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A woman inclined, and influenced by social conditions, in defining her orientation.
Petra was rescued by the Tristonians when the fortress at Myrocenia fell. She was one of six Siimian infants. At the age of seven she was sent to Cisteria as part of a redistribution plan Under the Confederation, Status of Forces Agreement. Petra and the other siblings gave the Confederation its first look at the power psychic weapon the Empire had produced. The Simians had twice the power and range of the adolescent Elven Females and it did not diminish with the onset of puberty. The range of their telepathic powers enabled them to send messages over four hundred miles and that was only one aspect of their diversity. The could Mind Meld, Spirit Jump, and Free Float as well as other more esoteric forms of thought displacement.

Petra was captured by forces of the Republican Guards at the Tiberian Gorge. Her bondsman was none other than the infamous, Creedor Kratz, a high ranking civilian bureaucrat who ran Counter-Psych Operations for the Empire. He was the most powerful psychic of his day. Creedor's lineage was the result of an unsanctioned back bred-union between a Golden male and a Simian female. The penalty for this proscription of social mores was death and his father was executed. His mother, Edith, fled with the child and became concubine to Valusia, the Empires MInister of State in Tularesti.

After Petra's capture Creedor had her psychic poweres siphoned off and maintained her in a drugged state. He planned to mate her in hopes of producing offspirng of greater psychic power. She was taken to the compound and prepped for breeding
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1675968