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a collection of stories about The Hangmans daughter
a collection of stories set in a new elizabthan fantasy setting
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Crawling Thane 1.52k
Chapter 2 Last Spark 1.16k
Chapter 3 Burning Alien 1.50k
Chapter 4 Seventh Flight 1.45k
Chapter 5 the Delicious Petals 1.81k
Chapter 6 Word Of Illusion 0.97k
Chapter 7 the Accidental Atlantiss 0.47k
Chapter 8 Whispering Soaring 0.25k
Chapter 9 the Broken Bus 1.18k
Chapter 10 Next Body 0.40k
Chapter 11 The Forgotten Lover 0.41k
Chapter 12 The Dreamer of Tales 0.72k
Chapter 13 The Doors's Woman 0.41k
Chapter 14 The Beginning of the Tears 0.32k
Chapter 15 Twins in the Flame 0.26k
Chapter 16 Hot Snow 0.26k
Chapter 17 The Laughing Mists 0.30k
Chapter 18 Bold Pirates 0.20k
Chapter 19 Silent Woman 0.30k
Chapter 20 Some Person 0.34k
Chapter 21 Forgotten Courage 0.26k
Chapter 22 Azure Dreamer 0.08k
Chapter 23 Forgotten Time 0.17k
Chapter 24 The All Flame 0.05k
Chapter 25 Red Trainer 0.62k
Chapter 26 The Night of Dead Fangs 0.46k
Chapter 27 Diamond Gift 0.24k
Chapter 28 Lost Kiss 0.14k
Chapter 29 Weeping Body 0.22k
Chapter 30 Frozen Valley 0.46k
Chapter 31 The Dreamer of the Lights 0.33k
Chapter 32 The Rings's Scent 0.56k

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