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    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1645109
    Sometimes the feeling of love is not as easy to keep once we grab hold.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1623794
    A dream of falling... Which turns into love.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1623792
    A man finds the women of his dreams then loses her until he realizes something amazing.
    Rated: E · Family · #1541530
    A letter if I could I would send to my grandparents.
    Rated: E · Teen · #1533088
    Something I wrote during an all-nighter... Sorry if parts don't make sense.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #1531741
    A small thing I wrote about a girl.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1531739
    A little writing about a guy and a girl and all he can think about is her.
    Rated: E · Family · #1531737
    Wrote this after coming to a few realizations.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1530629
    You never know who or where the person you are supposed to be with...
    Rated: 13+ · Relationship · #1530625
    This is how I feel about the various aspects of love.
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