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One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
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Chapter 4

Your brothers enter (it gets worse)

    by: Scifiwizard   More by this author
You gasped, hearing hurried footfalls coming towards the sitting room then blushed slightly as you saw James, Tex, and Mat enter and look at you curiously. "Who is our new visitor?" pointing at you, Mat asked dad.

James looked at me and smiled. "Looking good, sis." bemused, he said. "Or should I call you bro now."

"That's Jessica!?" stunned, Tex asked.

"It's time for you to learn a little secret, boys." smiling, dad said. "You see, I am a mad scientist." he summoned a flame to his hand to prove it, causing Mat and Tex to scream in surprise.

"As the eldest son, I had to go to a special school to learn how to control my powers so I can help dad teach you two as you have this power as well." smiling, James said. "That is where I've been all last year.

Dad laughed. "Jessica did not believe me so I had to give Jessie a demonstration by making him one of the boys." motioning to you, he said. "Sadly only boys can produce chaotic energy, which is what powers our mad science. Now that he is a boy, he can harness that power as well, if he so wishes."

You winced, not liking to be referred to in the masculine. "Okay, dad." moping, you said. "You had your fun now please change me back, this is uncomfortable for me."

"But you just got here." teasing, dad said. he then turned serious. "Sorry but I can't change you back and forth like hitting a light switch, you will have to wait for the effect to wear off."

"What!?" horrified, you asked. "How long?"

"You'll change back in a day or so." to your horror, dad replied. "In the mean time, I suggest you try to make the most of this little experience." he motioned to your brothers, "Live the life of a boy, see what wonders await you."

You turned to your brothers and took a step back as they all began to grin wickedly. "Um... guys..." nervous, you said.

"Want to play with me?" motioning to his room, Mat asked. "I have plenty of toys to spare."

You winced then turned to Tex who took a step forward. "The football team is having tryouts today." smiling he said. "Would you like to see what your male self can do?"

You winced more at that then turned to James who gave a mad chuckle. "I have a laboratory tucked away somewhere." with a sly grin, he said. "Care to be my assistant for the weekend?"

You shook your head, not wanting to do anything but change back to normal. "You'll have to catch me first!" running away from your brothers, you yelled.

Dad laughed maniacally as your brothers gave chase, laughing as well before turning to a portrait of his late wife on the wall, the image was frowning. "Don't look at me like that." crossly, he said. "You knew this would happen."

You ran through the house, desperately trying to get to your room where you hoped you would be safe but someone grabbed you and pulled you into the spare bedroom.

Who was it?

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