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  1. Where'd she go?
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Save the town from a hypnotic skunk lady. But first, save yourself.
Chapter 1

Where'd she go?

    by: nobody495   More by this author
It's been a week, and the skunk lady, calling herself Queen, has taken control of almost every woman in the city. In addition, you have no idea where she's holed up. You're hiding in a dumpster, hoping you don't run into any of Queen's mind controlled minions. You consider your options. The three building you immediately thought of having a lot of people she could take control of are the casino, the rec center, and her spaceship. The casino has a lot of people gambling, waitresses dressed up like playboy bunnies, and has recently gotten a white female tiger with black stripes. The rec center features workout equipment and a swimming area, so there are women working up a sweat and dressed up in swimsuits. The spaceship is crawling with her army of green cats.
Where will this interactive story go?

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