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Explore the bodies and life’s of multiple different classmates.
Chapter 1

Entering class

    by: BodyTheif   More by this author
You enter the classroom with a tired expression on your face. It’s the last class before lunch and it was the most boring class of all. Math...

You sit down in your seat and look around noticing everyone else entering the classroom as well. A few specific girls caught your attention as they were wearing extra revealing clothing. They always made this class a lot easier to endure.

A girl named Julia sat down on your left with her long curly brown hair going down her back. she was wearing jeans shorts together with a tight camo top. She’s always friendly and warm whenever you talked with her and if it weren’t for her boyfriend you’d probably make a move.

Suddenly in front of you a loud and energetic voice could be heard. As you looked forward you were faced with a massive yoga pants covered ass swaying back and forth as she was sitting in her chair with her legs touching the seat and with her body leaning over her desk. The ass were almost hypnotic however not wanting to be caught staring. It was Emma one of the popular girls. You’ve never talked to her and your not even sure she knows you exists.

You then suddenly noticed your childhood friend Chloe running inside right before the door closed “She’s always late...” you commented she walked past you and sat down in the seat behind you breathing heavily.

Suddenly someone poked you from behind followed by an out of breath voice “Hey, you got a pen I could borrow?” You recognize the voice instantly and knew it was Chloe. You reluctantly hand her another one of your pens knowing full well that you were never going to get it back.

Feeling her heavy breathing on your neck made you start to grow hard as your mind were imagining things. In the past you two were close and nearly a couple however she told you that she wasn’t into guys so sadly that is just a distant dream.

After observing all of the nearby girls you could feel your cock being hard from all of the girls around you... you then start to slowly fantasize about...
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