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The story of Padme and Anakin's romance written in journal form.
I love Star Wars and the romance of Padme and Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader isn't the bad guy we thought. He loved Padme and he went to the Dark Side thinking that he would have special powers and be able to save her from dying in childbirth. It ended badly. I will be writing here as Padme as she tells of her relationship with Anakin. A romance to be remembered.
A beautiful sig by my best friend Angel of me as the Princess.
Entry # 1 Heavenly-Carrie Fisher 1.18k
Entry # 2 Oh, Anakin Why? 4.37k
Entry # 3 He Did What He Had To Do 3.39k
Entry # 4 To Love Anakin 1.87k
Entry # 5 Ten Years Later 3.22k
Entry # 6 A Future Jedi Knight 3.33k

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