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Blogging, to take over the world.
The object is to teach an old dog new tricks. (not much hope ... )
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November 24, 2012 at 5:00am
November 24, 2012 at 5:00am
Being an animal person, personally - it is strange that horses do not feature as an animal which money and time would be spent on. Even as a present it would not be very welcome.

Horses are good on the eye, a stallion in form is a real sight to behold, and a newly born foal is close to being one of the seven wonders of the animal world.

Watching a video of a herd of wild mustangs galloping across the prairie is a stirring sight. Rodeo and horse racing, whether on a standard course, or show jumping, is something to see.

A movie about horses, even a story or book, is interesting. Black Beauty (by Anna Sewell) is still one of the top ten books ever written, some may dis-agree, then, that they may.

Horses are fine at a distance, as are lions, tigers, and elephants. All being equal to nothing, elephants do not bite, to date research proves such. Horses do bite!

Where does all of this fit into the picture?

Which picture one would ask.

A short, short story came from a series of incidents and only one point is not cleared up in this story - the horses do not belong to this author. Still, they are seen almost daily next door in the field.


Horse sense - it is the ability horses have of not betting on people
November 18, 2012 at 1:41am
November 18, 2012 at 1:41am

When it has all been done and talked about, when the dust has settled, it cannot be undone, it is over - then it is called 'history'.

Due to a situation which was never foreseen, 'history' has become a vital part of my current life.

The history of the town and the farms, the roads and the homesteads, the people and their ways, all of these are coming into my life.

Any one who could remember Shane as a TV series would have some idea what this is all about. The hero (Shane) gets involved in a situation where some villian is taking advantage of a poor, defenceless victim.

Almost like McGyver, or Indiana Jones, without the humor, is this current story.

I need a 'hero' !

Anyone has Batman's phone number, or better, Superman ?

Just not Spiderman, as the wife would zap him with bugspray.

For a reason which is not clear, the hobby farm is surrounded by a farm, and the route is over two properties. This has been the way for many years and never was there any issues about this situation.

Then the one property was sold to a person who had ideas which caused the current road to be closed and a new road was offered for use.

If the alternate road met the basic legal requirements, it was a offer which could not be refused. The offer is illegal and for some reason the law is an ass. Dickens (Charles) said so, not me, I would never say such, although I wholeheartedly agree.

To prove the situation would require a lawyer plus lots of money, and many many years, and these are in short supply.

Now the situation is tackled in a different way.

And whether you're an honest man or whether you're a thief
Depends on whose solicitor has given me my brief.
_ W.S. Gilbert, Utopia, Limited, I

November 9, 2012 at 3:16pm
November 9, 2012 at 3:16pm
Sometimes things happen, in retrospect, the story was an incident which was foreseen, talked about, the people informed, was warned it could happen, then - it did happen.

This is the way of life, things are known to happen, red lights are put out, warning signs are placed, information is supplied, and the players are told to beware, 'things do happen'.

On Wednesday past, the 7th, the neighbor's dogs cornered the male ostrich and badly mauled him, mostly around the neck area.
This is a wild ostrich and treating the wounds was not possible.
Infection set in and the ostrich went to the happy hunting grounds, or where-ever it is ostriches go.

The passing of this ostrich is not in isolation, as he was brooding with his mate, who is alone now, and will not manage to brood alone
There will possibly be no chicks from this nest as the eggs already have gone cold.
Add to this, the perpetrators of this deed also went to doggie-heaven.
All because some one ignored the warning, 'do not allow the dogs to roam around free, things may happen', and it did happen.

Who let the dogs out ?

October 29, 2012 at 6:37am
October 29, 2012 at 6:37am
they don't bark, bite, snarl, sneer, or are aggressive in any way

they are a rather slimy bunch tho, they are snails.

Add a good helping of garlic, and they can slide down a gullet nicely..

Florida (U S A) has declared the African snail to be an invasive specie, and should not be set free should one have these as a pet.

My guests are at home in the garden as long as the required humidity is given, they are a sub-tropical specie and want things to be wet

To date two snails have been found, there are more around, which will join the the clan (?) when they are found.

(?) indicates the open question; a 'what' of snails ... this 'collective noun' issue can be an issue at times.

October 22, 2012 at 9:30pm
October 22, 2012 at 9:30pm

Snakes are a standard here where I live.

It does not mean one will see a snake frequently, rarely does one see a snake, or meet up with snakes.

Throughout the years the snakes that have intruded onto or into our property have been worth mentioning.

Mostly these were poisonous, and the majority were Cobra.

The Cape Cobra was the most frequent visitor and also the biggest, clocking in at well over six feet in two cases.

An Egyptian Cobra was a total stranger here as it is supposed to be more to the north where it is warmer..

The Snub-nosed variety have only been noticed once.

The spitting cobra is rather scarce, and as the name indicates, not a customer one wants to meet up with as it can bite and spit.

There was the odd puff-adder, two that comes to mind, in as many decades, and then of those, the one came to 'steal' chicks, and the other stopped for a drink of water from the duck pond when it was noticed.

(Snakes must be aware, when noticed, it is not good for a snake's health.)

There was the odd bird-snake once, not the brightest of creatures, which catches baby birds, and then falls out of the tree.

Today the snake crossed paths with our dog, who duly informed us of the 'intruder'. The snake then met up with the garden rake, which has vicious teeth by the way, and the snake is no more.

The snake measured about four and a half foot, and was a cobra.

Another unusual observation was the bee-eaters who arrived at the feeding trough , today.

The bee-eaters started eating the crushed corn.

Considering those sabre type beaks, it took them a bit of balancing to get the corn down.

Either they are truly hungry, or a new one for me, as they are insect eaters who eat insects on the wing..

The dog had eight puppies.

She is Jack Russel type and the father must be close to that bloodline, as the pups are fair looking Jack Russel copies.

With the new 'law' of not docking a pup's tail, all of these pups still sport a full tail.

Will it make a difference to their outlook on life ?

Only time will tell.

The basic weather pattern here is savannah with thorn bushes, dry winters, and summer rainfall.

For the preceding few years the rainfall was exceptionally high, and a new creature turned up in the garden - snails.

Then 2011 was much dryer and the snails almost all died out.

I found many shells all over, and then on Monday, I found a massive live snail.

It is being treated with due respect as a survivor of the great drought.

The latest guest in the animal farm.
October 8, 2012 at 4:21am
October 8, 2012 at 4:21am

Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy did not care
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzi wuz he ?

This little ditty proves something, what it is, I do not know ?

Ruyard Kipling also got hold of it

A tribute to the Fuzzy Wuzzy's fighting spirit.

So 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, at your 'ome in the Soudan;
You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man;
An' 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, with your 'ayrick 'ead of 'air—
You big black boundin' beggar—for you broke a British square!

Believe it, the Fuzzy Wuzzy is a real, live nation

There is more to a Fuzzy Wuzzy than what meets the eye.

Should one be so inclined, do Google.
October 1, 2012 at 5:16am
October 1, 2012 at 5:16am

Slowly, very slowly, the place is starting to look more like a good place to stay.

It will still take a few miracles, a lot of sweat, more coats of paint, and effort - lots of effort.

Another birthday for the wife, and the kids are here to help her have a good day.

The worlds are not in alignment, more like the war of the worlds, we see the same thing different.

In the words of the great Beatles, ♫ ♪ (I thought they were... )

Try to see it my way,
Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?
While you see it your way,
Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone (love?)

Think of what you're saying.
You can get it wrong and still you think that it's all right.
Think of what I'm saying,
We can work it out and get it straight, or say good night.

Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend.
I have always thought that it's a crime,
So I will ask you once again.

Try to see it my way,
Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.
While you see it your way
There's a chance that we might fall apart before too long

We can work it out.

(modified version of the song - sorry Beatles)
They said it so much better than I ever could.

Some people prefer the war, it has so much more to it.

To war then, so it will be - I can keep others happy. if need be.

I do miss the animals, we sold a few of the young ostriches, and I feel like a heel.

Selling my kids for money ! We all have our price - so I am told.

The birds keep me a bit happy, and the odd lizard as well.

Got a lot of Gecko - a what of gecko, a tub ?

As we are working, the gecko are being transferred to a safer haven.

Before this happens, they are kept in a margarine tub, for later release.

And a photo shoot - of course.

September 15, 2012 at 7:55am
September 15, 2012 at 7:55am

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

This is the start of the poem by Kipling

To this I will add -

And how much ?

We should always try and make sure if we can afford our aims, desires, and goals.

... and dreams - for these can turn into nightmares if not looked after, they can turn on one, and bite one on the posterior.

September 12, 2012 at 11:47pm
September 12, 2012 at 11:47pm

The saga starts way back, a story of people and their ways.

Greater stories have been written about this subject, still, it is one of the corner stones of modern man.

The right of way, also known as access rights.

Man has always had certain 'rights' which allows us to live in a certain manner of civilized co-operation.

Once this system fails, we have chaos, even war.

Robert Ardrey (b. October 16, 1908, Chicago, Illinois—d. January 14, 1980, South Africa)
African Genesis (1961) and The Territorial Imperative (1966)

Desmond John Morris FZS, born 24 January 1928 in Purton, north Wiltshire
The Naked Ape (1967)

Based on the works of these two gents, and many more, it is clear that control of property is the main reason for war.

Some-one said 'Love' ?

Here we think of Helen of Troy as a prime case.

The blokes involved saw her as property, and then started a war.

To be cont.........
September 7, 2012 at 9:46pm
September 7, 2012 at 9:46pm

And there I was, gone for 10 days ...

Did anyone notice, apparently - yes. Now it is good to know. (I did give notice, really, I did.)

The earth has many types of people on it.

Sharing this earth, are the 'non-people', 'non-people' are people who do not behave themselves as people should.

How are people supposed to behave ?

Nice, reasonable, happy, friendly, and/or neutral ?

Under certain conditions, mankind is impressed with aggression, anger, and other related forms of action.

In war and sport it is acceptable to allow the adrenaline to flow freely, even in business it is allowed.

Then the milk of human kindness does not flow, and people are happy with it.

We are a strange bunch at times.

I have spent the last 10 days sorting out the mess my 'people' (worms) have left me.

I own a hobby farm (small holding, plot) which I want to sell as I do not live on it anymore.

Easier said than done.

For the umpteenth time, the tenants have left under a dark cloud.

The place needs cleaning as the one house was used as a chicken farm.

The other house has not seen a pail of cleaning fluid in a long time, and is in need of a few coats of paint.

The grounds will keep a workforce busy for a while and the general condition is rather sad.

Weeds, wild trees, rocks, and plain old rubbish, all over.

And then there is the question of the road which was closed off ...

My neighbor decided to close my access road, and make a new one.

Any one who knows about roads, know this is fighting talk.

I am busy with a fight, and the worms I have met in this battle, it is quite a long story.

Rather boring in detail - he said; she said; the system is slower than slow; and most do not care much or nothing.

The law states - in the words of Dickens et al - 'The law is an ass'

It is not the law which is an ass, it is the people who apply it, sometimes, and at this moment, worms come to mind.

Worms are creatures who will turn, or change into another form, worms can be used to fish with.

The end is not in sight yet, when all the ducks will be in a row, when the last shot will be fired in this battle, and the money is in the bank, only time will tell.

One good thing about this situation, we are seeing many people who used to share a previous period of our life.

Family, friends, children of people we knew once - all grown up, and old enemies, even a few new ones, these we all meet.

Reminds me of 'Fiddler on the Roof' (the movie) 1971 :
Villager: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
Tevye: Very good. That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.

Another good thing (so I am told) is that I am spending much less time on the computer ...

I would care to to show them the error of their thoughts, still, there is some truth in it.

I have visited a few places which adds positively to my life.

Then, do I need more baggage, more books (bought a few again) ?

The Pocket Book of Quotations - D. Davidoff 1942
The Last f the Incas - E. Hyams & G Ordish 1963

We are spending money (always a favorite of the wife's) and adding to the already big mountain of hoard (treasures).

The ex-tenants left a container of odds and ends behind, which has mainly books in it. (Finders, Keepers; I say !)

The first quote on opening the Quote book:

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.
- Old Testament, Isaiah, XXII,13

Till next time - go well.

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