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I'm an Italian casual writer. What I usually write about are mostly fetish related or dark sided stories, even when related to the pony dimension. What else to say? I enjoy videogames and board games in the same way, I also do cosplays, but I try to find always time to read a good book, especially if it is science fiction or fantasy. And I just loved the Discworld series created by the late Terry Pratchett. If you want to see me add to an interactive or want to ask for commissions, do not hesitate to send me a message and I'll check and reply :) Write on & have a wonderful day!
A fantasy themed weight gain interactive involving races from myths and legends...
Rated: GC
27 Chapters
Fantasy, Erotica, Food/Cooking
Type: Interactive
Updated about a year ago
Ever dreamed of fattened raptors? Or of Giantesses Vs T-Rexes? Here you can :)
Rated: GC
116 Chapters
Animal, Fanfiction, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated 22 days ago
See how the girls (and the men) of the anime Monster Musume grow bigger as they fatten up
Rated: 18+
49 Chapters
Fanfiction, Entertainment, Food/Cooking
Type: Interactive
Updated 9 months ago
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