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Review of BOSPHORUS- 1  
Review by bob county
Rated: ASR | N/A (Review only item.)
I had a neighbor's condo get hit by a dump truck.
The truck went through their kitchen.
It is frightening how quickly you can lose everything.

I was in the hospital for a hernia.
A young nurse examined me and I was aroused.
It was embarrassing and thrilling.
The nurse gave me a magic marker to mark the
hernia with an x.

I like your style.

You say you are a Witch?
I like that movie with Will Farell
and Nicole Kidman; Bewitched.
Can you do wiggle your nose?

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (4.5)
This must be a conservative bar.
In Maine there's the Navy Yard bar.
It's a place to hook up and nobody cares
about bad breath.
You can shoot some pool or grab the mike and
sing a song.
There's always a game on the TV.

By and by a fun bar.
Your poem doesn't sound real.
Have you been to a bar?
What's your favorite drink?
I like rum and coke.
Maybe I can bye you one?

Querious poem...

Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Philopinos I know are tiny.
You start with a buff tall one in your thread.
The writing is smooth and fleshed out.
It didn't shock me. There are some many erotic entertainers ..
There are a lot of massage Philopino prostitutes in Portland, NH.
Maine is chucked full of trailer park welfare prostitute moms.
Portsmouth New Hamshire has some escort services that provide fantasy role-playing.

I'm a germaphobe so I shy away from prostitution.
But, if that's your fantasy, take a walk on the wild side.
A lot of coeds like to play with random hook-ups.
A girl I work with loves to pretend she's an escort.
She expects her date to pay for everything and that includes sex.

Anywho, you could sell this erotic story.($)

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Wow! This is satori!
It reminds me of a Buddist poem.
The Buddha remarked,
"Nothing cannot exist,
therefore, we exist."
No matter how turbulent our lives are,
the waters will calm.

It is as inevitable as the rising Sun.

Keep writing!

Review of Dead leaf.  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
How many leaves have fallen?
How many leaves will fall before there are no more?

I had a silly argument over waste.
"You made too many sausages!"
I was scolded.
"We have only so many." the chiding continued.
I apologized, "Think of the pig's sacrifice."

China and India are fighting over fresh water rights.
And they have nukes; as does Pakistan.
Meanwhile, North Korea is starving and building nukes.
There aren't enough sausages to feed the overpopulated world.

I am sorry I made too many sausages...

You have a stimulating tome to leaves.
I like to rake them into a pile and burn them in the fall.

Keep writing!

Review of Growth  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (4.5)
Free Verse?
I'm reminded of a nature program about sea turtles.
The sea turtles swim across the world to lay their eggs.
Some of the eggs are eaten by seagulls.
When the turtles hatch some are eaten as they crawl to the sea.
Many other hatchlings are eaten swimming.
Is the work of a kind benevolent creator?
Well, it's natural selection.

The human mind seeks justice and love in a cruel world.
Why? I believe this is the tome of your lyric.
Maybe, we just over think our situation.

Fun read!

Check out~God's Progressive Plan on my site.+


Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
I think, therefore, I think...
The human brain can convince itself of anything.
But, if you try to fly like Superman you'll flop.
Unless, your really Superman don't jump off a roof.
Sounds silly, but Superman fans have tried it.

Who are you? Are you an immortal spirit?
Can you survive death, like Jesus and Superman?
Brain injury can cause personality changes
and an impulse control issues..
The Bible says magical Jews can fly through the air
and rise from the dead.

But, don't jump off a roof.

Keep writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Sweet memories..
I'm impressed with your writing style.
The syntax was seamless and carries
the reader gently through your romance.

I'm very choppy with my prose.
When my girlfriend was 19, I took nude photos of her
on the backyard lawn. I turned the spinning sprinkler on.
I begged my girlfriend to let me send the photos to Playboy.
But, she wouldn't allow it.
She's a nurse now.. I think she could have been
a pinup..
Your story has more style, but mine has more jazz.

Any who, you've written a beautiful retrospective.

Review of Cinderella Red  
Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Both my sisters weren't fans of Cinderella.
Perhaps, they dislike the impossible beauty.
Or maybe, they disliked Prince Charming.
The vibe I get from your poem is not positive.
I dated a lady with a barrel chest.
She took after her father's powerful upper body.
She was not bitter about Cinderella's impossible beauty.
She is a very positive nudist.

This poem seemed hateful of Cinderella stories.
Maybe, I've misinterpreted ..

It is well constructed..

Keep writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
This reads like a Satanic chant in a Black Mass.
I was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts..
It is a diverse community of many cultures..
There are Witches and Jehovah Witnesses.
While I was a reluctant Catholic, I had an atheist Jewish girlfriend.
I was star struck by her copper skin and green eyes...
Her father, Gunther Wild, escaped NAZI Germany.
He was an infant and was smuggled out in a suitcase.+
"Religion is for sheep." Gunther said.
I'm intrigued by your poem.
Are you suggesting that non-believers are damned?
Judaism has the Sheol for the damned...
They remain in the grave and never wake up. .

Which religion is better?

Good luck with your journey Mr. Foster.

Review of Good is God  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (3.0)
Are you Moslem?
The United states of America has killed more Moslems,
then all the people killed in both world wars.
Can you imagine being Moslem in the Middle East or
in the U.S.A?
It's open season on Moslems.
In ancient times Christians would slaughter Moslems
all in the name of God's son..
If you were born in the Middle East, you'd probably be Moslem
and have a life expectancy of 33 years.
Nice tome, but too bias.

Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
I like bubbles. Advertising is a big bubble.
Your thread leads the reader to a sudsy end.
At this point you can only chuckle...
I was hoping for a large bubble chase scene.
But, story moves quickly with a pop...

Keep Writing!

We are all inflated bubbles.

Review of Sacrifice  
Review by bob county
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
"The children shall not be punished for their father's sin"
wrote Duet 24:16..
But, that is what God did to the children of Adam.
God cursed Adam's seed with Original Sin.
And when God's Angels took the daughters of men to be wives
and giants walked the land, God drowned them in a great flood.
God saved Noah and his family, but Ham sinned against Noah
and the sin remained in the world...And Ham seed became Arabia.
And so God anointed Abraham to lead his people.
And God told Abraham to slaughter the women and children of Arabia.
Moses freed the Jews from Egyptian slavery and God sent them to Palestine..
where God commanded the tribes of Judah to slaughter the Palestinians.
Jesus was a peaceful prophet, who was crucified.....
He said his Father in Heaven wanted to make him a human sacrifice+,
because he loves you.<?><

You are a thought provoking writer.
The Force is strong with you.
Live long and prosper.

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (1.0)
This is not my cup of tea, nevertheless, it does fit into the limerick style.
George Carlin once said that "Humor is funny or the audience isn't.."
I think your having fun with limericks and that's what's important.

Keep Writing!

Review of Auld Lang Syne  
Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (4.0)
Interesting ellipses.
Is this a script?
I've heard some stories about wise guys
ending up in canned dog food.
But, this has an edgy quality...
The oddness thing about violence is the silence after.
It's like screaming monkeys and then there just quite ..
You could expand on this and introduce some satire.

Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (2.5)
I've written erotic tales, but this thread is more of a tease.
Sometimes describing the dining ware can be titillating ..
I didn't get that vibe here..
Maybe, that was your intent?
The bisexual bridesmaid was fun, but short.
Why was that hookup given three lines at the end?

I'm left confused.

Review by bob county
Rated: 18+ | (3.0)
When considering the law and justice, one should remember that the two do not always agree.
That is why we have jury nullification.

When Galileo was brought to Rome for an Inquisition of heresy, he resided in the Villa Medici
of his friend Niccolini. He enjoyed rich food and dined with intellectuals.
The Pope commuted Galileo's prison sentence to the Villa Medici..
Bishop Carmuel of Lyons stated, "We are allowed to interpret the words of Josue Chapter 10
as metaphorical expressions." Did God stop the Sun for Josue?
Is this justice?

You have a fascinating outline.
Why not write automatically?
Just use your stream of conscientiousness.

Review by bob county
Rated: 13+ | (2.5)
North Korea is a natural response to China's imperialism.
I don't see much protest about a celebrity basket ball player's
friendship with a North Korean dictator..
Celebrities are always trying to be politically relevant.
They want to be popular and influential.
Your narrative seemed to condemn this.

The topic should be more optimistic.
Do you want war?

Just my two cents..

Review of Technology  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (4.0)
I was never I big fan of dictionaries.
If you don't know how to spell it,
how can you find the word in the dictionary.
Spell check is a big help on line.
When I was in high school we didn't have
calculators .. That was horribly slow.
There was no cable TV in my childhood.
The television was inside the record player.
There were 3 network stations and a few local
stations on UHC... The dials on the TV clicked.
I like Technology it's fun.
Review of I am not me.  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
I've known beautiful people, who had physical disabilities.
Erotica is not only physical. It is spiritual.
I had a passionate relationship with a young woman of 19 and
I was 14. She was pretty and I have never been handsome ..
I was born with a sunken chest, which required chest surgery.
That left a scar across my chest. Nevertheless, I have known
sexual love.

Keep writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
Know that you are mortal.
That your time is fleeting.
And celebrate your life and love.
Who can say when our time is over?
Is this a dream ?
Who is the dreamer?

I've noticed that all things have a top and a bottom.
There is light and darkness.
It is the way of things..

Good writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)
You saw a cow in a tree?
Storms remind me that I am not God.
I've been through the blizzard of 78.
Everything shut down...
I had to shovel a tunnel from the house.
A snowblower isn't going to cut through it.
The whole neighborhood worked together.
That's the connection I made with your poem.

Good writing!

Review of The Ghost  
Review by bob county
Rated: E | (4.5)

"I see you coming as o're the ground."
you wrote. Is this Elizabethan speech?
It feels like a selidaque.
Why are we so introspective?
That is the rub..
Why does the wolf howl at the full Moon?
Is that our nature?

Mayhaps we are but mere fools.

Keep writing!

Review by bob county
Rated: E | (5.0)

I read an article like this and wonder if the human race is toxic.
How many species have cause so much damage to the planet?
This goes far beyond natural selection.
If human pollution goes unchecked, then all life will be jeopardized.
That is assuming human weapons of mass destruction are not unleashed.


Review by bob county
Rated: E | (2.0)
Do you keep a dream journal?
I have published in erotic magazines.
It's amazing what pops out in your dreams.
So much of our identity is tied up ..
They say there is number sequence for everything.
That everyone has an algorithm.

Funny thread.

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