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Rated: 13+ · Book · Romance/Love · #944791
A young Lord wins his bride Sapphire in a poker game. Can love happen between these two?
A beautiful Victorian Portrait of me by best friend Angel.
This was my novel for the NoWriMo Writing Group. I had hoped to finish this in a month. I made this into a novella/short story instead. Thanks for dropping by. Any comments will be appreciated. I hope to make this enjoyable and a story to treasure. Thanks! Megan

A young Lord of the Manor, Quentin Wentworth wins his beautiful bride Sapphire DeBoard after he wins a lucky hand of poker. Can they find love through a forced marriage? Sapphire appears to be shy at first but Quentin underestimates her.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Lizzy's Choice 4.58k
Chapter 2 The Ex-Mistress Again 8.31k
Chapter 3 Lizzy 3.68k
Chapter 4 One Mistress Won't Let Go 8.98k
Chapter 5 Dante 5.80k
Chapter 6 Breaking Up With Mistresses 4.69k
Chapter 7 Building A Life 4.25k
Chapter 8 The Wedding 5.05k
Chapter 9 The Meeting Of The Spouses To Be 5.16k
Chapter 10 Sapphire 4.81k

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