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A list of articles and newsletters on world building.
Featured in "Where to Begin to Fine-Tune Your Story by Joy

Contests and Activities
         "Project Write World [13+] by iKïyå§ama - Still I Rise
    A celebration of writers and their distinct cultures to bring us all together.

Articles and Items
         "Realistic Dialogue [E] by Jeff
    How to write realistic dialogue.
         "What's in a Name? [E] by Osirantinous Capricornus
    Written for The Art of Criticism Newsletter, Volume 8
         "Naming Fantasy People and Places [E] by Ladyoz
    Do you have problems finding names for fantasy characters and/or places?
         "Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy [E] by Jaren is Avarielle
    A series of conversational articles on how to write winning Speculative Fiction
         "Writer's Online Research Guides [18+] by Jim Hall
    web links for writers doing research for their stories (a 2015 Quill Award Nominee)
         "World Building [E] by Zen
    Why world-building is important, and what things you should consider.
         "Please, Help Me! Query Forum [ASR] by Jim Hall
    This forum is where you ask your research questions relevant to your Work in Progress.
         Idle Red Hands  
   A podcast for Game Masters (GMs) and roleplayers.

         June 2015 from The Newsletter  by Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC
         "The Many Layers of Romance by Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch
Romance and love can unfold in the most unusual ways ... (Romance/Love Newsletter - September 24, 2014)
         "Romance for the Unromantic by Crys-Busy Bee
What do you do if your character seems awkward and unromantic? (Romance/Love Newsletter - October 1, 2014)
         "Naming Characters by LJPC - the tortoise
This newsletter has tips for naming characters. (Horror/Scary Newsletter - June 17, 2015)
         "Padlocks of Love by StephB
Padlocks are a popular way to express love around the world. (Romance/Love Newsletter - July 22, 2015)
         "Realistic Explosives & Fire by Cinn
Explosions and fires add thrills to action stories... but only when the details are accurate. (Action/Adventure Newsletter - February 17, 2016)
         "Memory Lane by Past Member 'lizco252'
Exploring the fragile nature of memories (Drama Newsletter - June 15, 2016)
         "Some Tips for Crime/Mystery Writers by Vivian
Using details correctly adds to the writing of crime, mystery, suspense, or action manuscripts. (For Authors Newsletter - June 22, 2016)
         "You Had To Be There by Octobersun
The writer is responsible for telling the story. (Short Stories Newsletter - August 3, 2016)
         "Handy Handedness by <Leger>
Some fun facts about hand dominance. (Action/Adventure Newsletter - August 3, 2016)
         "Adventures in Virtual Reality by Cinn
From the mundane to the extraordinary, virtual reality can help put your characters through the ringer. (Action/Adventure Newsletter - December 7, 2016)
         "A Holiday By Any Other Name by Andy52in52~More Star Trekking
A look at the evolution of Halloween (Horror/Scary Newsletter - October 25, 2017)
         "World Building by Jeff
A look at how to build fictional worlds. (For Authors Newsletter - February 14, 2018)
         "Superstitious Horror by Gaby
Most believe that evil forces have something to do with superstitions but they write about it? (Horror/Scary Newsletter - August 31, 2016)
         "Strange Creatures by Gaby
Creating a monster with personality can be quite a challenge! (Fantasy Newsletter - February 8, 2017)

         "Terrors of the deep by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
Creatures of the ocean in horror stories (Horror/Scary Newsletter - June 1, 2016)
         "Samhain by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
The origins of Halloween (Horror/Scary Newsletter - October 18, 2017)
         "Chilling tales by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
Horror stories set in winter (Horror/Scary Newsletter - March 7, 2018)

         "ATMOSPHERE by W.D.Wilcox
Creating the right setting for a horror story (Horror/Scary Newsletter - April 20, 2016)
         "BLACK FRIDAY by W.D.Wilcox
What happens to people when Black Friday comes along. (Horror/Scary Newsletter - November 30, 2016)
         "TORTURE AND HORROR by W.D.Wilcox
Torture has been with humanity since the very beginning (Horror/Scary Newsletter - September 3, 2014)

by Joy
         "Fiction: Easing Exposition into a Story [ASR]
         "Magical Realism
         "Kinsmen of the Primary Characters
         "How to Fix a Flawed Pacing
         "Writing Solid Descriptions That Deliver

by Jay
         "Context Clues and You
         "Description as a Writing Tool
         "Story Components--or Just Details?
         "The Power of Seeing Yourself

by Kate ~ Writing and Reading ^_^
         "Truth or Myth of the Urban Legend
         "Is it Show or Tell ~ or Show and Tell ?
         "Through the Veil ~ Haunted and Haunting
         "In the Great Outdoors ~ Wind
         "Other Worlds
         "Urban Legends ~ Myth or Not

by Thankful Sonali 11 WDC YEARS!
         "What's Okay?
         "Face Looking. Sharing Stories in Person
         "To Make Nothing Happen
         "The language and the culture
         "Everyday life ... a story?
         "Tag On Its

by Storm Machine
         "Happy Holidays?
         "Created Languages
         "Climate and Weather
         "Son of a ---!
         "What makes the story true to the period?
         "Politics Need Not Be Boring
         "The Not So Primitive People

"Newsletters by shannonchapel (Archives)
Shannon turns 12 on 4/11/18!
         " A Rose by Any Other Name
         "Transgressions and Taboos
         "The Horror
         "A History of Madness
         "Points of Minutiae

"Newsletters by cathartes02 (Archives)
by Robert Waltz
         "Magic (and Science)
         "World Building for NaNoWriMo
         "Creating a Holiday
         "Moon Lore
         "On Death and Dying
         "Solar Eclipse
         "Write What You Know
         "The Lost Letter
         "Solstice Thoughts

"Newsletters by kittee (Archives)
         "Historical Drama
         "The Power of Politics
         "Action Sequences on New Year's Eve
         "The "Chosen One" Protagonist
         "Stereotypes in Fiction
         "The Trouble With Legal Drama
         "Writing Drama for Young Adults
         "Character Introductions: What NOT to Do
         "Setting a Date
         "Abused & Abandoned: Character & Setting
         "The Dramatic Journey of the Superhero
         "Animals in Action/Adventure
         "On Historical Fiction
         "Drama, Politics and Words
         "Off To A Good Start
         "People With Autism in Fiction

"Newsletters by nfdarbe (Archives)
Prosperous Snow (Neva)
         "Mythological Creatures: Part 1
         "Mythological Creatures: Part 2
         "Mythical Monsters Part 3
         "Mythical Creature or Monsters #4
         "Mythical Creature or Monsters #5
         "Mythological Creatures #6
         "Mythological Creatures #7
         "Mythological Monster #8
         "Mythological Monsters #9
         "Mythological Monsters #10
         "Mythological Monsters #11
         "Mythological Monsters #12
         "The New Year Cometh
         "Happy Birthday Writing.com
         "Creation Myths

"Newsletters by fyndorian (Archives)
fynesque! 's Observations weave vivid scenes with the details picked out. These
are worth a read as a reminder of the little things that can make a character or scene feel real.
         "Interior Decorate Your Writing
         "May Day
         "Research vs Reality
         "Time for a Few Trivialities!
         "Thoughts on the Season
         "Observations on Perspectives
         "Observations from Paradise
         "Observations on a Journey
         "Murphy Foiled!
         "The 'Imaginary' Real
         "Observations Over a Snowy Weekend

"Newsletters by elfmage7 (Archives)
Dawn Embers regularly writes newsletters aimed at world building and provoking
consideration of old tropes and fresh avenues.
         "Fantasy Cultures and Views on Death
         "The Thread of Importance in Fashion
         "Communication in Fantasy Worlds
         "Food for Fiction Worlds and Beyond
         "Sensory: Sight and Sound in Fantasy
         "Sensory: Taste and Touch in Fantasy
         "Sensory: Odors in Fantasy
         ""Perception is Reality"
         "The Fantasy Family Unit
         "A Love of Touch or No Touchy?
         "When a Mage Has a Cold
         "Holiday Touches and Character Quirks
         "Pink Hearts and Other Symbols of Romance
         "Pets/Animals in Fantasy
         "Specific Settings in Fantasy - The Woods
         "Specific Settings in Fantasy - Ship
         "Friday Nights
         "Focus on Numbers in Writing
         "Real World or Speculative - Research
         "Specific Settings - The Ocean
         "Showcasing Worlds in Terms and Phrases
         "Picking and Researching a Time Period
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