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Blog attempt 1.
The first few entries come from a private journal I have kept for a few years now.
also home for my entries for

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30-Day Blogging Challenge ON HIATUS  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - Hiatus
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November 23, 2021 at 9:28pm
November 23, 2021 at 9:28pm

PROMPT November 24th

In a previous prompt, I asked you to write about your
best, or favorite teacher. Tonight write about your darkest teacher.

I don't know about having a dark teacher, most of mine have been really positive and kind. Of course I was teacher's pet. Wait, the darkest teacher I have ever had was life itself. Its lessons have brought me to tears more than once and the edge of utter desolation more than once.
November 23, 2021 at 9:21pm
November 23, 2021 at 9:21pm
PROMPT November 23rd

In your blog today, tell us your favorite joke. It can be long, short, it does not matter. What makes this particular joke your favorite one? C'mon, show us your sense of humor!

My best and most recent funny was a response to "Complaints Received From Dissatisfied Customers in
Smile! (Groan?) You Know You Love These!  (13+)
Want to smile at least once a day? Then read these! Okay, maybe you'll groan some too...
#2177903 by Sum1

My wife insists these complaints can't be real. She assures me that nobody is this stupid. I countered with the existence of Broncos fans. She shut up πŸ˜…πŸ€£
that is my most recent funny.

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November 21, 2021 at 10:07pm
November 21, 2021 at 10:07pm
PROMPT November 22nd

You have found that you can do something no one else can do. What is this special talent you have? Would it be considered a 'Super Power'? If you could have chosen this special ability, what would it be?

Raen sat on a mat in the sleeping tent. Light streamed in through the open flap. A small bowl sat in front of her with a tennis ball sitting in it. Raen stared at the ball. According to Toni, as translated through Beaoul, Raen should be able to move things with her mind. She stared at and focused on the ball. Move! Damn it! In this place there was not so much as a breath of wind to stir the ball in the slightest and raise her hopes.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips and she moved her focus to her experiences. Raen let her consciousness just flow over and through her memories. As a child in a moment of disorientation, she just might have teleported herself and Fred out of danger. She had touched Beaoul's mind a few times. Her ability to heal a hellhound wound marked her as far from the average being. She had to accept she wasn't human. Only once she managed that would she even begin to release her potential.

Lives could depend on Raen's ability to release that potential. If she had some idea of what she was capable of back on Tradehub maybe a lot of her friends would still be alive, not to mention the rest of the population. The loss of so many lives made Raen sharply angry. The ball in front of her shifted in the bowl. Raen glared at the ball, how dare it move now? The ball shot from the bowl straight out of the tent.

Raen blinked at the empty bowl. Had she moved it?

"The answer to that would be yes Raen," Beaoul ducked into the tent carrying the tennis ball. "I get what dogs like about these things now! It flew past me and I just had to go after it. I grabbed it with my thoughts instead." Beaoul dropped the ball back in the bowl. Then she laid down on the tapestries covering the floor putting her head down on her paws. "So, you took the angry route. It just proved that you could do it. Now we need to teach you to do it without the adrenaline. Don't worry it shouldn't take you as long to figure out as it did me. I had to teach myself and it took me a little while to realize anger wasn't reliable."

Raen blinked at Beaoul who allowed her tongue to loll out the side of her mouth. This made Raen look her friend over critically. Beaoul wasn't as recognizable as a hellhound. Her filthy, short, dark, snarled-up fur was lighter, and they had both taken to washing and brushing it out regularly. They had also figured out a way to trim and grind her claws into attractive and even lengths. She was a lovely canine specimen.

"Beaoul, do you mind not LOOKing like a hellhound anymore?"

Beaoul sat up on her haunches in a defensive stance, "What do you mean I don't look like a hellhound?"

"You are a lovely dog! Your claws are manicured, your fur is clean, well-groomed, and several shades lighter more of a coppery tone now," Raen stated.

Beaoul huffed out a gruff chuckle, "We aren't discussing me. We need to get your mind moving things!"

November 21, 2021 at 8:31pm
November 21, 2021 at 8:31pm
PROMPT November 21st

Tonight/today, listen to this beautiful song.


Where does your mind go when listening to this? What emotions surface as you experience the music? If you've seen the movie (Return To Me), tell us how this affected you. Has it changed you at all?

I can't keep from thinking of my mother. I wish she could return to me. I am going through some physical and mental health problems, I have to admit to crying myself to sleep in pain just wanting my mommy. I know the song is about a different type of love but I haven't experienced a profound loss of that type.

November 20, 2021 at 2:25pm
November 20, 2021 at 2:25pm
PROMPT November 20th

In your blog tonight/today, write about a story you've been told, or use a newscast story and CREATE a conspiracy theory. Tell us why you chose this subject, and of course, provide 'evidence' that your theory could be rooted in truth.

People are psychically incapable of rehanging fresh toilet paper when the tube is empty. There is some kind of telepathic block, only the truly insane can manage to rehang fresh toilet paper. A good eighty percent of the population is afflicted with this psychic block. Ocassionally the block slips and an afflicted person can wind up hanging the toilet paper. Most of the time it is done by the type of person obsessed with how it hangs, dangling ahead or behind the roll, perhaps with a triangular fold pointing out the pull from point. Some people who are required to do it for their jobs as janitors or maids can be reconditioned into to doing it. Now I believe this conditioning is all a first stage experiment to see just how susceptible to telepathic conditioning the people of our planet are. Next we will be conditioned to believe network news and in the existence of meter maids. After that will come full invasion.
November 19, 2021 at 8:50pm
November 19, 2021 at 8:50pm
PROMPT November 19th

We've all had one or several epiphanies in our lives. Tonight, write about a moment in your life that changed the way you view the world.

The day I first reached the light switch in my childhood bedroom. That was the first time I really realized I was growing taller and that growing up wasn't just some euphemism for some kind of magical transformation. Until that day I think I would just wake up one morning the size of my parents.

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November 18, 2021 at 9:10pm
November 18, 2021 at 9:10pm
PROMPT November 18th

An easy prompt for tonight. I'm tired, don't want to think much, so an easy one. What did you do during the 'Great Shutdown For The Upgrade' of WDC today? Tell us all the 'gory' details!

Raen awoke even more disoriented than when she fell asleep. She lay within an ornate tapestry tent, on piles of thick velvet pillows. Vaguely she recalled fainting in an infinitely white space. While the tent was far darker than that space had been, light filtering through the weave of the fabric let her know she probably hadn't moved. Raen crawled towards the flap that appeared to be the exit from the room-sized tent. She wasn't sure she could find her feet beneath her. Outside of the tent the infinite white space extended in all directions. A small mat lay a few feet from the tent opening and a spread of tasty smelling foods were laid out on it in ornate plates and bowls.

Raen attacked the food like a starving woman. Partway through the meal, she noticed Beaoul sitting next to the tent staring out into the whiteness with an unfocused look on her face. Feeling suddenly full Raen felt the creeping effect of disorientation rolling back over her. There was something wrong with the universe. There was an emptiness where extra layers of reality should be. She stared openly at Beaoul waiting for the hellhound to respond.

After some time Beaoul blinked and took notice of Raen. "Oh, welcome back to consciousness. I was starting to worry. Toni kept telling me I slept much longer the first time I arrived here."


"We are currently sitting within a multidimensional entity that the civilizations of the old omniverse referred to as a Middle of Everywhen entity, or a MOE. She prefers Toni. A friend from the old omniverse called her that casually and she claimed it as well as the pronoun she. MOEs are neither male nor female in actuality. They are a multidimensional version of a single-celled organism," Beaoul stated.

Raen held a hand to her head to steady it. Something still felt entirely wrong with the universe. "Don't you feel that?"

Beaoul cocked her head to the side for a minute. "Feel what?"

"Like there is a whole bunch of people that are just missing! Like we are alone here! No one is listening!"

Beaoul's eyes went unfocused. "Toni says she feels it too. It could be something on a meta-universal level. She has a theory that all the omniverses exist within a larger overarching sort of pseudo existence. Like within a story someone is telling. Perhaps you two are sensing something going on on that level? It would have to be a truly cosmic event to reach this far into our reality though."

"Cosmic? Multiverse? Omniverse what the heck is all of that!"

A dark-rimmed door opened in the whiteness of their surroundings. Beaoul chuckled, "I think Toni wants to show you something."

Hesitantly, Raen rose and walked towards the door...

November 18, 2021 at 8:31pm
November 18, 2021 at 8:31pm
PROMPT November 17th

You have been invited to a posh dinner party hosted by one of the wealthiest people in your small town. When you arrive, your host is does not greet you, and the butler informs you they have been missing last night. A quick search by all the party goers finds him/her dead. Their body is in a small clearing in the woods bvehind the mansion. Being a modern day Nancy Drew/Joe Hardy type of person, you begin your own investigation. What do you find that leads you to the murderer. Who is the murderer? How was the host killed?

Me invited to a posh dinner? Maybe as a caterers assistant, if I had a caterer in the family. I can only see this turning out like the movie version of clue with me the third one dead. I guess I'd find out who the murderer was when they killed me.
November 16, 2021 at 6:59pm
November 16, 2021 at 6:59pm
PROMPT November 16th

This one will cover one of my favorite subjects, Food.
Do you follow a certain regimen/diet when it comes to eating?
Other than something you might be allergic to, are there any foods you avoid or limit yourself to? What's your favorite meal to prepare. Share your recipe if you like. (I have a 'killer' chocolate recipe!)

I was going to write an elaborate scene where Raen and Beaoul share their favorite foods, an interesting scene considering one could be classed as a semi cannibal and the other as a need-based vegetarian. I apologize, I had to run a few errands. While I was out I had a massive panic attack, which almost was take me to an ER time. I am barely functioning to handle writing the assembly instructions for a pb and j sandwich. Life happens sometimes, and sometimes it kicks you hard in the head. so... without further ado.

You take two slices of bread, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on one slice, a thin layer of jelly on the other slice, slam them together with the toppings to the inside. Warm a frying pan and slide a pat of butter around place the sandwich one side down and absorb the butter, remove, melt more butter in the pan and place the dry side down. Let it sizzle and check for a nice pretty golden brown, flip, brown second side. Remove to plate, serve with ice cold glass of cow's milk. There, tasty as a desert and a whole childhood spent calling it a meal.
November 15, 2021 at 5:44pm
November 15, 2021 at 5:44pm
PROMPT November 15th

You and your two best friends are going on a month-long road trip. Where are you going? What three items must be in your luggage for this trip to be a great experience for you.

My wife, her mother, and I live together, they are my closest friends. That said, we LIVE together. Thankfully the prompt is not suggesting this will be a vacation, just a month-long road trip. Well I believe the first thing I will require is an extra large size bottle of Excedrin migraine, after that a filled prescription for Xanax would be a good idea. Last I think I would need a half-gallon bottle of rum for when the Xanax ran out. And that is just for the first three days...

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