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Emotions inside the work area, has no buisness. (10/18/2022)
I would like to get to know you. Every day I come into work in hopes to be near you and interact for a while. Words are spoken, stares are shared and even laughs of glee are heard throughout the room. You speak of words that ignite my interest and you show wonder in your eyes. But when the shift is over so is everything else. I’m bored of playing this game. I’ve played this before and I don’t care to do it anymore. I find it such a waste of energy. If your next action is to go home and forget about me until the “next time” then why even bother. This little charade needs to come outside of these walls. Outside were we can explore our feelings. A place where work is not involved. Were our conversation is more meaningful, rather than bleak and pointless. To mingle and partake in activities that will determine if we mean anything to each other. Rather than just wonder.
I don’t know…
I can only hope. But even that I’ve done before. Look where that took me, nowhere. Maybe this will be the same.

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