging out with his two best friends Sean and Emily tomorrow, even if they were just going to be sitting around doing nothing. He figured it was better to do nothing with friends than to do nothing alone. "I wish something exciting would happen for once," Brian thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Your wish is my command, he heard a voice in his head say just as he fell asleep.

Brian's sleep was filled with weird dreams. He dreamed that he had the power to freely transform people's physical and mental traits just by thinking about it. He had wild dreams of transforming people in all kinds of ways and he woke up wondering if it was real. The voice he heard in his head had felt so real.

Pushing the thought aside for the moment, Brian climbed out of bed and took a shower before either of his siblings used up all the hot water. After washing his short dirty blonde hair and cleaning off all the sweat his body had produced overnight, Brian stepped out of the shower and started drying himself off. That's when there was a banging on the door.

"Hurry up in there, Brian!" he heard his younger sister Cassie shout through the door. "I need to shower too!"

"Have some patience, you brat!" Brian shouted back. "I haven't even been taking very long."

After finishing up and putting some clothes on, Brian opened the door to reveal his younger sister. Cassie was 12 and a total brat. She drove Brian crazy. She always wanted to get her way, and often did thanks to her cuteness and ability to be incessantly annoying. She had long blonde hair, A-cup breasts and not much of a figure yet, but it was clear that she was going to grow up to be quite attractive. Brian just shook his head at her as he walked out of the bathroom. Cassie immediately darted in and shut the door.

"Gotta love that sister of ours," Brian heard his older brother Chris say with a laugh. He turned his head to see his brother walking down the hall. Even though Chris was popular and the star quarterback at school, he and Brian got along pretty well. They looked quite alike too. Chris was taller and more muscular, but they had similar features and the same short dirty blonde hair.

"Yeah," Brian said, sighing.

Before their conversation could continue any further, Brian heard the doorbell ring, He headed downstairs and opened the door to reveal Sean and Emily. "Hi guys!" Brian greeted his friends as he let them inside the house. Sean was a bit more nerdier than Brian was, but he had better looks, and he pulled off the glasses well. His short brown hair was always neatly combed as well. He and Brian had been friends since middle school. Emily lived across the street and Brian had known her since forever. They had a very brother-sister relationship. In fact, she was more like a sister to Brian than Cassie was. Emily was an attractive girl with long raven hair, a nice figure, and B-cup breasts. She was a really sweet and outgoing girl too.

"What's up?" Sean asked.

"Oh, not much," Brian said.

"Yeah, same here," Emily said. "So, what do you guys wanna do?"

It was at this moment that Brian remembered his supposed new power. Looking at his friends, Brian wondered if he should try it on them. As they continued to talk, he also spotted Chris nearby, and Cassie had finished her shower and was walking down the stairs.
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