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In the end, all that matters is those that you love.
Jim could hear Carmen cry as she laid beside him on the grass. He wanted to reach for her and tell her that everything was going to be all right. But deep down he knew it was not. The fact was, he was terrified and wanted to scream that it wasn’t fair!
Jim needed to be strong for her. As if reading his mind, she snuggled beside him and covered her face on the side of his chest. Jim looked up towards the night sky and saw the moon. It seemed dimmed beside the bright big star coming towards them. It would soon hit them and change their lives forever. There was no point to run. The star was meant to extinct them all.
Maybe things will be different the next time around, Jim thought with false hope.
Carmen looked up towards him and he could only see one of her beautiful brown eye. It was filled with tears. He kissed her forehead. As they embraced each other, accepting their fate, Jim could hear someone approaching. He knew she was coming, because she knew this was the last time she could be with him. She barked as she neared.
“Come here, girl. Lay with me. Enjoy this one last night with us.”
The Golden retriever obliged and rested her head on his lap. She whined a little. He petted her head, soothing her.
“It will be over soon. I’ll be with you till the end.” Jim said.
“I know you will,” Carmen whispered.
The ground shook as the trees began to crack and splinter, and the wind began to pick up. Jim took his final breath, closed his eyes, and waited for the end to come.
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