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Proceeds went to the Olympics auction: Congrats to Medalists!
I'm a big fan of men's figure skating. It takes strength and grace and tons of practice, along with the ability to move on from mistakes and bad scores and keep going, still with grace.

When I found a winter Olympics auction here on the site, I couldn't resist getting in on the action and donating a package for men's figure skating.

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Of course I had to decide what to donate. Hmm. It's a competition, right? So let's make it a competition, my brain prodded.

So be it. The winner of my Olympic package will receive a chapter review challenge for him/herself and four friends. I'll review a first chapter from each contestant and give the one I am most impressed with an awardicon. The package winner will also receive at least two other item reviews of my choice. Interested? Go Bid! (starting on Feb 12th)

My brain wouldn't stop there, though. What about the warm-up? All Olympics have warm-ups.

So be it. This is the warm-up:
a story-beginning contest

The Medals

1st place: 25K awardicon + 20,000 GPs
2nd place: 10K awardicon + 10,000 GPs
3rd place: 10K awardicon + 5,000 GPs

PLUS, with enough entries, I'll throw in merit badges wherever I see fit. *Delight*

A HUGE THANK YOU to The Vigilante Angel for donating 100,000 GPs to go to awards and merit badges and sponsorship below.

All competitions have rules. Here they are:

*Snow3* Post the first two paragraphs of a novel or short story. I want the actual paragraphs posted here, with a bitem link to the larger item beneath. If it starts with dialogue, then give me roughly the equivalent amount of the beginning as two paragraphs would be. I like well-written dialogue, so I'll be somewhat lenient with this, but don't get carried away. The same goes with a one or two sentence paragraph; you can add a third if this is the case. Please, no 500 word paragraphs. I'm time-challenged. *Wink*

*Snow3* Please keep the posted chapter 13+ or lower (without changing it for the contest.) The actual item rating doesn't matter. (I don't r/r erotica, but you may enter the first 2 paragraphs ONLY if they fit the 13+ requirement.)

*Snow3* Any genre is fine.

*Snow3* Old and new items are allowed, but no already awarded items will be considered.

This is a supportive contest for the Olympics, and every Olympics cost money, so there is a fee of 1,000 GPs for each entry. You may enter more than once with different stories (up to three), but each one requires a separate entry fee. (One story entry = 2 paragraphs. Post each entry in a separate post.)

~~~ All GPs raised will go to the Olympic auction in support of its charities.

Would you like to sponsor a participant who would like to play and doesn't have the funds? Email me with the amount of GPs you'd like to provide as a sponsorship (in 1,000 increments) and I'll post your name here.

Anyone who needs a sponsor can email me for an available slot, first come/first served. Unused sponsorship funds will be added to the Olympic donation amount.

Our Generous Sponsors:

The Vigilante Angel : Allie
The Vigilante Angel : - 4 available-
George R. Lasher : -available-
kristiana: -available-
🌕 HuntersMoon : - 25 available-
bambam1252 : - 4 available-
: - 9 available-

In Need of a Sponsor:

Don't be shy! We have lots of generous folks gladly willing to sponsor participants! Email me. *Smile*

What I look for:

Spelling and grammar count! I believe in authors learning the craft, not relying fully on editors.

When I'm perusing a bookstore and find an interesting title, I always read the first two chapters. I'm looking for writing style, for a grabber, and for story. If I don't get a hint of what the story will be or who I'm reading about right away, I move along. If the writing is sloppy or cliched, I move along. As mentioned above, I'm time-challenged. Reading time is precious. I'm particular. I'll spend all the time a story needs if it's interesting enough and written well enough, but I'm not easy to grab and pull in.

Grab me and pull me in and I'm yours! [Well, for as long as it takes to read the story, that is.]

Questions? Send me an email, don't post them in the forum. The forum is only for entries.

~ Please note this is not a review contest. I may or may not review your actual item or leave comments about your posted paragraphs, other than stating why I chose the winner.

OPEN NOW! Closes on midnight WDC time February 11th.
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