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Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
I never knew "iolet eyes sizzled."
Did you mean violet eyes?
I like the image of eggs sizzling on a flat plate.
Maybe you could slip that in?
I still do not understand Joan.
Maybe, she's an anarchist or schizophrenic?
She wants to marry Seto and be his and Makuba's whore.
Is that Japanese?

I remember having lustful thoughts about a nun in C.C.D.
Catholic Catechism Inductronation was very severe.
But, the Carmelite nuns dressed casually with only a blue habit.
Sister Sheridon had a slender figure with long legs in black nylons.
I confessed to my fornication to Fr. Conway.
I was advised not to tell Sister Sheridon, and pray.

Seto and Joan run outside naked into the night.
Roland's wife wakes the staff to watch them on the house security cameras.
How far will they push their lust for danger?
Russian roulette?
Is Joan practicing sexual magic?
Will she strangle Seto for a hangman's erection?
If so, goody-goody.

Roland's wife seems to be tragically disconnected from her husband's
deviant desires.
Will she divorce Roland?

Good luck with your pregnancy.
I think Enkidu is a good name.
He was a good God, who fought for us mortals.
His friend Gilgamesh wrestled with a firey bull.
Guil is a good name too.

Fun read!

Bob County
Review of Infatuation  
Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)

It's amazing to me that anyone can date in a pandemic.
When I was in high school I used a condom.
I did not want a baby.
Marcela said to me, "Babies are beautiful."
I said, "Let's get good jobs first."
She got pregnant with another guy.
I think she was letting her hormones run her life.
Mom said to me, "Women want men to provide for them."
I was 15 at the time.
I had a job at McDonalds.

Passionate poem.

Bob County
Review of Queen of Vice  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
I recall Saint Valeria Vitalis of Milan.
Valeria returned home to Milan after the Martyrdom of her husband,
who was stretched on the rack and then buried alive at a place called
the Palm Tree in Ravenna.
Valeria was beaten to death by peasants, because she refused
to join them in an idolatrous festival and riot.

Good tome.
Keep writing!

Bob County
Review of With Petrichor  
Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
What is, "the petrichor"?
I think you mean your bones.
I've had disastrous romances.
I have an East Indian friend, Mary.
She is devoutly Catholic.
She thinks I am childish about love and religion.
Did you know laughter can kill you?
It can cause an arrhythmia.

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
This tome reminded me of an oil portrait of my mom.
It was painted by her stepdad.
He was a successful artist and obsessed with his stepdaughter.
My grandmother divorced him, for that.
It is a very good nude portrait.
I think mom was 15 when she posed for her stepdad.
It's funny what memories are jogged out unexpectedly.

Great Poem!

Bob County
Review of MWA  
Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
I like the detail in your writing.
The creaking table legs and a fang jutting up from a lower lip.
It reminded me of J. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
Tolkien made his living as a banker.
I liked the Big Chief in the wrestling lore.

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Nice twist.
But, the spacing is off.
Are you looking for a script style?
Have you heard of the Leopold case?
Two prodigy college students planned the perfect murder.
Hitchcock made a movie about them, Rope.
Of course, there's never a perfect murder.
Fun read.

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Well, there is a lot of empathy in these chapters.
Did you know some twins can feel each other's physical pain?
Identical twins have been placed in separate rooms.
One twin is pricked with a needle and the other twin can feel the pinprick.
Brain waves travel outward from the frontal lobe like a radio broadcast.

Joan's ring might have a crystal that enhances psychic beta waves.
Or, she has bonded with an entity that is inside the ring.
Ghost generated e-waves usually come from a violent death attached to a personal object.
Sexual magic is very strong and can permeate a room or sacred relics.
Witches use silver jeweled rings to enhance their incantations.
The Witch of Endor was a good witch in the Bible.
Jesus blessed the prostitute Marry Mandoline.
Jesus prayed with a small box that had a single letter from the Torra in it.
The pray box was attached to a leather strap that he wrapped around his right hand.

Is Joan's ring on her right hand?
Is it on the index finger or pinky?
The left hand is traditionally sinister.
I like that Joan enjoys Mukuba's musk.
A witch draws power from the sweat of her man.
Sato behaves like a satire the goat.
It is fun to see Joan growing as a natural witch.


Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
"After a while, a slave enjoys his master's whip." Sparticus.
Ironically, ANTIFA is an anagram for antifascists.
But, their tactics are reminiscent of the NAZI fascist' Krystal Nok.
I remember the Weathermen from the 1970s.
They bombed recruitment centers and post offices.
They were a Marxist Communist terrorist movement.
Many of their leaders became college professors.
A lot of the anarchists are leftist Marxist like the Weathermen.
Karl Marx taught that social change can only come from a violent uprising of the workers.
Marxism teaches that the wealthy protect their capital from the oppressed the workers.
I haven't heard much from Anonymous, their smiling masks are not seen at the protests.
V is for victory is another left-wing movie about blowing up the government or British House of Lords.
I'm afraid these riots will not end the anarchist have gained the upper hand under weak Governors and Mayors. And the mob is spreading COVID-19!

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
My brother was a Sargent Major in the Airborne Rangers in Vietnam.
After the Vietnam war, he was in charge of the security in his base in Germany in the 1980s.
There were riots in Germany between the conservative German government and a communist movement.
A mob of German communists attacked his base.
He ordered his platoon to advance on the mob with bayonets locked and rifle clips loaded.
The mob dispersed.
My brother explained that his priority was first to defend his base and his men.
When there is a riot, the police will do the same.

I fear there will more riots.
Keep writing Kathie!

Bob County
Review of Breaking News  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Sadly, this is what it took to get justice.
Politics is corrupt and requires a revolution.
That is what Benjamine Franklin believed.
He was an abolitionist.
Most of the Continental Congress were slaveowners.
Fox and CNN must do their donors' bidding.

Keep writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Well said.
Unfortunately, the riots and looting
will bring marshal law and more oppression of the citizenry.
George Floyd's brother condemned the burning of his community by criminals.
There is only hope if justice is for all.
The unemployment of 40 million people will not be corrected by burning down the city.
The military will be sent into our streets.
And that will end of what is left of our democracy.


Review of The Sky Has Shown  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
A beautiful poem.
When I take commercial flights;
I often wonder how much thrust
is needed to keep the plane afloat.
It is possible to glide a jet plane,
but it is not easily done.
Then, I ponder what kind of air filtration
the plane has.
Has it been regularly sanitized?
Covid-19 would flourish in the sealed cockpit
of a jet plane.
And then I glance at my fellow passengers.
Do they have Covid-19?
And I marvel at the tiny meal provided.
And wonder if it is fresh and germ-free.
Of course, there might be a terrorist or psychopath
seated next to me.
But that's old hat compared to Covid-19.
Bird collisions are also passing through my thoughts.
That can happens on take-off and landing.
Has the bathroom been sanitized?

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Have you read Black Elk Speaks?
It's a biography of a Shaman in the early 1900s.
He speaks of the Hoop of life that threads through all of us.
And his dream of the end of his people in that Hoop.
Black Elk could see the colonization of the land his people lived on.
But he believed his people would live on in the Great Sky Spirit.
The Hoop of life of his people would live on his storytelling.

This is a very smooth narrative.
You are a natural storyteller.

Bob County
Review of Rambling  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (4.5)
My sister likes to say to me, "You'll die alone and no one will care."
My dad said, "You can do something with your life or be a bum."
My mother said, "Marry a good girl, and she will tell you what to do."
I had a journalism professor who said to me, "My son died snorkeling."
in the middle of my interview in front of the class.
I tried to console her, "He's with God."
She smiled, "I just made that up. I wanted to see your reaction."
Apparently, that's one way to shake up an interview.
Friedrick Hihek, a German economist, remarked,
"If someone kicks me down a flight of stairs, should I think they love me?"
He fled to America to escape Hitler.
And my mother confessed to me, "I never loved your father, but he is comfortable."

I would like to read a story about a housewife with a fantastic life;
maybe, like June Ward on Leave it to Beaver.

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
When I was born there were 3 and a half billion people in the world.
Today there are 7 and half billion people in the world.
And each person has a unique story.
The child in the third world starves, while the other children play with toys.
For the fortunate few there is wealth and privilege.
Who will have food and good healthcare?
Is this natural selection?

Your poem reminds me of these cruel facts.
But, it is also charming and nostalgic.
I remember when how important toys were. :)


Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Wattpad? People are fickle and scribblehub.com is luckier to have you.
I know this girl that is a big Harry Potter fan.
But, she thinks Bewitch is stupid. I like both.
I asked my Harry Potter friend, "Who are they evoking with those incantations?"
She hadn't thought about it.
My momma done told me, "When you cast a spell your asking for help from the spirit world."
I don't think Joan realizes what is making her ring glow. It is more than a peridot.
You get nothing for nothing. The spirits want something from you with every spell you cast.
There is an engraving on the ring for a purpose.
The Talisman gives you gifts for a price... and the ring is fused to Joan's finger.
I like the Tarot reader Drina. She is a white witch.
One trick to try is a breathing exercise.
Slow breaths can help you focus in your meditation.
I like to breathe with the waves on the beach and the wind in the trees.

The most powerful magic is love.

Bob County
Review of The Rest of Me  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
You are attuned with your body.
Carrie Fisher remarked,
"I want my obit to read,
'Strangled by my bra.'"
I've often wondered if we are
a collection of cells and organs
trying to express themselves.
They say the heart is love.
What is the colon?

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
I'm reminded of a film where Hitler is in Hell.
He is asked what is his punishment?
Hitler is wearing a maid's dress.
The Devil shoves a pineapple up Hitler's butt.
And Hitler replies, "I hate pineapples."

Your poem is eloquent.
Ancient man feared being eaten by wild animals.
They were the demons in the night.
They could see clearly in the night we could not.
Hence, the hounds of hell appear in folklore.
Wolves were one of our competitors for food.
Eventually, the god part of our brain grew larger.
And we imagined our Heavenly Father was looking over us.

That North Korean dictator Kim YumYum has got COVID-19.
He's in a coma. Will he go to Hell? He's a Buddist.
And he believes he is one of the many gods or Avatars.
Maybe he is too crazy to go to Hell?

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Carl Sagan wrote in his book COSMOS,
"The universe is an expression of mathematics
and we speak for the universe."
It is wonderful to have positive thinking,
but what evidence do you have to prove your
People can believe anything.
There is no way to ignore the mathematics of science.
Dust we once were and dust we will return.

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
I know a girl who fancied herself a psychic.
But, she never can figure me out.
I was raised in a crazy house.
So I have a poker face..
I think your poem is well written for an oracle.
I can picture you casting prophecies over a burning bush of hemp.
The problem with your tome is you seem to be overreacting.
That's what my girlfriend does...and I pretend to understand.
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.
I'm probably being insensitive, but I like the artwork.

Bob County
Review of Biography  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
We are writing our lives.
Keep a dream journal and analyze it.
I have dreams about bees and their buzzing.
Maybe, I was a bee in my past life?
I like to keep a sense of humor and humility.
Do not be ashamed to face your demons or fantasies.
Some people are easily offended.
Do not let them discourage you.

Keep writing!

Bob County

Review of My Review#8  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Somik Bandopadhyay must be a great poet.
You should include a quote from his poem.
That way the reader of your review can judge for themselves.
I'd like to see some of your poems.
We are all poets.
Do not be afraid to express your inner self.
Everyone is a genius in their dreams.

Keep writing!

Bob County
Review of Crafting you.  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Well, this is very subtle.
There is a string theory that whatever thought we have
is made real in another dimension.
Physicists like to call Heaven or Hell another dimension.
On the other hand, how many times have we judged someone at a glance?
There might be an angel or extraterrestrial on this website.
For all, we know our poems might be read by entities in other dimensions.
Radio, Television and WFI signals travel into outer space and beyond.
Maybe you're a multidimensional person or a computer?
Maybe this is a dream, but who is the dreamer?
Happy Easter!

Fun topic!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Shapeshifting cat people is a fun topic.
There's a campy 1987 film "Cat People" that you'd enjoy.
Actually, it's a remake of a 1956 film by the same title.
It's the story of a young woman, who discovers she is a shapeshifter.
There is another simular 1982 film "Wilderness" about a young female werewolf.
She's a librarian, who has flashbacks to her childhood in the wilderness.
All of these films explore the duality of the female spirit.
Are they civilized ladies or wild animals?

I enjoyed the flow of your story of cat witches.
But, there was too much alliteration.
I prefer short concise syntax.
The mood is witchy and fun.
Why are black cats feared?
Probably because they can seek up on people and bite them.

Keep writing!

Bob County

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