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Hi, newbie oldie wannabe neverbe here. I write because I have things to say, yet...nobody reads me...literally. So this place offers a chance to get out of my bedroom and into the light you might shine on my work. I didn't know I was a writer for almost fifty years...now? Well, perhaps you should be the judge because it seems we are either our greatest fan or our worst critic...depending on the level of self-confidence on any given day. I have only been writing for six years, but when I finally discovered this art, it poured out like a shaken soda bottle...poetry, essays, observations, comedy is my fav...dry, analytical and self-deprecating.
Autobiography 17000 words. Deals with addiction, relationships and more. Told with honesty
Rated: GC
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Biographical, Experience, Personal
Type: Handbook
Updated 9 days ago
A set of five sci-fi short stories based around how human life here on Earth may end.
Rated: 13+
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Sci-fi, Death, Philosophy
Type: Folder
Updated 10 days ago
Satire. SATIRE for those whose editors do not suck. Actually written here a long time ago.
Rated: ASR
~652 Words
Satire, Comedy, Writing
Type: Monologue
Updated 19 days ago
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