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Journey in and out of the lives of Memories of family
Everything has a beginning and an end. This is a way to begin family story tree that others may help me finish. My vision is to invite others to enter our story circle and become a part of our family. It has always been my longing to find out my roots What better way than to invite others in the family to share as far back as they can remember what family means to them. This venture would include the potential to not only learn from the mistakes of my ancestors but also from their successes. In between birth and death is the opportunity to share laughter and tears. I think it is most of all time to celebrate life in all its intricacies.

Some of my favorite stories revolve around my siblings and our family retreat in New Hampshire. I am sure that I will forget some things. That is all a part of getting older. Maybe others can help me fill in the blanks.

Some of my earliest memories were of banging my head on a crib or wall or whatever there was to bang it on. It kind of sounds like the dancing of my fingers on my computer keyboard. I guess the head banging did me little or no harm. I would need others to share with me whether this is so or not. A few years later I was amazing myself with scribbles on paper as mom and dad looked on.
"Wow, Look at me mom and dad I can write!"
I doubt that my scribbling meant much to them.. Kids will be kids.
There are other memories of coloring and dot to dot books. I recall going to Nana Petersons house in the scary elevator to the smell of crayons and a coloring book. I was more interesting in the coloring, the hell with the picture. I hated people that were obsessed with getting the colors in the lines. It was as if they were trying to make me look bad. I recall the many times that Lori and I would laugh and laugh for no apparent reason. I can not for the life remember why. Who cared?
Well this is a start. What will this memory seed lead to?. I hope I can generate many fields of inquiry about what makes this family of ours click.. I recall the many times that Lori and I would laugh and laugh for no apparent reason. I can not for the life remember why. Who cared?
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