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Fun for October
*Blockr**Blocko**Blocky**Blockg**Blockb**Blockp**Blockv*OCTOBER REVIEW RAID: *Blockr**Blocko**Blocky**Blockg**Blockb**Blockp**Blockv*

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Hello, Power Reviewers!

We wanted to do something really different for this month's review raid.
For that reason, the theme of October's Review Raid is:

*Starfishb* *Starfishb* Items featuring something with the letter, 'O', in the title *Starfishb* *Starfishb*


*Starfishb* *Starfishb* Halloween Items *Starfishb* *Starfishb*

We want everyone to enjoy the raid, so if you don't care for the themes, just review anything you want.


Please make a note of this date:

*Notepady* Wednesday, October 17th *Notepady*

This month, it will be hosted by...


*Giftt* Prizes *Giftt*

Merit Badge in Zodiac Libra
[Click For More Info]

  *^*Starstruck*^*Congrats! You have Dared! *^*Shock*^*  And rose to my last minute challenge [Link To Item #power]  Power Raid Challenge for Oct. 2014.*^*Salute*^**^*Smile*^* As Sr Power chick, you deserve a gift so I am happy to celebrate you with this token. *^*Star*^*  Keep shining as the Power *^*Star*^*ship Captain you are. ~ eyestar
Merit Badge in Halloween
[Click For More Info]

 *^*Ghost*^*   Happy Halloween!   *^*Jackolantern*^*
Merit Badge in Seasons Autumn
[Click For More Info]


Congratulations for a winning ticket in the October Fun Raffle in support of  [Link To Item #1565040] . It was your ticket with the number 529 that won you this shiny new badge. Wear it with pride. 

*^*Pumpkin*^* Giselle *^*Pumpkin*^*

*Pumpkin2* As an added treat, Choconut will also be giving out this exclusive badge! *Pumpkin2*
Merit Badge in Second Time Around Contest
[Click For More Info]

Here is my Second Time Around merit badge for you to enjoy.

I hope you like it.

Rachel *^*Heartv*^*

In addition, small goodies will be given out during the raid

Also, as always during review raids, each and every review you do will be double credited.
(Your reviews must follow our Power rules of quality, affiliated, public, 250 or more character reviews).

Please remember that raid reviews do not count at the "SuperTower Review Room MB Rewards


There's no need to post your affiliated reviews on a forum...We'll find them.
The Galactic Guardians have Super Powers, after all. *Wink*

*Toy**Shirtr**Bookstack* HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS *Bookstack**Shirtr**Toy*

*Lightning2**Lightning3* Poems *Lightning3**Lightning2*

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*Lightning2**Lightning3* Stories *Lightning3**Lightning2*

*Right* Click Here to View Stories

*Lightning2**Lightning3* This and That *Lightning3**Lightning2*

*Right* Click Here to View This and That

*Lightning2**Lightning3* Halloween Items *Lightning3**Lightning2*

*Right* Click Here to View Halloween Items


These images are on 'share' for you to use!{c}

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Image on share


On share for group members to use


Pumpkin image for Power Group Members to use


A shared group image


Shared image


For Superpower Reviewers


Super Power Reviewers image on share


Click Here to See More Images On Share

Can't use images? Simply add the link to our group:
Type: {c-item:power}
WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group  [E]
Join the fun! We inspire reviewers through kindness and learning! Winner of six Quills!
by Maryann

Or, something like this:


*Vine2**Burstp* An *Burstb**Vine1*
"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
Review Raid



{center}{size:5}{b}{e:vine2}{e:burstp} {c:orange}An{/c} {e:burstb}{e:vine1}
{c:teal}Review Raid{/c}{/b}{/size}


*Suitheart* Happy Raiding! *Suitheart*


Please also review the animal auction which benefits our group 100%, and the auction below it which benefits our group somewhat.
Rachel and I plan to give out extra credits whenever we see a review done for either of those two items.

If you have an item which currently benefits our group, please let me know.

SuperPower Animals Auction for Charity  [13+]
An auction to benefit WdC SuperPowers Reviewers Group and The Livestock Conservancy.
by Schnujo

The Four Seasons Auction  [E]
An auction to celebrate the four seasons.
by Rhoswen - Relentless Victory
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