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Here are my prep activities before NaNoWriMo begins for 2018.
This is my Prep Tool for NaNoWriMo 2018.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Premise Revision 9.18k
Chapter 2 Interview with a Preacher 5.31k
Chapter 3 Building My Brand 5.29k
Chapter 4 The Community Meeting 7.80k
Chapter 5 World Building: The Creation of ZoNed4 9.71k
Chapter 6 Outline Revision #3 9.87k
Chapter 7 Literary Devices 4.76k
Chapter 8 Minor Characters 3.60k
Chapter 9 Necessary Items 5.76k
Chapter 10 Breezy Glade 7.22k
Chapter 11 So Many Places to Go. So Many Things to Do. 3.37k
Chapter 12 The Order of Life 5.47k
Chapter 13 The Tar-Baby Strikes Again 3.18k
Chapter 14 The Ensemble of Players 5.47k
Chapter 15 Believe It! 7.44k
Chapter 16 The Assignment 4.18k
Chapter 17 Lazarus Watyudid 2.00k
Chapter 18 The Pencil Sketch of the Story 4.62k
Chapter 19 Storms of Joy! 3.06k
Chapter 20 Preaching the Unsearchable Riches of Christ 5.33k
Chapter 21 Matthew Marks Sees the Light 3.72k
Chapter 22 A Wanderer Has No Place to Call Home 8.84k
Chapter 23 The Character of Matthew Marks 8.82k
Chapter 24 Could It Be? 2.60k
Chapter 25 Life in Lucas Grove 3.17k
Chapter 26 Plotting Along 2.03k
Chapter 27 What if...? 3.69k

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