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I have written since I was a teenager, first as form of therapy. Now I'm a seeker of truth, finding it were I can. I find most truths are hidden under the surface, covered up, lies, or hidden on purpose. I share some of these insights with my stories. Although you may not completely understand them, they will expand your mind. Find your own inner journey, that's where the truth lies. The stories are about your inner self, the world around you, and how we are all connected. Please read them, become inspired! Listen to your heart/spirit, look at yourself with love. They're metaphorical by design. Interpret by understanding yourself.
What does it mean to be a whole person?
Rated: E
~769 Words
Psychology, Research, Relationship
Type: Essay
Updated 10 years ago
A story of transformation.
Rated: E
~2,365 Words
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Spiritual, Inspirational, Other
Type: Short Story
Updated 6 months ago
Are we imagining meaning onto everything?
Rated: E
~1,396 Words
Self Help, Inspirational, Spiritual
Type: Essay
Updated about a year ago
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