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You've got a Wife! And she's Fat! And now you're going on a holiday somewhere!
Chapter 1

Choose your Wife

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Who are you married to?

A friend you've known since primary school. You lost touch during your college and university years, only to be reunited when you were admitted to hospital and she was the attenting nurse....with a few more kilos on her frame. Tall, blonde, and a belly gainer, with a quiet but gentle personality. You're on a trip to the south of France for a much needed break. She hopes she can lose the weight before you notice

Mia is a Spanish girl you met as you took a class in the language for your job. You hit it off straight away, and you both opened up about having a fat kink. Shorter than you, with taned skin and jet black hair, she's definitely a bottom-heavy girl, and aiming to get heavier. She has a confident, flirtacious personality, and will happily show it in publicYou're on a trip to her hometown to see her mother. Will the homecoming help or hinder her already wide waistline?

Nerdy, gothic, and busty. The three best words to descride Ashley. You met through an online D&D group, and again on an MMO. You met up, started dating, and eventually got married. Being a nerdy girl who disliked exercise almost as much as she loved pizza, she was already a hiefer when you met. And while she doesn't exactly share your infatuation with her size, she has little motivation to lose any of it. You're making a road trip to have an extended in person D&D campaign with a group member in Scotland.
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