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Using a blowpipe to take over someone else their body. GP's for chapters.
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Chapter 3

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    by: PixelMover   More by this author
You turn around looking for a mirror whren you see your body standing motionless in the doorway.

You get out of the computer chair, and notice that you have a little trouble getting balanced. Being in your brother's small body is going to take some getting used to. With a Litttle effort, you wobble your self to the doorway. It's strange looking up at your face from here. You're now eye-level with your... his chest. He's got a vacant stare.... Not looking at anything in particular. But you can hear him breathing. He's still holding the blowpipe, loosely in his right hand.

"Hello?" .... "Anyone's home?" There's no response. You try getting his attention by waving your hand in front of his eyes and poking his chest, but nothing more than him steadying his balance. You reach out to take the blowpipe, when suddenly his eyes focus on yours. Startled you loose your balance and fall on your butt.

His eyes once again stare-off into nothingness.

You get up, a little easier this time... and check again for signs of life, but you old body is now vacant.

You reach out for the blowpipe again, and quickly snatch it out of his hands. Again his eyes come alive, and focus intently on yours.... But hemakes no other movements.

You clutch the pipe to your chest, and take a few steps back. Meekly you squeek "who are you?"

.... "Jake" he replies after a moment. As if thinking about it.

"No... I'm Jake" you reply .......... "Yes" he responds.

This is crazy, you think.... It looks like your body stays active.... Sort-of, after the soul leaves.

You try to test a few things. "Jake.... come inside, close the door, and sit on the bed."
Immediately he steps forward, closes the door behind him, and sits on the bed as instructed. After which, he remains perfectly still, watching you.

You can barely contain your excitement, and start to jump in place, laughing at what just happened.
The pipe accidentally slips out of your small hands, and falls to the floor.

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