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A fictional journal of Marie Antoinette's life.
Everyone seems to like the journals I write so I thought I would write a fictional one about Marie Antoinette. She's a fascinating lady. I salute her. I have always admired Marie Antoinette. Her original name was Maria Antonia. She was the daughter of an Archduchess of Hungary and was also a Queen. Marie was forced into marriage with King Louis XVI and she had numerous affairs and was the subject of phonographic songs. She spent a lot of money on frivolous things and helped put France under financial ruin.

Marie refused to wear corsets and Madame Lamote posed as her and purchased a diamond necklace and she expected the Queen to pay for it. That didn't happen. This was the cause of her downfall. She was ambivalent about the American Revolution. She was considered disloyal and it was rumored that she and the King were trying to starve the French people. She came out onto the balcony and tried to convince the French that she cared about them. She was of Austrian blood and that was another strike against her. France wanted a French Queen. Marie and the King were caught trying to escape and they were thrown in prison and later beheaded by the gulliotine. Her daughter Madame Royal later became an Archduchess and she was the only surviving child of Marie and King Louis.

Marie loved dogs and dolls. If she was a French Queen, France would have probably loved her. She was a big part of history and I hope you will enjoy the journal I wrote about her.
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