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by jaya
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Poems written for Poetry activity hosted by Solace.Bring
Eight liners for the month of July.

7-1- 2021 prompt: July


The sun, they say, travels southward
in July, bringing warm days in its wake.
Sultry days and warm nights, strange weather.

Dedicated to Freedom July is known for
the fearless yet, ambitious Julius Caesar.

" Free yourself from hatred, friendship, anger
and pity...we cannot judge truth" with emotion.
The general's pearls of wisdom, food for thought.

7-2-2021 Prompt: Meander

The trail

The trail never ended.
we meandered through
a maze of imposing trees
till darkness descended.

The stream flowed fluent
lapping on the hard rocks
mosquitoes began feasting
relieved to see the highway.

Note: This happened when we underestimated that trail in Atlanta in 2007

7-3-2021 Prompt: Tell us about something you mother made you do that you're grateful for now.


Grateful for many things
she made us do ever with a smile.
Made sure we came
home on time.
Play, study, sleep, no fuss
over lunch or dinner.
Created taste for cooking, friendship,
oh, so many things.

7-5-2021 Prompt: Forest

The Forest

It works wonders.
No word, no spell.
At its beckoning, a faint nod
drawn like a bee to blossom
I walk through colorful corridors,
bower, bracken and bush, creepers
on and around strong tall forever trees
peace lingers through my day.

7-6-2021 Prompts: Phrases by Shakespeare
"wild-goose chase -forever and a day - brave new world - tower of strength"


I can't go on a wild goose chase,
now that I lost it forever and a day
no need to retrieve the former phase
a pleasure that drives the pain away.

I found out you have stolen my heart
making it dance to every tune you call.
Together, to a brave new world, no more apart
you are my tower of strength, I no longer fall.

7-7-2021 Prompt: A journey poem

El Dorado

Let’s go on a journey, you and I
Fields and rolling hills fill my eye
You love machines and city lights
Hardly a cause to start a fight.

We met on our different roads
Parallels merged, lightened the load
Shared light and shade of many a mode
Surely someday we’ll find our land of gold.

7-8-2021 Prompt: Illuminate


Off the coast of Durban
sailing to another destination
on the shores of the Mediterranean.
The bulkheads at night
Illuminated by flash lights for fear of pirates.
“ Look to the right”. Incredulous! greeted our eyes.
Families of huge whales swam along
With a quiet amazing grace.

Note: A thrilling incident during our sailing days.

7-9-2021 Prompt: Confetti

To be kind

Each day’s like a new quilt
made of patches of kindness.
“Thank you,” she said.
“Your words helped me
solve a serious problem.”

If it’s this easy, everyone
can shower it like confetti
a symbol of joy, of celebration.

7-10-2021 Prompt: Barn dance

A night to remember

It was a starry night
We reached right
before celebration,
air’s full of jubilation.

The barn dance was magic
Folk dancers swung to music
Slip, side, change of place
we too were pulled into the race.

7-11-2021 Prompt: Blueberry day

Blueberries from India

Seasonal fruit
multiple benefits
not a common favourite.

Lingering taste
like fresh air after rain.
A clean aftermath
like replacing wrong with right.

7-12-2021 Prompt: Before or/and After


I feel as though
I met you before.
Oh yes, I saw you
months earlier.

That lotus-eyed smile,
that child-like charm
stayed on my mind
long after we met.

7-13-2021 Prompt:Midnight oil


Burning midnight oil
on a Keats or Marlowe
evoked casements high
caged damsels of angelic beauty,
as a craving Leander or a pining Porphyro
gallop across furious tides and frozen fields
with their hearts on fire and lives at stake
to turn the key and open the door to love liberated.

7-24-2021 Prompts: Edge, Zephyr, Cool

Edge of Heaven

It felt as though I was
at the edge of heaven
in the shady green orchard
full of fruits of a mellowing autumn.

The cool zephyr from the south
carried a sweet unheard melody
refreshing and cleansing my mind
of unshed melancholy and anxiety.

7-25-2021 Prompts: Earth, Goodnight


Earth is safety
Earth is security
Earth is home
Earth is love.

As I slide into the arms
of a gentle goodnight,
earth, my safe haven
assures me of another day.

7-26-2021 Prompt: Shallow Waters


The deep was deceptive.
A pleasant outing turned
tragic for the family of three
that went wading into the
shallow waters only
to find a watery grave.
The rescuer drowned too,
underestimating the depth.
Gracious to a fault
27-7-2021 Prompt: Benign

Benign he was, teaching
us Emerson and Thoreau.
His gentle voice lulled
a great many to doze,
to dream of Walden pond
and meditate on its banks.
Gracious he was, he knew
we transcended to an ideal world.

7-28-2021 Prompt: Lavender


Lavender, incomparably romantic
draws us to embrace its flower and color.
The sweet flowery oil’s aroma
cured his insufferable insomnia.

The evening sky glows
in the luminescent lavender light
The hills and the valley
bathe in its spreading splendor.

7-29-2021 Prompts: Tantamount and Ragamuffin


Farmers fought a futile
battle for the land seized.
Women lost their war
against crime and violence.
The young and old have
no means to live by.
A starved country
tantamount to a ragamuffin.

30-7-2021 Prompt:


Pouring rain for days on end
deluged houses made of mud
leaving many a man and animal homeless.

The sun blazed and the wetness dried.
A trail of deserted roads, depressed minds.
Have the masses gone underground?
No, they pulled out of despondency
survival instincts sharp and singular.

7-31-2021 Prompt:Charisma


Every time you look at me
love shines out of your eyes.
There’s no greater sight to see
than your golden lips flashing smile.

Summer heat and rainy days
Falling leaves and winter cold
Nature’s charm and her beauteous ways,
Do not mean a thing without you to hold.
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