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  1. Hello darkness my old friend
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You find yourself trapped in Equestria with some very large ponies.
Chapter 1

Hello darkness my old friend

    by: Absolfusion   More by this author
You awaken abruptly, startled by a loud, unidentifiable noise in the distance. Swiftly you sit up and try to take stock of your surroundings. Where ever you are, you are definitely not in your bed, or even in your house, anymore. A fuzzy woven material lies beneath you, with a texture almost like hair. If you didn't know any better, you would say that you're on some kind of rug or carpet.
The place in which you find yourself is dim, severely limiting your visibility save for a few dark blobs covered in shadow off in the distance. Your only source of light trickles in from a moonlit window. You jump to your feet in a wild panic, murmuring things like "Where am I?" and "Did someone kidnap me?" and "Why is everything so damn big?", all questions you were unlikely to answer on your own. So the only course is to blindly navigate the room and find some answers. You slowly, carefully, creep across the room towards the dark shapes you spotted earlier, taking care not to run into anything or create too much noise. Luckily, your path is relatively clear, with few obstacles to block your path. Whoever owned this room must be a responsible custodian to have such a clean room. As you approach, the fuzzy shapes start to become more distinct: it looks like a large pallet or bed, with a large shape underneath a pile of blankets gently breathing. Off to the side is a large sleeping bag, its contents also containing living, sleeping cargo.

You can try climbing up the bed, examine the sleeping bag, or try to find an exit point
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Climb bed

2.   Look at sleeping bag.

3.   Look for a way out

4.   Just find a safe place to sleep and wait until morning. (Anthro path)

5.   Alternate story paths

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