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The art of writing has bitten me. There's an excitement that comes with the well done encapsulation, of experiences and thoughts into a series of clauses, and connected phrases recording moments in time, for others to share with me. I'm still learning and desire to continue my growth in the craft. Every submission here in my portfolio hopefully reflects a continuous advancement from previous works. I enjoy the attempts to explore stories from unusual perspectives Hopefully perspectives you will enjoy as well. I'm also a painter and often mix the word with my work.
Young girls love of the Summer train ride.
Rated: E
~547 Words
Contest Entry, Emotional, Drama
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 years ago
A short tale from a Deers point of view as he observes change to his home.
Rated: E
~627 Words
*Dollar* 1,125 GPs per review
Nature, Animal, Contest Entry
Type: Fiction
Updated 5 months ago
Contest Entry, Sci-fi Guild, Human are blindsided by helpful Aliens in a war.
Rated: E
~1,030 Words
*Dollar* 563 GPs per review
Sci-fi, Contest Entry, Political
Type: Other
Updated 3 years ago
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