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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter 2

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    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
Setup: Five friends, high school seniors, are out for a hike when they run across a pond that is not on their map. The characters are:
- Brittany, a short mousy girl that tries out for the cheer team every year but is always rejected for her looks
- Ashley, the attractive girl next door to Rory
- Veronica, the quick-witted, pudgy editor of the school paper, with a penchant for F-bombs
- Mariela, a pretty young Latina who plays several sports at the school
- Rory, a young, fit but geeky guy

Each dip in the lake makes the girls a bit prettier, but it doesn't work the next time unless the girl has sex first...

Setup: Emma is suddenly transported to a fantasy world where she discovers that she has been chosen as the paladin of their goddess of beauty.
- Emma, an athletic brunette transported from our world, who becomes the Paladin
- Gwendolyn, the Goddess of Beauty
- Qinx, a Latino girl who specializes in burglary, also transported from our world
- Mere, a nature-loving archer
- Rarin, a good-natured barbarian
- Flequin, a blowhard bard

Setup: Three young teenage friends, tired of being picked on by their older sisters and pressured by their parents, find a Celtic scroll that gives them what they want... but unbeknownst to them, there will be a price to be paid.
Characters (younger sister & older sister):
Jen & Christie - Irish sisters, pressured to be musicians by their parents
Adelene & Rosa - Puerto Rican sisters, parents pressure them to be good housewives
Abia & Dwaa - Iraqi sisters, parents pressure them to marry wealth

Thanks to Ceem for this idea!

CHOICE 4: High School RPG IRL
Setup: Five high school kids are playing a role-playing game together, when a strange event turns their lives into the game
Rachel - brown hair, green eyes, runs cross country, average student
Amanda - blond hair, blue eyes, sings in choir and performs in theater, average student
Peggy - Asian, black hair, brown eyes, excellent student
John - light brown hair, hazel eyes, excellent student
Jerry - brown hair, green eyes, poor student, loves shop class

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