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by Seuzz
Rated: GC · Book · Occult · #2180093
A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.

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Table of Contents (Vol. 1) 10.04k
Life Among the Fakes 11.58k
School for Counterfeits 11.54k
Faking It for a Friend 11.05k
A Friend's Favor 10.68k
A Friendly Face in an Unexpected Place 10.37k
Fears Unmasked 10.72k
Fail Safes 10.53k
The Junior Partners 10.75k
Explaining Yourself 10.95k
Follow the Bouncing Box 10.30k
The Winding Trail 9.87k
Boxed and Outfoxed 10.17k
When Charity Begins at Home 10.53k
So It Turns Out You Can Be Too Careful 10.71k
Panic in F Wing 9.73k
And Then There Were Two 1.95k
The Girls at the Dairy Queen 10.87k
The Counterfeit Asshole 9.83k
The Kind of People Who Have Special Plans 9.97k
Jamming with Javits 9.76k
Five Final Chances 8.67k
The Inside, Looking Out 10.63k
Chang and Change 9.92k
Clothing Makes the Man 10.91k
The Whole New You 10.36k
The Offspring of Two Cousins 6.32k
The Mash-Up 5.51k
Public Parts and Private Parties 10.73k
Weird Science 11.27k
Someone's Fake Girlfriend 10.97k
Flirting with the Enemy 10.47k
Unlikely Partnerships 10.64k
Girl Troubles 10.93k
The New Girl in Your Life 10.60k
Another Story From Cindy 10.96k
The Price of Progress 10.93k
The Fumble 10.33k
The Sequel to Cindy's Story 9.66k
Cindy's Story 9.67k
The Prank Pals 11.45k
Of Experiments and Test Subjects 11.25k
People Who Do What They're Told -- Or Don't 10.92k
When Friendships Collide 10.47k
A Slapfight Among Friends 10.23k
You, Himself, and Her 10.72k
Other People's Projects 10.86k
Tackling a Teacher 10.55k
The Wrong Kind of Party Crasher 10.56k
The Video Stars 11.44k
The Unusual Suspects 10.61k
Hurly-Burly 9.72k
Work and Play 11.34k
A Distracted Diversion 5.64k
It's a Date! 11.18k
The New Girl with the Familiar Face 11.19k
Spoofing the Interrogation 11.50k
A Day in the Life 8.95k
Flirting with Success 10.75k
Payday! 11.23k
Intruders at the Old State Theater 11.12k
Location, Location, Location 10.46k
The Boy With Your Brain 9.51k
Retrieval Mission 10.57k
Not the Girl He Thinks You Are 11.45k
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Awkward Fire 10.95k
An Ill-Thought Break-Out 9.43k
Making a Break for It 6.57k
A Night in the Basement 8.46k
The Path Through the Protective Maze 6.21k
Maria's Crush 10.37k
At Home as Maria Vasquez 10.56k
The Girl Who Wants to Be You 10.81k
How to Get to Know Someone 10.89k
Show and Tell at the Old School 10.59k
Maria Meets Magic 10.94k
The Cheerleader from Outer Space 10.82k
A Return to the Scene of the Crime 10.35k
Mind Over Money 10.68k
Poor Boys 11.34k
Help! There's a Girl in My Bed! 11.08k
Masks and Rough Play 10.58k
The Stage, Your World? 4.43k
A Sunday Lunch with Scrambled Seating 11.00k
Flirting with Disaster 11.24k
Teasing the Cats 11.01k
The Cooper D'etat 10.94k
The Changed Cheerleader 10.40k
Prepping for a College Caper 10.15k
In Which "Freaky Friday" Gets Another Remake 10.33k
The Unsatisfied Warlock 10.70k
Dirty Deeds in Plain Sight 11.00k
Instructing the Tutor 11.14k
Sunday Fixings 11.11k
Hanging with Mrs. Cooper 10.96k
The Mother of My Enemy Is Me! 10.63k
Mom's the Word 7.88k
Of Curses and Even Worse Things 10.84k
Do As I Do 10.78k
Operation: Fake Mom 11.03k
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of 11.38k
The Hangover 10.16k
Sons and Lovers 10.69k
Dark Talk on a Dark Night 10.79k
The Mother of All Suggestions 10.99k
The Boy with Two Faces 10.67k
Sealing the Deal 9.62k
The Start of an Unlikely Partnership 10.28k
Butterfingers 8.24k
The End of a Very Short Project 10.78k
Little Stone Villa of Horrors 10.48k
To Con a Marc 10.86k
The Mature Choice 10.77k
Keeping (It) Up with the Prescotts 8.29k
Metaphysical Counseling 8.08k
Father Knows Best 9.67k
Liquored Up With Somewhere to Go 10.68k
Taking a Chance on a Game of Skill 10.67k
Mini-Golf and Many Girls 11.28k
Things That Frighten You 11.09k
A Day That Starts Like Any Other 10.72k
Mugged by Magic 11.14k
When Three Is Two Too Many 10.95k
It's Alive! 10.76k
The Benchwarmer 10.49k
The Hobbyist 10.73k
Show and Tell for Two 10.45k
The Court of the Basketball Kings 11.02k
More Tricks of the Trade 11.49k
Piercing the Veil 10.81k
The Essence of Will Prescott 10.88k
The Sweet Life of a New Magician 11.16k
An Accident and Its Aftermath 10.21k
Old Scandals and New Discoveries 8.69k
New Information 3.84k
Losing Lucy 9.43k
The Space Behind the Face 6.29k
A Prisoner in the Attic 5.74k
The Defenestration of Cindy Vredenburg 9.69k
A Yumi Life 10.60k
A Yumi Choice 10.19k
Final Touches on a First Scheme 8.63k
A Clash of Values 11.38k
Bids for Attention 11.25k
The Hot Potato 11.15k
The Devils One Has to Deal With 11.30k
The Project Master 11.08k
Making People the New-Fashioned Way 2.13k
The High Cost of a Deeper Education 9.98k
The House on the Edge of Oblivion 2.79k
Prisoners Below 9.05k
Third Thoughts 10.03k
In Which Some Masks Come Off 10.31k
Welcome Freshman 11.37k
A Prisoner in the Dark 11.36k
The Famous Will Prescott 10.89k
Putting the Magic Back in the Tricks 11.66k
The Magic Word Is "Money" 10.42k
Special Effects 10.86k
Keen on Ms. Keane 11.24k
A Drive with Dane 10.92k
Crap to the Future 11.29k
Odd Man Out 11.07k
The Neighbor 10.94k
Back Alley Meetings 11.25k
A Friendship Is Renewed, Sort Of 11.12k
Assault on a Romantic Rival 10.96k
The Female of the Species 10.97k
Stonerhenge 10.17k
Concussing Keith 11.18k
The Leftovers 5.65k
Myself the Guinea Pig 4.22k
My Brother the Guinea Pig 10.33k
The Search for Support 11.35k
Keeping the Company of Facades 9.75k
The Magical Transvestites, Part 2 11.21k
The Magical Transvestites, Part 1 11.51k
Donuts of the Damned 11.26k
A Life of Entrances and Exits 10.92k
Where There's a Will 11.46k
The Two of You 11.35k
You, Yourself, and Him 11.41k
A Conspiracy of Two 11.68k
The Graveyard Thief 5.73k
Hangover for an Absent Party Crasher 10.95k
The Phony Party Crasher 10.87k
I'm My Own Best Friend! 11.21k
Thefts, Identity and Otherwise 10.69k
The High Cost of Scientific Advance 10.90k
Concussing Caleb 10.57k
My Friend the Guinea Pig 11.81k
The Solo Magician 10.69k
When a Body Meets a Body 11.11k
The Afterglow 10.98k
The Dance Floor 10.77k
The Same Question, Over and Over 11.30k
A Fashionable Foot Forward 11.20k
Your Makeover 10.29k
Dates Made and Dates Contemplated 11.02k
Friendly Warnings 11.22k
Too Many Girls 11.30k
The Search for Something Instead of Nothing 11.42k
The Turkey Shoot(s His Mouth Off) 11.48k
Four Offers 11.50k
A Flight and a Capture 11.03k
One Party, Two Girls, Some Assembly Required 10.31k
Unexpected Social Scenes 10.91k
Braydon Builds a Time Machine (Of Sorts) 10.82k
The Least Interesting Guy in Town 11.11k
An Unexpected Date 10.75k
Knuckleheads 11.19k
Appointments Broken and Accepted 11.55k
Messages Into the Dark 10.75k
Awkward Invitations 10.86k
Two Consultations Without an Answer 11.13k
When the Bullies Come Out to Play 11.42k
The Cheese Channel 11.44k
Six Little Dairy Maids, All in a Row 11.03k
The Girl Most Likely to Kick Your Ass 11.11k
Empty Hands and Empty Heads 11.37k
Things Best Left Buried 10.85k
Change of Address 9.20k
School Days 11.18k
The Big Double-You 11.20k
The Making of the First Mask 11.35k
The Ambition of Will Prescott 11.10k
The Ones Who Would Be Magicians 10.49k
The Metaphysics of Magic 7.68k
Fear Strikes Out 11.22k
The Bully Boy 11.07k
A Distant Conclusion 6.55k
The End of a Very Short Adventure 0.42k
The Magician's House 10.80k
A Slippery Sale 1.99k
Bully Sessions 11.17k
A Company of Three 11.27k
Hired Help 10.98k
Whose Bully Stinks the Most? 11.37k
School Haze 9.21k
Opinions Sought, and Opinions Unwelcome 11.19k
In Which You Try to Wash Your Hands of It All 1.52k
The Desperate Collector 8.12k
Making a Mask 11.37k
The Fake Book 8.58k

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