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Rhymes concerning bigots, losers, druggies, boozers - born of deprivation
These poems will examine
Human desperation,
Rape and murder…famine,
Child molestation,
Bigots, losers, druggies, boozers
Born of deprivation.

Society has wrought
Upon its tender breast
A hideous onslaught
Of those who dare infest.
Lurking, waiting, watching, baiting,
Causing much unrest.

The terrorizing truth:
Man’s crimes are here to stay,
Enticing victims—youth!
And those who’ve gone astray.
Humans cower, sins devour,
Rights are cast away.

We must contain our fear,
Fight hard, the ills at hand.
These problems are severe.
It’s time we take a stand!
Anguish, grieving, boozing, thieving
Can’t our lives command!

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