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Welcome to my blog: I intend to share heartfelt writing about anything that comes to mind.
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Blogging Circle of Friends Prompt Forum  (E)
This is the forum where blog prompts will be posted for the Blogging Circle of Friends.
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July - September 2021
Rising Star Summer Camp
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Open Door to Grace Forum  (E)
This goes with the group and prayer survey. Place for comments and discussion.
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Open Door To Grace ♥  (E)
Christians who will pray with YOU!
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Open Door To Grace Prayer Hot Line  (E)
Do you want prayer? Ask for it here! All requests are confidential.
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Poetry Topic of the Month Contest  (13+)
Win up to 5,000 GPs. It ends at midnight at the end of each month. Suggest the topic.
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Guest judge: March, April, May, July, and August 2021
June blogging questions for Welcome to My Reality "June blogging questions

6/8/2021 "I Praise God With or without Healing.
6/7/2021 "By His Stripes We Are Healed
6/5/2021 "May Our Souls Prosper
6/4/2021 "God Loves Our Soul
6/3/2021 "Put On Praise Like A Garment
6/2/2021 "God Is The God That Heals
6/1/2021 "Regular Bible study is important.
5/31/2021 "Have a Safe Memorial Day!
5/30/2021 "Learning from a challenge
5/29/2021 "God pursues peace.
5/28/2021 "Give it if you have it
5/27/2021 "Keeping God's commandments in my heart
5/26/2021 "God protects the righteous.
5/25/2021 "Wisdom Helps Us Sleep
5/24/2021 "Wisdom and Understanding Are Very Valuable
5/23/2021 "Nicknames???
5/22/2021 "God Disciplines Like A Father
5/21/2021 "Put God First In All You Gain
5/20/2021 "Always Ask God First
5/19/2021 "Keep Mercy and Truth Around Your Neck
5/18/2021 "Keeping God's commandments in my heart
5/17/2021 "Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
5/16/2021 "Making The World A Better Place
5/15/2021 "Bound By Our Own Sin
5/14/2021 "Pigs Gone Crazy
5/13/2021 "Wisdom Knows How To Give A Soft Answer
5/12/2021 "Happiness Glows
5/11/2021 "Don't fall asleep in church.
5/10/2021 "Jesus did not disrespect his mother.
5/9/2021 "May 9th - Language/ Happy Mother's Day!
5/8/2021 "Hell, You Don't Want To Go There!
5/7/2021 "God Is My Everything
5/6/2021 "Speak the Truth Humbly
5/5/2021 "Heaven Is A Beautiful Place
5/4/2021 "What Would Jesus do?
5/3/2021 "May 3rd, 2021 - Favorite Bible Character
5/2/2021 "Jesus Destroys the Devil’s Work
5/1/2021 "God Wants Us To Love Ourselves
4/30/2021 "Self-righteousness Is Sin
4/29/2021 "Ask God First
4/28/2021 "Jesus Writes Mercy and Truth On My Heart ❤️
4/27/2021 "My life Reflects Christ.
4/26/2021 "I Love Praising God.
4/24/2021 "In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found.
4/23/2021 "Reading the Bible Gives Me Peace
4/22/2021 "I’ll Live For Him Who Died For Me.
4/21/2021 "Be ready to share the Gospel
4/20/2021 "The Lord Delights in Me
4/19/2021 "Jesus Christ Heals
4/17/2021 "Share The Gospel With Others
4/16/2021 "God Is Most Humble
4/15/2021 "God Sets My Path Straight
4/14/2021 "God Gives Me My Desires
4/13/2021 "God Orders My Steps
4/12/2021 "God Rescues His Children
4/11/2021 "Remembering Christ's Benefits
4/10/2021 "God's blessings are True Blessings.
4/9/2021 "The Just Are Very Blessed.
4/8/2021 "I Am Very Blessed When God is First
4/7/2021 "Fear the Lord above all others.
4/6/2021 "God Is My Refuge. I Trust In Him.
4/5/2021 "Keeping Righteousness and Judgement
4/3/2021 "God's Correction Is God's Love
4/2/2021 "Faithful and Wise Servant
4/1/2021 "Luke, Like the Beatitudes
3/31/2021 "The Joyful Sound
3/30/2021 "Dwelling in God's House
3/29/2021 "Has God Chosen You?
3/27/2021 "Blessed To Help The Poor
3/26/2021 "Pride Comes Before The Fall
3/25/2021 "Keeping God’s Word
3/24/2021 "Taste And See That The Lord Is Good
3/23/2021 "One Nation Under God
3/22/2021 "Having no Guile
3/20/2021 "Salvation Is A Blessing
3/19/2021 "Blessed For Trusting In The Lord
3/18/2021 "Offended In Christ?
3/17/2021 "Law Of Liberty
3/16/2021 "Believing Without Seeing
3/15/2021 "1st Resurrection/2nd Death
3/14/2021 "Scripture writing - Galations 5:13-15
3/13/2021 "Watching And Waiting For Christ To Return
3/12/2021 "Seeking God With Our Whole Heart
3/11/2021 "Long-suffering God
3/10/2021 "Isaiah 56:1-2
3/9/2021 "Blessed Are They Who Do His Commandments!
3/8/2021 "Psalm 1:1-3
3/7/2021 "Scripture writing - Ephesians 4:22-28
3/6/2021 "Enduring Temptation
3/5/2021 "The Salt of the Earth
3/4/2021 "Blessed Are The Persecuted
3/3/2021 "Beatitudes 5, 6, and 7
3/2/2021 "Beatitudes 3 and 4
3/1/2021 "Beatitudes 1 and 2
2/27/2021 "Love Others As Yourself
2/26/2021 "Best place for a Christian at All Times
2/25/2021 "Say “No” To Fear
2/24/2021 "Benefits of God’s Child
2/23/2021 "Walking In His Will
2/22/2021 "The Lord Is My Shepherd
2/19/2021 "Adults Being Child-like?
2/18/2021 "How To Resist Sin
2/17/2021 "Failure Is Not an Option
2/16/2021 "Why does God Allow Suffering?
2/15/2021 "Jeremiah 2:31 Explained
2/14/2021 "Thoughts On Prayer
2/13/2021 "Proverbs 14:14 thoughts
2/11/2021 "Touching the Garment
2/10/2021 "Should I Study the Bible?
2/9/2021 "God Holds My Hand

Jesus is my permanent anchor!
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May 1, 2021 at 9:19am
May 1, 2021 at 9:19am
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Take UP Your Cross

Does God want us to love ourself? Why or why not?

I think that if he didn’t want us to love ourselves, Jesus would not have said that the commandments were founded in loving others as yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others like you love yourself? That is something to think about.

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The Original Logo.

PROMPT May 1st

Write about one (or more) of your creative idols. Who do you look up to? Whose work are you most inspired by? Why?

Wow! This is a tough subject for me. I haven’t thought about it much lately. Two of my favorite authors are Gilbert Morris and Karen Kingsburry. I have others that I like very well too. I like reading things by C S Lewis and Stormy Omartian. Each author has their unique style and reason for liking them. My favorite genre is Christian fiction. I also enjoy reading religious and self-help books. I will read other genres too. I like variety. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. I have been concentrating more on writing than reading lately. I also love reading the Bible.

Musically, my favorite singer is Reba McEntire. She is also from Oklahoma. Again I like variety. One day, I may listen to country music. The next day, I may listen to 80’s pop. The next day, I may listen to Gaithersburg gospel music and the next, I may listen to singers like Michael W. Smith. I may even listen to classical or instrumental music too. Again, it depends on my mood and what I am doing at the time. I also have my go-to funny songs when I need a laugh or pick me up, such as the Ray Stevens’ songs.

Picture to use in feasting on the word of God

Feasting On The Word of God   (E)
This is for a Bible study group.
#2245217 by Marvelous Friend

This week’s study is "Armor of God - Shield of Faith. Next week’s is on the sword of the Spirit.

Are you in the need for prayer? Let us know here and we will pray for you.
Open Door To Grace Prayer Hot Line  (E)
Do you want prayer? Ask for it here! All requests are confidential.
#1372909 by Marvelous Friend


Poetry Topic of the Month Contest  (13+)
Win up to 5,000 GPs. It ends at midnight at the end of each month. Suggest the topic.
#2216416 by Sharmelle's Writing Again

Now judging April entries!

This is the link to the group I do these Scripture writings with on Facebook if anyone else is interested in doing so also.

Scripture writing - 1 Corinthians 10:12-14

12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.
13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.
14 Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.

Verse 12- Like Peter when the cock crowed 3 times, he thought he was ready to die for Christ, instead he denied him. We must be careful that we don’t slip up.
Verse 13- God only allows you to experience temptation you can handle. Every temptation you experience is common and happens to other people too.
Verse 14- avoid idolatry like the plague.

Pride comes before the fall. Don’t think you won’t ever be tempted, but when you are tempted, God will provide a way of escape. Stay away from idolatry.

Dear God,
Thank you for providing a way for us to escape temptation. Thank you for giving us tools and a way to stand against evil. Help us to remain humble and dependent upon you.
In Jesus’s name,
Gratitude List

1. Bills getting paid
2. Second chances
3. Technology
4. Strength
5. Indoor plumbing
6. Running water
7. Electricity
8. A running vehicle
9. Recreation
10. Education


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Do you dwell on the past or do you move on pretty easily?

I would like to think I move on easily. Of course, some things are harder to move on from than others. Grief is something I do struggle to let go of sometimes because I have had to deal with so much of it.

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As a new month starts, so does a new journey across the expanse cyberspace that is the WDC universe. Today we found a star that has been on WDC for some time. BrianKC GrindingGears (459) writes
Unfinished  (ASR)
We get a hint of memory at the oddest hour and wonder again why we moved on from the one.
#2137067 by #BrianKCompton #Poet #Writer

a poem about serendipity. What do you think? Do you have serendipity? Tell us about it.

When I look up the definition of serendipity, it says it has to do with things turning out good by chance. I can’t say I believe in things happening by chance. God has a good plan and purpose for our life. All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Well, maybe in a way, With that thought in mind, Christians are guaranteed an entire life of serendipity. Interesting thought.
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Can beauty be found in chaos? How do you describe chaos? How do you describe beauty?

I believe it can. Chaos is everything that can go wrong will go wrong (tragedy and destruction) and un-organization. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Each person interprets their own I think. To me, beauty is extremely pretty or something very good.

Here are a couple examples of what I am talking about. If you think about the chaos surrounding a woman giving birth. That is a beautiful thing because a new life has begun. A tornado can be beautiful, but the end result is chaos from its destruction. As a Christian, I believe the beauty of Salvation came from the chaos of Christ’s death on the cross. As you can see, these are examples of what I believe to be beauty coming from chaos.

Blogging Circle of Friends Prompt Forum  (E)
This is the forum where blog prompts will be posted for the Blogging Circle of Friends.
#1901904 by Witchy woman

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