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Rated: E | (5.0)
Painting a picture of a crisp fall day with ll lines brought me to another time and place. You have wrapped life in a bundle of leaves, and invited the reader to come dance through the storm. This is life lived by a poet! Yours poetry is successful, when you can carry the reader to another world, and you have done that here.

Thank you for sharing this.

God bless you with words to remind us that as life sends storms...we can dance or become hostage...the choice is ours!

In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Thank you for reminding readers of the aspects of homelessness and poverty in America! Building bridges through "Madison Street Refugee" paints a picture of the true face of poverty....bringing tears to the heart as the reader walks the street, the realty of how some people profit from pretending, while others who close their eyes to those whose basic needs are not being met. You raise the question - is Humanity and Dignity gone forever?

You have captured the faces of America in a few short stanzas...Who have we become? Power in your words!

God bless you, and let's hope those who read this will open their eyes! I have been there!

Rated: E | (5.0)
First, it is an honor to read this poem because it comes from your heart, showing your loved ones your love for them and for God. Your kindness is apparant throughout the words and you stayed with the theme until the end.

This poem encourages the reader to care about those who will be left behind when you pass through the veil into eternith.

It is well written, and a gentle reminder to care aout others while we are still on earth.

God Bless you little flower of the Phillippines!

In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)
Heartfelt confidence in our loving Creator. I particularly love the last
line "Help me believe that You know best.

This thought shows pure faith in God and that is too frequently forgotten in prayers. We want, we want, we want - but to Ask for something and then show
that Trust in His answer, even it it is not exactly what we want, is alright, must
really put a smile on God's face.

A profound and honest prayer, and I will remember how important it is to believe
that God really does know what is best for each one of His children.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
God bless you always with this humble attitude in prayer.
Review of The Sound  
In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
When life deals you lemons...you make lemonade!
The Sound  (13+)
"That sound is driving me crazy."
#1795955 by Tom Buck

The beginning reminded me of a relative who is about to graduate after a difficult four years, so I was drawn to keep reading and found this short story to be
quite humerous and believable. What made it even better, was seeing parents
determined to have their son really "leave the nest." You painted a picture that
brought the reader into the new apartment wondering when he would discover
what "sound" was coming from an unknown place. Quite an imagination, and
a lot of details made this interesting.

My favorite part was when the movers brought in his boy scout tent! Only a Dad
would do this who loves his son!

Thank you for sharing your creative talent and allowing me to laugh out loud while things continued to get worse as the story evolved. (Reminded me of a camping trip we went on when the camper top broke and we ended up staying in a motel with our three little kiddies). Lessons learned...make the best of every situation...better than crying over spilt milk, right?

God bless you always with a love for writing, and a gift to be able to stir emotions
in the reader.*Heart*GYPSYROSE
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Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
 Love is patient? Love is kind?  (13+)
What comes from thinking too much of that most powerful and unpredictable emotion.
#1393131 by Capricious

This is quite thought provoking, and inspired me to read it over and over to find evidence of the reason for the title. To me, I found it bittersweet to have such high expectations of what love really is...Some would search a lilfetime, never being able to find this perfect love as your lovely words describe.

I have known many whose dreams were shattered when they realize that searching for perfection may shatter what
may have been right before their eyes all along.

Thank you for reminding the reader in your last stanza..."I have started the stair of love only to fall from the edge and find despair."

This ending made me realize the meaning of your Title....Love is Patient...Love is Kind." It IS THERE WAITING FOR US IF WE ONLY CHOOSE TO FIND IT!"

A lovely poem that allows the reader to use discernment and not hold out for a
perfect love which IS NOT possible in a NOT PERFECT WORLD!

May God always bless you with the ability to inspire others as you have in this
well written poem...*Heart*GYPSYROSE
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Rated: E | (5.0)
 Candle in the Window  (E)
A daughter reflects on her mom's generosity and loving ways.
#697757 by Mothermouse--come visit me
A lovely spiritual reminder of exactly what is really expected of each one of us.

Title - made me remember another place and time, so I knew it was something
I wanted to read.

As I began to read the first paragraph, I could feel my own mothers love and
it seemed as though you were describing her perfectly. Continuing on, a little
surprise that the Lord would not "tell" you, but allow you to think for yourself and
decide it you would keep your house open all the time to perhaps invite a thief
to come and rob you, thus a candle in the window was the answer, to welcome
each one as they approached the comfort they would find within the home. You
painted such a lovely picture with your words...as I saw my own Papa so long
ago coming home at night, being welcomed by a loving wife and family. Even
strangers welcomed, as was the case in our own home.

This brought back lovely memories of a life now past. It could have been my
own mother your words painted in this lovely piece.

Thank you for sharing beautiful memories. God bless you always with a loving
and generous attitude that you learned long ago from caring parents. This was
a very touching story, and to bring the reader into another place and time is a gift that you are blessed with.

Review of Vox Dei  
Rated: E | (5.0)
What drew me to read this poem, was your description beneath the title.
"Pray as though everything depends upon God. Work as though everything depends on you." I knew from this that it would be a lovely poem.

As I continued.. we had a mutual understanding of why it is so important that
mankind struggle. "From the darkness comes a light" in verse Three..shows
the reader that prayers that are heartfelt will be answered. You share that answer as you hear it.."Its your place to struggle, its the lot of humankind."
So profound that this really touched my emotions and my favorite thought is as your words speak out that the future of the world is up to you and me! Each of
us is responsible to make this world a better place, for that is the very reason why we are here in the first place!

This poem teaches a valuable lesson in our quest for happiness. You really "hit the nail on the head" in the last sentence with " Together we can make the world into the promised land."

This poem is really great and allows the reader to feel much better about all the sadness, and turmoil as he is reminded by your words that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world. Thank you for sharing your insight..an exceptional poem! *Heart* THIS POEM!
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Rated: E | (5.0)
This is amazing! I have to say that I am grateful for WebWitch's Spiritual Letter
this week, for recommending this read. It came at a time when it really hit home.

Title: Very Appropriate, and arouses curiosity to read.

Very well written and as I continued reading, it brought me to another place and time -
my own life. The advice given very appropriate...now if I can put more trust in God and
let go, making sure as you state so clearly in your last paragraph.."With my eyes on God, my hands stay in their proper place, I don't fight raging rivers, and I stay focused on my small part in the production." God surely is the "Director" as you state, and is
carrying those we love "safely in His hands throughout the journey, and He has the perfect landing place picked out - for both of us."

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article with a wake up call for each one of us!
God bless you always with the ability to touch another with your written word as you have done here! (and thank you WebWitch for your latest Spiritual Letter of the Week
wherein you recommended this to your readers).

In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)
This title made me want to read your poem.

What a beautiful prayer that any one of us could relate to. It flows well, and covers why we need to pray often. This inspires one to try harder, to ask for forgiveness, but most important of all, your words touch the reader enough to bring tears to his eyes.

MY FAVORITE : God's answer in the last three verses we all need to contemplate..especially your words as follows..
"Our hands, when you're reaching, always will meet." Thank you for inspiring us to always
reach out to a loving Father, who is waiting so patiently for us to come to Him in prayer.
I really love this beautiful poem. Keep on inspiring others, you certainly are gifted.

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In affiliation with SHERRI'S SIZZLING AUCTION ...  
Rated: E | (4.5)
A beautiful and profound tribute for your Grandpa!

 I love you to late  (E)
A poem for my Grandfather, which I read at his Funeral
#1643320 by Lovestrucken

I think this was written from your heart, and for a Grandpa that was very dear, kind, and
thoughtful of others. It is a lesson for the reader, to express your love before it is too late.

{c;rose}MY FAVORITE IS..."..And I loved you from then til forever.

TO THE NITTY GRITTY, now if you would make a few changes, these are my
suggestions to improve the grammer..
l. Title - "to" should be "too"
2. You was should be "you were", and the A in the first "Always" does not have to be
Because we are here to improve our writing, I have made these suggestions, and for
this reason I did not give you a 5 rating. Other than these few little errors, I think the
purpose of the poem, and your sincerity and love shows through and touches the reader's
heart with your beautiful words.

Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture of your Grandpa with us. I'm sure he is
smiling down on you from heaven! God bless you always with the same attributes that
you found in your Grandpa. *Heart*GYPSYROSE
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Review of Arrow  
Rated: E | (5.0)
This writing exercise, a 60 second impromptu response to the word "arrow" is
very impressive, and stimulates my brain into trying it myself..
 Arrow  (E)
60 second impromptu response to the word "arrow" for OneWord.com
#1613728 by thea marie

It is interesting to take a noun, change it into a verb so powerful that it paints a picture of
action that takes the reader on a journey to another place and time...

Quite well done, I would not change a thing, but I must say my imagination wants to keep
reading- or thinking.

Good work...God has given you a special gift to be able to write powerful ideas that
stimulate creativity in others. May you always enjoy the written word.
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In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
Yes, you make a great point that members have a lot to be thankful for on this site.
This response to a complaint by someone was a great reminder to your loyal members
that there is MUCH THAT IS FREE. I am tickled that I can use colored ink for my reviews..
and it is free!

While reading your response, again I am reminded and thankful for all the reviews, both
good and some not so great, but to me, just knowing that someone has taken the time
to visit my port and give me a comment or two "for free" makes me more appreciative of
being a member for the past three years.

But the best part of all is the friends that I have made, that respond with genuine
interest, notice when I have been off because of heart problems, and who inspire me to
get this brain of mine in gear once more and do what I love the most..writing poetry.

God bless you Storymaster, and your immediate family, and all of your WDC Family
who are the backbone of this wonderful site. Keep it going, keep inspiring others, and
keep those who want to complain in line. It only makes the rest of us appreciate more what we have here!

*Heart* - even this sign of my love is FREE!
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In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)
This poem is beautiful and inspirational.
Untouched whispers  (E)
amid the freezing breezes
#1609231 by Lawrence

Although you are no longer with us, dear friend, your words left behind touch us
deeply. Your poetry, your kindness, your love for all at WDC is a legacy never to be forgotten. Your friends left behind are privileged for having known you through your written
words. IN THIS POEM...I feel the "winter of life", the part that may send a chill through our
bones, yet here your words inspire us to acknowledge our Father in heaven who "waits
for us."

MY FAVORITE is.."A quiet voice lingers - with unknown awareness -.....telling me that I am still loved in places where God waits." These words brought me to another time and place, when I also walked on a cold winter day where the fields were hidden 'neath the snow and the "words of wisdom ripple through the leafless branches." Only a poet could "live this poetry" that God bestows on us through His seasons..and you have touched me deeply.

May you always rest in Peace, Larry, and hopefully your Poetry will stay on WDC for us all to read and enjoy for a long long time. *Heart*GYPSYROSE

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In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
This should make us stop and think!
#1296310 by ⱲƹbⱲitϚћ MooseyingAbout

The Title drew me in while visiting your port. I couldn't let this one go after reading it without a review.

OVERALL: With your gift of wit, you have sprinkled your sense of humor into an idea that could turn into a "cold war" on the human race. The thought of "big brother" looking over
our shoulder with a chip embedded to trace our every move is not so far fetched after
all. Yes, it would be great to find a missing child, or any missing person, yet how
would it effect the rest, who are not "lost"?

This article was funny, scary, colorful, and left the reader wondering if this could happen
in our lifetime. I really enjoyed reading it - it gave me something to think about - and
at my age, I would probably be the first one "they" would put a chip in...so I would be found if I were out wandering in the dark one night.

God bless you always with joy and the ability to use the sense of humor that He gave you -
for it is a gift well used.
Review of love Is...  
In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)

TITLE: "love is" makes one want to read the poem.
 love Is...  (E)
The meaning of love in life.
#1353982 by Violet The Nun-MY POEMS R GONE

This is a beautiful poem, it flows well, is colorful, and filled with sincerity, showing what
is important to you and how you are filled with emotion.

MY FAVORITE VERSE is..."Love is knowing that there's only one person that matters, even when they've disappointed you or put your heart in tatters." I liked this best
because it shows how forgiving you are, and how you love unconditionally. You realize that
the one you love is human, and not perfect as we would like them to be

Thank you for sharing this - it was lovely. God bless you always with someone who will
appreciate you for who you are. *Bigsmile*
Review of How I Operate  
In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)
Love the Acrostic poem about yourself..It is very inspiring.

Beginning line shows an enthusiastic, happy go lucky person.

My favorite is, of course the last...such wonderful advice for all of us to follow...
"Never goes a day without saying "I love you" to another family member."

I liked that you choose 5 great attributes to identify yourself...They were good choices and
let the reader understand what is really important to you. A lovely poem.

God bless you always with happiness and the ability to sprinkle it to others through your
written words. *Heart*GYPSYROSE
In affiliation with SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP  
Rated: E | (5.0)
The Title is what caught my attention and your words.."Nature can offer more than
what is first observed." It is a simple fact, but too many forget to seek the wisdom behind
the plan of God's Creation..your observations are profound.

MY FAVORITE observation as you awaken the senses and delight the reader is...
"Look past the dark matter which troubles the mind
And your minds troubles won't matter." There is harmony in the universe that will always
be there to sooth...if we only look, listen, and feel it.

The rhythm in this poem is good, the pictures you painted bring the reader to
another place and time and inspire one to seek the peace you have found as you listen
to the harmony in the chirping lullaby of the little cricket.

Thank you for sharing this very lovely poem. God bless you always with the ability
to inspire another with your written words.
"Invalid Item
Review of Freedom  
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and reminder of all those who serve our
Country, and preserve our Freedom. Blood is spilt over and over , year after year, to pay the high price tag that Freedom is purchased with.

My favorite is...."Men and Women sent overseas, families torn apart. All because of this one simple word that means so much to us." Not one day should ever pass without
our prayers for these valient soldiers. Never should they be taken for granted. This is
a great reminder to help the families who are waiting for their loved ones to return...we must show our appreciation always...even if it is just a prayer each night that God will bless them and bring them safely back home. Your words are profound, and so is this poem, very well writen.

God bless you and may He also bless our service men and women, and bring them back
to our open arms. Keep them safe, O Lord, always in Your loving care.
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Rated: E | (4.5)
The title is what drew me to read this. It is a clever poem, but as I continued
reading, your repetition of the question "Am I already dead?" makes one look at this
from an entirely different perspective. This is how your words "paraded around in my

If we are lying awake and ask the question.."Am I already dead?, would it make the
reader wonder if his life is being wasted..perhaps seeing little accomplished at this
point and time? So your words could be just plain whimsy, or they could have a much
deeper meaning for the reader to contemplate. Whatever your purpose, as the reader,
it inspired me to make each day meaningful, with a definite purpose. Although we are
just given so many hours to live, one thing is for sure...when we are called back home it
will not be one minute early, or one minute late, we will leave this life at the precise moment that we are called home. It is not the duration of the time we live on earth, but
what is the important thing is the donation we make by living on this earth .

My favorite line is "am I already dead?" This is what really inspired me to think about
living life to the fullest, every single second, making every moment count!

Our clock ticks soundly as our life passes through eternities, but do we make the "best"
of what time we are given?

God bless you always with the ability to inspire the reader as you have done here.
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Rated: E | (4.0)
Dear Stormy Indian,

This Review is being given because I really appreciated your indepth questions about
the world full of mysteries. Please remember, this is only my opinion, you may take or
leave the suggestions I will give, and please understand that it is my way of helping
you improve, and not just to "tickle your ears" with compliments or criticism.
 The World is a Mystery  (E)
it is first thing that i have written in my life and i am eagerly waitin for ur reviews
#1576599 by STORMY INDIAN

A good Title...it draws the reader in..everyone these days enjoys a mystery and
your thoughts are sincere and uncomplicated.

First, I would like to see you use Capitals at the beginning of each sentence.
Not just being picky here, but the reader should be able to determine the beginning
of each sentence, and it would improve the flow with better punctuation.

IN THE FIRST SENTENCE... it is unclear if you are asking a question, or making
a statement. With just changing...."have you" to "you have" would make more
sense and complete the sentence as a statement. As it now reads, it seems to be a
question without a question mark. This would also make it clear to the reader that
you are in control of the idea you wish to present to the reader.

Oh Lord, what You have created is a world full of mysteries. (end of sentence)
The more we try to solve it, the more complicated mysteries arise from it.
By making two sentences here, you will complete two separate thoughts and also be
setting the stage for the rest of your poem.

Please remember, this is only my opinion, which you may take or else ignore. I think
you have a lot of talent, you express your thoughts well, and with a little help with punctuation, and spelling this would be a great inspirational poem.

The comma at the end of each line is unnecessary and your ideas would flow better
without any punctuation. Again, this is only a suggestion.

MY FAVORITE LINE IS..."Where is Thy tree which would give fruits of humanity and peace?" This is profound and has left me with a desire to search for such a "tree"
As the reader, I would stop and contemplate the "gifts" God has given mankind, and yet
so many are so unwilling to share with others what they have.

God bless you always with the ability to inspire your reader to "search for wisdom"
and to seek the answers to the mysteries of His world, which only He can provide us with.
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Rated: E | (5.0)
 Miracle on the Hudson  (E)
A testament to skill and courage in the form of a Cleave Poem.
#1535368 by Dave

It amazes me to find new styles of poetry, and this "Cleeve Poem" is a perfect
example of three poems in one. You have told three stories at the same time, and
whether separate or melted together, all are interesting.

You have inspired me to try my energy and wit with this form, and if I accomplish what
you have taught here, I will personally forward my attempt for your expertise.

My favorite Was the following..."Flying on course a jetliner in the winter sky..when danger
converged without warning. Without power second chances were brought to loved ones
by a skillful crew. If read with all the lines together, or just the first half, the whole
story changes in a flash. Astonishing!

Hope everyone reads this...it is like a crossword puzzle, and I commend you for a
lesson well taught by this example.

God bless you always with the ability to inspire the reader to reach out and
become more accomplished in the field of poetry. You are very gifted. *Heart*GYPYSROSE
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 Miracle on the Hudson  (E)
A testament to skill and courage in the form of a Cleave Poem.
#1535368 by Dave
Review of I Like Spiders  
Rated: E | (5.0)
A view of spiders from every angle....most are scary, and you tell it how it is..

RHYME was good, and kept the reader looking for another line....but the icing on the
cake was the final verse..my favorite, and I am in complete agreement with your view
on this..
."I like all kinds of spiders,
But not hiding in my bed,
Or sleeping in my slippers,
Nor climbing on my head!

This brings me back to another place in time, when I would see a bitsy spider and have
a fit, and my mom would tell me how good spiders were because they ate all the bugs that
ate the pretty flowers in her flower pots in the sunroom. So...thank you for letting my
mind travel back in time and remember "when"

God bless you with the ability to allow the reader to contemplate on the poem, and renew
old memories in life. *Heart*GYPSYROSE
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Review of Two Poems  
Rated: E | (5.0)

Title and the Description is what drew me to read this.

A short poem filled to the brim with inspiration

MY FAVORITE line is "Travel through life's bed of roses.....What a spiritual
and strong statement...To take God's most perfect flower and think that our journey
through life could be so positive as we feel, smell, and gaze upon HIS BEAUTY...we
can take the best, leave the rest, and find joy in the beauty that is there for us to see.

{c;blue}What a positive and lovely approach to life...I know your journey will be very
successful with the ability to contemplate such treasures and live life to the fullest.

God bless you with joy and sincerity and the ability to stay positive always.

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Review of A mother's love  
Rated: E | (4.5)

Please remember, this is only my opinion, feel free to take what you like and
disregard the rest. I really enjoyed this Poem because the reader could feel
your love as you wrote about your mother.

The rhythm flowed along well, but as I reread it, and wondered if this is a form
of rhyme that I do not know yet. Starting with the first verse, it is abba, the second verse
is abab,the third is abab, the 4th is abab, the 5 th is aabb,

Thinking that with a few changes, this would flow more evenly.. so that verse 1 and 4
would even it out...verse one could easily be changed to aabb....and would read as

I am not afraid with my mother by my side
Confidence, courage, and wit with me reside.
For mother's love protects me like a good luck charm
None can take away my calm or cause me harm.

The contents of the entire poem were beautiful, and would delight any mother knowing
that you have so much love and respect for her and for contents, I would give it a 5.

Thank you for sharing such a profound love of your mother with the reader.
God bless you always with the words to express your indepth love for another.
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