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by ulti
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A thief girl cant seem to catch a break as she tries to find the one who wronged her.
Chapter 1

Adventure Begins

    by: ulti   More by this author
Deep in the darkest ruins in a cave on the top of Mount Seclier three intrepid adventurers were navigating where very few dared to tread. It had been a perilous journey exploring the ruins and if not for the fact each of them had mastered their craft they would have perished many rooms prior.

The first of them was a thief in class by the name of Jet. A master of stealth and a true professional of acquiring things that other claimed to be untouchable. Unlike many others in her profession however she had a strong moral code, refusing to harm anyone unless in danger herself and always using her talents to help those in need of them. Currently she was using her skills to return an artefact that was lost for a dear old woman down on her luck she had met at the local inn.

“Sheesh, these doors just keep getting tougher.” Taking on arm free from picking the lock she wiped the sweat from her brow and tucking her hair behind her ears. With another exhausted sigh she reached down her leather armour and pulled out a much sturdier looking lock pick. “Time to bring out old faithful, ain’t nothing been able to stump her yet” She grinned. Within mere seconds the party heard the clunk of gears as the doors separated, releasing a plume of dust from the ancient mechanism. “Bingo!” The thief beamed, turning to face the other members of her party.

The face she met with was not one of joy however. The second of the party was a magic user named Holly. She was a master of healing spells and has rescued the party from certain death more times than any of them would like to admit, she was also a dab hand at battling undead creatures thanks to her holy magic. Unfortunately for her however she was standing a bit too close to the door when it opened and was currently brushing of the flurry of dust that covered her entire body. “Awww jeeeezzzzzeee” she cutely pouted. “I knew I shouldn’t have followed you here these ruins are so icky” She huffed, stamping her foot on the ground.

“Hey, don’t be like that Holly. You know for a fact I wouldn’t want to go anywhere in the world without my best friend.” Jet said, stifling a laugh at the site of her normally meticulously dressed friend. “And besides we would have had a real tough time without your magic back there” Her pout began to slightly lift hearing Jet’s words. As much as she hated gross things being praised by Jet always made her lighten up. She was convinced Jet was also aware of this fact but as long as she was praised she didn’t really care.

“If you two love birds are finished chirping, this should be the last room” The third party member huffed, barging past Holly and knocking the crouched Jet onto the floor with a thud. “We are not love birds, Clara!” Holly squealed, her face turning redder than the ripest tomato. “Yeah, yeah let’s just get a move on”

The third party member Clara was as tough as they come, hired rouge by trade and a master of all things bladed. Very few creatures could stand up to her dual daggers and for the right amount of coin very few people could either. Unlike the Jet and Holly she was not on this quest out of the goodness in her heart, nope she had already taken all of the old woman’s valuables (Though not that many to begin with) as a deposit and was just intrigued to see this fabled artefact.

As the three of them entered the main chamber, torches held on the wall began to flicker into life. Bathed in this new light they could see the spectacle of it all. A huge dome of intricate mosaic lined the ceiling, depicting some form of deity. Only Holly seemed interested in examining this however, as the other two raced to the main altar in the middle. Jet had made it first and picked up the small locked chest, another firm shove from Clara however was more than enough to send her tumbling.

Brushing herself off, she stood up once more “Hey! What’s the big ide…” Blinding pain flashed through Jet’s nose as Clara had casually tossed the chest at her face. “Dumb things locked, open it would yah?” Jet held her tongue knowing full well from their earlier battles that she would stand no chance against Clara in a one on one fight. “Fine, but can you at least try and be a tiny bit friendlier to your fellow adventurers?” Jet sighed, reaching in once more to her leather pouch to pull out another lock pick. Clara just snorted in response her eyes transfixed on the item in Jet’s nimble fingers.

With another satisfying clunk the chest flung open and Jet plucked the artefact out. Inside was an overly ornate mirror, made of pure silver and holding a variety of different gem stones on the back in the same mosaic style as the ceiling. The front however seemed to have a very large crack through it, Jet’s reflection split in two almost straight down the middle. “Arggh dammit the mirror broke” Jet yelled “it’s still got a lot of value thanks to the frame but it would have been so much more if you hadn’t broke it” With that Clara strolled forward getting right up in the face of Jet and with a smug grin said “It wasn’t my face that bashed the mirror in the trinket box now was it? If anyone broke it, it was you master thief girl” Then in a swift motion Clara snatched the mirror. “Anyway I’ll be taking this, this quest has been far too much for the pay the old hag was offering so I’ll just sell it on some place.”

Jet couldn’t believe her ears, she knew Clara wasn’t the nicest person in the world but to steal such a treasure from an old woman was incomprehensible. “You can’t do that, she needs this to get her life back together” Jet reasoned. “She’s on her last legs as it is probably already croaked it since we’ve been here. So I don’t see the harm in making sure I get enough coin to keep me happy” Clara grinned. “I can’t let you do that” Jet warned, taking a single step forward.

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