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There is beauty in all things!
My Outlook on everyday things.

Seeing is believing,  the eyes are the way to the soul.

They say that the eyes are the door to your soul.
They can tell others if your happy, joyful, sad, angry, tired,
even lie or tell the truth, shall I go on or do you get the picture?
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July 29, 2020 at 10:42am
July 29, 2020 at 10:42am
This is from a relative of mine who was a respiratory therapist and now retired. Please read this...

Elle please, forward to your friends who are sick. This is for everyone else as well. We have to stick together to beat this.

Just in case you get the virus and develop symptoms, here’s some good advice from a respiratory therapist to help stay out of the hospital and recover quickly.

CORONA Common Sense

Since they are calling on Respiratory therapist to help fight the Corona virus, and I am a retired one, too old to work in a hospital setting. I'm gonna share some common sense wisdom with those that have the virus and trying to stay home. If my advice is followed as given you will improve your chances of not ending up in the hospital on a ventilator. This applies to the otherwise generally healthy population, so use discretion.

1. Only high temperatures kill a virus, so let your fever run high. Tylenol, Advil. Motrin, Ibuprofen etc. will bring your fever down allowing the virus to live longer. They are saying that ibuprophen, advil etc will actually exacerbate the virus. Use common sense and don't let fever go over 103 or 104 if you got the guts. If it gets higher than that take your tylenol, not ibuprophen or advil to keep it regulated. It helps to keep house warm and cover up with blankets so body does not have to work so hard to generate the heat. It usually takes about 3 days of this to break the fever.

2. The body is going to dehydrate with the elevated temperature so you must rehydrate yourself regulaly, whether you like it or not. Gatorade with real sugar, or pedialyte with real sugar for kids, works well. Why the sugar? Sugar will give your body back the energy it is using up to create the fever. The electrolytes and fluid you are losing will also be replenished by the Gatorade. If you don't do this and end up in the hospital they will start an IV and give you D5W (sugar water) and Normal Saline to replenish electrolytes. Gatorade is much cheaper, pain free, and comes in an assortment of flavors

3. You must keep your lungs moist. Best done by taking long steamy showers on a regular basis, if your wheezing or congested use a real minty toothpaste and brush your teeth while taking the steamy shower and deep breath through your mouth. This will provide some bronchial dialation and help loosen the phlegm. Force your self to cough into a wet wash cloth pressed firmly over your mouth and nose, which will cause greater pressure in your lungs forcing them to expand more and break loose more of the congestion.

4. Eat healthy and regularly. Gotta keep your strength up.

5. Once the fever breaks, start moving around to get the body back in shape and blood circulating.

6. Deep breath on a regular basis, even when it hurts. If you don't it becomes easy to develope pneumonia. Pursed lip breathing really helps. That's breathing in deep and slow then exhaling through tight lips as if your blowing out a candle, blow until you have completely emptied your lungs and you will be able to breath in an even deeper breath. This helps keep lungs expanded as well as increase your oxygen level.

7. Remember that every medication you take is merely relieving the symptoms, not making you well.

8. If your still dying go to ER.

I've been doing these things for myself and my family for over 40 years and kept them out of the hospital, all are healthy and still living today.

Thank you all for sharing. We gotta help one another.

You can share this one; copy and paste this post.
Love ya'll, Teresa


July 21, 2020 at 1:39pm
July 21, 2020 at 1:39pm
Here's my story, well most of it. Sorry, it's a little long. Realizing that we have to watch the medications that we take because of Hashimoto's, they can cause severe side effects and repercussions. I need to tell this, so you get the full picture.

When my ribs dislocated in 2013 and injured my back, causing a tremendous amount of pain, the back doctors gave me four steroid shots. In the long run, they caused me other issues, "Cushing's Syndrome," and they (4 doctors) couldn't do anything for me, but recommend surgery. I refused to listen; something kept telling me, NO! I found another doctor who finally told me the truth about my back. He made me promise him NEVER to have back surgery because it would kill me. The injury was directly behind my heart. That realization hit me hard, very hard. So, I suffered from the pain for a very long time, for years matter of fact.

My back slowly healed, but along with the stress, my Hashimoto's decided to emerge gradually in 2016. By 2017 it had gone full-blown. During this time, doctors tried different medications to help me with all the issues. Because they didn't know about Hashimoto's and what it entails to your care, they prescribed dozens of nausea medications, and they all gave me cyst in a very private area, which I can say are very painful. I have discovered that peppermint helps me conquer it better than anything. Drugs are not always the answer, but on the other hand, we need some of them to survive like gluten-free supplements to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients. I have found that having brain fog doesn't help you remember to take your daily doses. A reminder daily pillbox helps, but only if you remember to fill it. Routines are so crucial to Hashimoto patients; I should say vital to us.

In 2018 I had suffered a muscle spasm in the wall around my heart. I thought I had a heart attack. Seeing a cardiologist and running some tests, I ended up on the operating table. For six years, my heart had been damaged and was getting worse day by day. He told me during the surgery that he had never seen a mangled artery like mine. Once he inserted the stent, I was able to breathe without pain and shortness of breath. He also told me that if I hadn't had the surgery that I might have had six months to live. Very overwhelming thought, isn't it?

Maintaining a balanced diet of your own and taking supplements that your body needs are vital to a healthy lifestyle. We are all different and have to find what works for ourselves. I don't do Keto or any of the other diets. I eat what I love, but I have created gluten-free versions, and I am starting to feel better. Now, to lose the weight that I've gained during this time. I used to be very active, and in these past seven years, I haven't done anything as in participating in any activities. Although I do eat or take something that I'm allergic to by accident, it doesn't help how my body reacts, the swelling, brain fog, and vision issues are sometimes overwhelming and cause anxiety attacks of sorts. I just can't get past my body hurting so much all the time. If I have a great day, I go overboard, getting things done that I need to do. Then I regret it for days, a very vicious cycle—a roller coaster of emotions that no one should ever have to deal with, especially alone. We learn to lean on God for comfort, knowledge, strength, and insanity.

Having groups that others suffer the same diseases, but somewhat different issues help and encourage us all that we are not alone in this.

I pray that all of us find that place where we can feel normal again and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

God bless you!
July 14, 2020 at 9:00am
July 14, 2020 at 9:00am
Why I take Lot’s of Pictures!

My oldest son Jeremy asked me once, "Why do you take so many pictures of me and Eric all the time, Mommy?" I told him that one day we would look at it and remember what we were doing that day. I guess I answered his question at the time because he ran off going back to what he was doing at the moment I took the picture.

It's hard to imagine holding that picture today that it has been almost forty years since I had taken it. And through the years, I have tons of photos to go through and put into albums for Jeremy and his brother Eric. I want them to hand down those pictures of memories to their children. And I hope they realize all the love that went into them, to capture those moments of time.

While others say you shouldn't live in the past, it doesn't hurt to visit it once in a while. I always took tons of pictures during our family outings and vacations. A recent vacation, I took over 3000 photos, I'm not joking people! I was afraid that it would be years before I would ever see California and my loved ones again. It turns out that covid-19 has delayed future vacations to see loved ones. I made sure that I took lots of pictures. Plus, I am a nature freak, and I take pictures of everything of beauty to me.

Recently we lost a dear friend and family member he was only 23. But, I will treasure the memories that his grandparents, mom, and I made with him through the pictures that we took during that memorable vacation in Nashville.

I didn't realize how many pictures I had of him until I started going through some photos and came across the Nashville pictures the week before he died. I had started to text them to his grandma at the time but decided not to due it being 3 am. The question that Jeremy had asked me so many years ago popped into my head. I remembered what I had told him. Now, here was a memory that I would cherish for all times.

Elek is now in Heaven watching over us, like so many other family members and friends through the years. Now we are left with pictures of memories and love that we all had for each other. The moments that we all share captured in a photo or two. Well, in my case, a thousand or two. So, while you sit there and huff and puff because you hate to take pictures, remember back to these words I heed to you.

A picture holds a thousand words and memories that will last for all eternity. You never know who's turn, it will be to leave this world tomorrow. Make great memories with them. Show your love for them while they are still here with us. Take lots of pictures because they are reminders of the good times, the great memories that we share with one another. If you use your phone, print them out! What am I saying print, print, print! Can't make an album without them. Here's to memories and keepsakes may they always be close to your heart.
June 4, 2020 at 2:23am
June 4, 2020 at 2:23am
I know that I've been absent way too long here. I'm feeling somewhat better about the things going on around my family. I can't do anything about it but pray. God knows what his plans are for my family members and I need to release how I feel and let Him do His thing. I need my happy place back. And that is being here writing and doing my thing with my WdC family. It is so hard to let someone else take care of your family. Panicking is not going to solve anything, except make yourself sick with worry.

Ok, yes, I'm admitting I did panic, but we are talking about family and we all kinda do that at one point or another. My baby brother's condition is the same and he is waiting for his insurance to kick in which could take a few months. My sister has not heard anything on my great-nephew's autopsy as to the cause. They are still needing lots of prayers for comfort, love and healing.

My son is sick again, but his girlfriend is well. He goes to work and they send him home due to a fever. My son's body is one of those that his temp goes up when his active. But, according to CDC, he can't work, no chances. What's crazy they don't test the people that are shopping, but they test the employees, who are protected with a mask and gloves before they are allowed to work. Yesterday he became sick again, this time running a temp before even leaving the house. We think that it is allergy-related and he will get some medicine for it. He is still in need of prayers.

My big baby brother's daughter is having foot surgery tomorrow, she is in need of prayers as well. She has five little munchkins herself and will be off her feet for a month before having the other foot surgery done. Maybe I should say send prayers for her husband *Think* *Bigsmile*

I'm hoping that June is a great month for America. We need it, I won't go into all the politics that are going on right now. I'm not going to try and wrap my brain around it. I'm not sure I can at this point. Not to say I don't agree with what is happening at this moment in our country. It is terrible and tragic what we are doing to each other. I will say that I love everyone and hug everyone as well. Except during social distancing. Which is by far the hardest thing for a person who is a hugger. *Cry*

I will be here full time once again starting hopefully on the 6th. Oh my goodness I almost forgot what I'm doing on the 6th. Hopefully, everyone else will remember as well. "2019 Quill Awards Ceremony will be announcing the finalist and winners this coming Saturday. I have the honor this year to be a finalist in the category "Best Inspirational". Along with some very talented writers. 🌸 PWheeler lovejoypeace, Sally, x The T Lady x, Roseille ♥, and the Wordy Jay. It is an honor to be named a finalist with you lovely ladies. Many blessings to us all. I know that it is very hard to choose those that win because I believe we are all very talented writers and WINNERS.

I will be judging "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests and announcing the prompt for June as well this weekend. Grab onto your seats for the Winner. Here are the entries being judged for April "One Voice, God's, "THE VOICE: Words and Music, "Father Figure, "I Am and "The Voice Of God Please, remember don't make any edits until after the judging or you will be disqualified. Thank you for being so patient with my absence. I greatly appreciate it. *Bigsmile* *Heart*

Honoring all the writers here at WdC, you make this a wonderful place to be. If it wasn't for some very patient, caring, loving mentors of mine, I would've not ever stuck around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and I apologise for flaking out on you. Rhoswen - Goal Reacher, Sum1, 🌓 HuntersMoon, Angus, Bubblegum Jones, Lilli ☕, the Wordy Jay, Maryann- Happy 13th Power, Sharmelle's Expressions, ruwth, Jay O'Toole, Elle, eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew! and Samberine Everose to name a few. And a very very special thanks to The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for making this a place we can chill, write our muses even if they abandon us for a bit or two, and grow in our writing and our relationships.

Here's to a better half of 2020, may it be rewarding to all of us!

Hugzzzz and lots of love to all,
Teresa aka LegendaryMask*Heart*

May 18, 2020 at 7:54pm
May 18, 2020 at 7:54pm
Life is so strange for us all right now. I'm so sorry that I have not been here much. I check my emails and then get off. I just can't seem to get into dealing with anything other than what is going on with my family. I'm stuck in my home and trying not to worry about the ones I hold dear to my heart.

My baby brother is waiting to get into a primary doctor then go from there to see a cardiologist and a cancer doctor. Heck, what is a cancer doctor called? I have to say that is the only thing I don't understand about the health care system. It's all about the money. I know that it isn't that way with all the medical field, but it is with hospitals. I will not go into more detail about his health for his privacy reasons. Please, keep him in your prayers that he is seen quickly in a timely manner. In order for him to get medical attention before it's too late.

I have had my father on my mind for sometime, now. We have been estranged for many years due to a family member spreading lies and it put a big strain on my family. I won't get into it here, but it has put a wedge between my family and we all drifted apart after my mom passed in "1982." My sisters, brothers and myself were reunited 9 years ago. I was given his new phone number and now I have the opportunity to call him, and we can make amends to each other. I'm nervous and yes, afraid that I will be rejected once again by him. Please, keep us in your prayers that we mend those broken fences once and for all.

My son and his family are in need as well for unspoken prayers, and respecting their privacy, I cannot tell you at this time. God knows what they are going through right now. I pray that God gives them strength, comfort, and love at this time of need.

I hope this finds ya'll well and safe. I will try and be on more in response to emails and well wishes. I'm sorry that I missed my WdC anniversary and celebrating it with you. I will celebrate it when I'm up to it. I know that Bubblegum Jones and Fyn won my packages and as soon as I'm up to fulfilling them I will. Oh, I almost forgot, as well as judging the April contest.

I hope to find my muse soon it seems to have deflated this month like a flat tire.
Love and hugzzzzzz,

P.S. I love and miss you *Heart*
May 2, 2020 at 6:49pm
May 2, 2020 at 6:49pm
For everyone that knows and those of you that don't know what my family is going through right now. Here is the latest update. They are running biopsies on my brother's cancer and then they will be doing a heart cath through his leg and see what is wrong with his heart. He is alone they wouldn't let anyone into the hospital but him. They have sedated him, but I was able to talk to him for a few minutes on the phone. Please keep him in your prayers.

I'm know that our emotions are running very high, especially when no one can be with him. We pray alot, we tell him every chance we get that we love him. He is our baby brother!

When our mother passed away he was almost 18. We lost track of each other (all of us kids) until about 9 years ago. Then when my baby big brother died 6 years ago this coming July 2, he disappeared for almost 5 years. Last month he turned up on my baby sisters doorstep. Telling us about his heart condition and the esophagus cancer.

Then he calls us 5 days ago telling us that his cancer is worse and he doesn't want to die alone. This is so hard for me, because I missed all those years with my family. Due to a family situation that we had no control of.

Please, pray this prayer with me.

Please, please, Oh Lord, take this illness away that is keeping some families apart and make my baby brother (Max) completely healed from head to toe. I rebuke the illnesses that is within his body. Give your love and comfort with peace of mind that you are with him. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for my family and especially my brother. I'll try and post updates when I'm not so emotional. Everytime I tried I'd get a phone call or text and then I couldn't do it.
I love you, my peeps ❤
March 29, 2020 at 9:01am
March 29, 2020 at 9:01am
Well, I was so tired last night that I went to bed at midnight, I fell asleep without any problems. I usually get my prayers said and fall asleep. But, last night, I crawled into bed and asked God to hug me so I could fall asleep. I didn't utter another word, not even Amen. *Facepalm*

Here's the kicker! A severe thunderstorm rolled in at 1:52 am. Winds were rattling my bedroom window and sucking it in and out, causing me to be abruptly awakened. *Shock2* I jumped out of bed and ran to the living room where the room was lite up with bolts of lightning. I, through the front door open, to be welcomed by giant bolts of lightning flashing across the sky in every direction. *Shock*

I slammed the door shut and ran back to my bedroom to turn off my fan and change into street clothes. At the same moment, as I turned off the fan, which is next to the window, it started to HAIL. I grabbed my clothes and ran back to the front door swung it back open to see hail all over my porch as I looked up I could see my car that I had forgotten to cover because I was planning on washing it yesterday. The hail was pounding against the metal at an alarming pace. I yelled, Oh my God, protect me!

At that moment, I saw a flash of white run across the neighbors back yard. It was Snowflake (my part-time fur son); he was running for his life and shelter. Like an idiot, I opened the door and yelled at him. There was no way he could hear me from the pounding of the wind, hail, and lightning. I screamed once more for good measure, I guess, I genuinely have no idea why I did, but never the less I did. Maybe in high hopes that he'd hear me and come running.

I grabbed my phone to check the weather report and see why I didn't get the tornado warning update. I had received one at 11 pm. The town's warning signals never went off. Heck, we were all asleep. It lasted for 30 minutes and moved on. But, in the meantime, I'm wide awake now and was in high hopes of getting a full night's sleep. It looks like my day might consist of a lot of POWER NAPS *Bigsmile*

I thought I'd share my "GOOD MORNING TERESA" moment! I've already set out the turkey to thaw, prepped my salad for the week, chopped up, and sliced six red and green bell peppers to freeze for quick meals. I am patiently waiting for Snowflake to appear from where he sought shelter last night and pray that he's not hurt in any way. I have already examined my car; there is no damage to it at all. Thank God that my car and I weathered another Mississippi storm. Now, I can't forget to check the bedroom window to see if it was broken last night, it sure sounded like it cracked when I was running away from it...*Laugh* I haven't moved that fast in years. *Rolling*

Oh, and I can't forget the most important thing today! Please, help me celebrate... my baby grand-daughter *Crown* Ella's 14th birthday *Cake2* and my baby brother *Crown* Max's 57th birthday *Cake* today. I have already sent them birthday wishes on FB before I fall asleep and forget. Who knows how long those power naps will be? *Laugh*

Well now, I pray that everyone has gotten a better night's sleep than I did, and may you all have a very blessed day in whatever you have planned. May it be as beautiful as my day is. The birds are singing, and the smell of spring is in the air at my place.

Hugzzzz and love,
Double trouble
March 26, 2020 at 1:08pm
March 26, 2020 at 1:08pm
Socializing for Autoimmune Patients is a real thing for those who have it. Others don't realize how damaging it can be for them health-wise. It takes a lot out of them to cope with everyday life, let alone a pandemic situation. But, on the other hand, we are used to being in quarantine situations. Most of us get out when our bodies let us feel great for a day or two if we are lucky. I have learned to deal with my day to day life for a little over eight months when my health started declining about two years ago after a fall I had while moving into a temporary home.

I decided to write this today to help others, and I included what transpired yesterday on my Senior/High-Risk supply shopping. I went to my local Krogers at the designated time as required and suggested on their website, which is in the middle of my usual sleeping time. People have no idea what it entails to disrupt someone who has an autoimmune disease sleeping pattern. I stayed up all night and had prepared myself for two days to do my supply shopping to be in a safe environment. I left my house at 6:30 am and arrived at 6:59 am., returning home at 8:39 am. I wouldn't have done this, except I was very low on food supplies. Trust me, after I experienced what I did, I will not do it again.

The first thing I saw upon going in was that the age group was all ages and didn't matter to the two cashiers that were so-called handling the door from the registers. The second was the pa announcement, announcing to practice social distancing practices. Okay, I agreed with it, kind of them to publish it. I was greeted by a few of the personnel, of course, after I asked where something was. It was like they were so afraid of saying hello even from 6 ft away. Except for one young man, he was delighted to greet me and help me find what I was looking for. I found most of the things on my own. Although I hadn't shopped there in a year it seemed larger than before. I had been using Walmart online shopping, but they were out of most of the supplies that I needed.

I had two more things to get, and that was Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, and that meant that I needed to go down an aisle that had at least ten people on it. I thought, could this be considered a socialized gathering? I almost yelled out but decided against it. I didn't need a panic on my hands. Of course, there were no Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer, but I remembered I needed dish soap, and that was at the other end where most of the people were. I weaved in and out around the displays and the numb to the situation humans to get to my item. In hand, I head to the checkouts.

Now, this is where I get upset and start to panic a little, well, maybe more than a little. The two cashiers are at self-check and forcing people to the register they want them to go. She signals me to go to a middle cash register, and I shake my head no at her. She raises her voice and tells me that if I want to check out, that's where you're going. I explain that I am an autoimmune patient and am High Risk. She tells me So, you will have to go there and check your things out. I told her no again, and she turned and left. Mind you, their ten self-check registers are around 1 ft apart, making it at least 3 ft from person to person, and they were all full.

I walked over to the other cashier and asked if I could check out at the one that just came available at the front of the line. "Yes, you may she told me," looking at the other cashier. I told them that I was sorry to make such a fuss, but I get sick very easily. They didn't seem too concerned that they had put me in such a compromising high-risk position. I scanned my things and left the building, and I'm not too sure if I will be back to shop with them. I was made to feel that mine or anyone else's safety didn't matter to them or also to the companies.

I guess what my concern is that I wasn't the only one who was in jeopardy. There was the crowd that was checking out at risk as well. I ask if we are to practice social distancing; Why make us check out at self-check at a distance of 3 ft.? What are your ideas about social distancing at the grocery stores while getting your supplies? How are you handling it? I pray that this is over soon.
March 22, 2020 at 12:09am
March 22, 2020 at 12:09am
Hello PEEP's...

On the road to recovery. I can say one thing I'm so glad that it was the flu and not anything else. Although it did kick my butt! May I say that being quarantined is nothing new for auto-immune patients, especially during the flu season. The only thing that sucks is that you don't get all the supplies that you need. You have to settle for compromising items that can do you harm or do without it. Which at this time, I'm doing great as supplies are concerned. If this lasts longer than expected, I will need more of my daily medications and some food. Hopefully, those will be in supply, unlike toilet paper, that is.

I have spoken to several family members who tell me that it is terrible in their areas of the country as well. I did have one family member who said to me that they had broken down when they had gone to Walmart to get supplies. He has three children, and it hit him after dealing with people for a week. He was working retail himself and was preparing his store for closure and finally received his paycheck to go shopping for supplies. The shelves were bare like never seen before. He described to me what he saw and it was a devastating sight to see. The tears spilled down my cheeks as it hit hard of how dangerous the situation is for our country. He calmed me with words of encouragement and love.

When life gets real, it can slap you in the face. The hard reality that we are faced with in our country is hardcore. Things that we as Americans have really never faced since the depression. Although we have had moments in our lives that we question the things around us, but, this is on a grand scale that we haven't yet comprehended.

We have another opportunity to get things right in our country. We, as Americans, have always been an example of our strength. When we were attacked in 2001, we banded together and helped one another. We didn't hold things from each other. I know "Dog eat Dog," but it doesn't have to be!

We all need to remember that all are watching us, and our panic is not helping us out. We need to do as instructed by our officials to break this virus that has attacked us—a strategy of sorts, you might say. We are in a battle for survival in the United States, and the only way is to unite together as our ancestors did. By showing, how we take care of each other and not fighting amongst ourselves. STAND STRONG, even if we are quarantined, by abiding by the rules. Keep your heads and think before reacting to fear.

This virus is a great enemy that can be beaten as long as we stick together and take care of one another. Check on your neighbors, making sure they are doing well. You don't have to socialize with them; you can text or call them. We need to step up and take care of one another. My landlord texted me today, she checked on me, making sure I was well and to let me know if I need anything that they will be here for me. They live 40 miles away from me, and I was touched that they offered to help me if I need someone to run for supplies. I have no family here and have relied on friends for the past 8 months.

I hope ya'll are well and have supplies and check on each other. This is a long road for us, but I know God willing, we will make it through to the end.

May you enjoy your loved ones and cherish the memories that can make us strong again as families and a nation. God bless all of you and may we keep in touch with one another. Know that I have grown to love all of you and cherish each of you. Love and hugzzzz to you and yours. *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart* *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

Let your creativity flow,

Double trouble

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March 9, 2020 at 2:32am
March 9, 2020 at 2:32am
For some time, I have struggled with food, diet-wise, and finding something that I can eat without hurting myself. When I first became aware that it was several autoimmune diseases that were causing my issues. It was hard to comprehend such an idea that the foods I was eating were actually hurting my body. Especially the foods that you have eaten most of your life; it doesn't make sense.

I have found a doctor that can and will help me understand what is going on with my body. His wife has Hashimoto's as well, but hers is in remission, and we are trying to get my body back into remission. During my research on these such diseases, I have found that mine was inherited and reared its ugly head at the age of 14. In 1973 autoimmune diseases were not as common as today. I was dismissed by my doctor as "it's a woman problem" and he sent me on my merry way. There was nothing merry about the pain that I was having. My mother was outraged at the doctor and broke his door on the way out. She was carrying me out and kicked the door open and shattered it when it hit the wall. She was never charged for it or the visit. Peeps, my mom, was a small woman. I was taller than her at 5'4" and only weighed around 80 pounds due to losing weight from all the complications I was going through.

It astounds me that doctors don't know what to do for their patients, other than to give them the latest medications on the market. That is one of the many problems with health issues today. They don't know, so they fix it with pills. The processed foods that we put in our bodies are killing us. For the past year and a half, my body has rejected different kinds of foods, from vegetables, bread, pasta, meats, and dairy. Now, you can see why these past five weeks have been an eye-opening experience for me.

I was raised on pasta and lots of vegetables, but mostly pasta. It was cheap, and my parents could afford and cook for a family of 7 to 9 each day. It was disheartening to me when they told me that I was allergic to gluten. It has taken me 19 months to find a great gluten-free tasting pasta, oh, and a bread that is great as well. There is one drawback to all of this, the COST is outrageous, $5.94 a loaf with around 12 slices of bread in it. Sad, isn't it? Well, when you really love sandwiches as I do, you have to compensate elsewhere. I've learned how to stretch my money and do without other things. It goes to show you what is more important.

I'm excited to share with you a recipe that I have been working on for some time. I found the perfect spaghetti noodle on this planet. It's called Ronzoni, and if you follow their directions, it is perfect. All the other brands that I have tried are awful, even the Walmart brand. They cook up gooey or gummy and taste terrible to boot. I have learned to make the sauce from scratch using all gluten-free products and fresh vegetables. Here it is "Sriracha Chicken Pasta with Vegetables I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. I did forget to say that you can substitute chicken for shrimp or any other kind of meat. Those are the only two that I have tried with it.

I am on the road to recovery; I thank God every day for leading me to this doctor who is willing to listen to me and not judge me for the issues that I'm having. The foods that I am learning to cook are inspiring me to take better care of my body. Bon Appetit!

Hugzzz and love,
Teresa aka LegendaryMasK*Heart*

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