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I have tried to summarize my observation with vivid and simple manner.
I am writing on a subject I have deep interest, and a inner clarification to express and bring them out as per best of my abilities. Moving forward, as and when the thoughts and its logical conclusion come I try to express it. The views written are my own and any shortcoming to be noted. This failing will be due to my grasp of this vast topic in a rather narrow manner.

I have wondered and kept a keen eye about latest developments in the field of science, economics, politics, and personal orientation. In all these diverse field I wondered about a possibility of divine arrangement (this can be in the form of infinite permutation and combination).
I was hooked on to the evolution theory, and believed that the nature has evolved in a manner to prolong its natural state of equilibrium (by equilibrium I meant longevity).
This is a state wherein in earth we reproduce and leave the best of traits that can survive acid tests of the environment.
Environment can be defined as a random state of nature. Life with its natural way of prolonging or surviving is successful in prolonging its traits in the surrounding, in a successful manner. This power of life to receive a stable body for a day or for a millennium depends upon, its ability and this ability increases with greater repetition and progression.
To clarify this point I take an example when we learn to walk we fall, and more we make effort the more successful we become in maintaining our weights, on our legs similarly, as life evolves the ability to prolong longevity increases with greater exposure.I have spent  a considerable time in observing a ant and has marveled the perfection that has been demonstrated in all activity. This perfection is ingrained in our nature and can be exhibited in nature, in all practical matters. I have observed a naughty cow answering to the soft and tenderness of caressing the tender skin below the head. We are born to achieve the same, and hence shouldn't waste our precious time in discussing irrelevant matters and strive in direction of realizing our true nature. This journey though we don't have to take, as perfection is inbuilt we need to understand, and accordingly accept the. This we can do when we start seeing divinity in all activity, and accordingly realize the potency and perfection of all acceptance. This means we have to accept all circumstances in equanimity, and not get affected. Like the clouds can temporarily hide the sun, similarly all joys and sorrows are just the temporary phase of life, we need to nourish and increase our power to accept the good and the bad as divine  display by nature, that includes our body, and practice the habit of all acceptance with earnest and focused manner. We will automatically experience and nourish the radiance of love. 
In the last billion years scientists have uncovered the inherent persistence of life in evolving and surviving in different kinds and types of natural conditions some are harsh and some are favorable yet we find the process of evolution being perfect, this perfection come with maintaining the fine-tuning with nature.The example I can think is to copulate in a favorable condition and surviving the harsh conditions of nature and weather.
All this I have gathered with some reading, and some logical sequence of events that did make me wonder about the basic glue missing in the theory of evolution.
To further clarify this point, the survival and creation of beauty and perfection can be attributed to some unseen and yet subtle force, and the potency of this subtle force is evident and can be elaborated with perfect observation and grasp.
I have experienced the strength of love and this love supported with positive intent and innocent focus indeed creates miracle.
Love as in basic terms can be the attraction we have to the lowest level to the highest level for example I can love  a scenery that is momentary, and I love my family.
How love remained in background and did played a very important role in evolution can be, like comparing time playing a salient role with space and object.
This is just an introduction and I will do follow up on love and its relation with nature, individual, events and finally with perfection that we call God or Lord.
I will express my views about the different stages we move forward in this world.How our evolution as human being and progress of the mankind with relation to love, and its basic role. A relation, faith and understanding with love of the highest order, can give us a long lasting peace. This will act as a great anchor, when we face difficult moments in our life. 
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