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Rated: 13+ · Book · Sci-fi · #381531
A relcutant hacker teams up with an eccentric hottie to save the world...or blow it up.
This story is something that I was rather proud of a while ago, but when I was writing it I was making a lot of consessions, and now it is impossible to finish. I'm leaving it up because I have nothing to fill the space it would leave for the moment being.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Uh, #1? 6.12k
Chapter 2 Whee, hangover 2.73k
Chapter 3 The new kid 5.22k
Chapter 4 Those dissapearing disks, they're a pain. 2.95k
Chapter 5 Diner guest 3.93k
Chapter 6 Tina plays spy 3.42k
Chapter 7 Fishy connections. 1.58k
Chapter 8 False Information 4.14k
Chapter 9 Silence is a Virtue. Someone sould tell Ken that. 2.49k
Chapter 10 Throwing chicken out windows saves lives. 6.71k
Chapter 11 And the Plot thickens. 5.37k
Chapter 12 Police to the rescue. Maybe. 5.58k
Chapter 13 A Trip to the Police Station 2.31k
Chapter 14 What a Bomb! 3.01k
Chapter 15 The Mice Start off Running 4.48k
Chapter 16 Two mice and a fish. 2.05k
Chapter 17 Pouncing Cat 3.84k
Chapter 18 Swimming into Barrels 3.69k
Chapter 19 A New Duty 3.14k

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