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Hi, I'm Neil, welcome to my port. I'm Australian and began writing in 2018. Spending the previous fifty-two years with terrible writer's block. Once that cleared, it became a Sunami of poetry, short stories, sci-fi, observations and essays and as I gain in experience, venturing into fiction and longer projects. Learning the mechanics' of wordcraft has been a challenge but one I am overcoming slowly. Being an addict most of my adult life has taken much but, it has also given me lots of material. Once rock bottom hits, a person has little to fear or worry about and this shows throughout, with no holds barred truth in every piece I write. Enjoy.
Satirical story of life in heaven where all the characters are flawed with human qualities
Rated: 13+
~7,684 Words
Satire, Nonsense, Comedy
Type: Short Story
Updated 8 days ago
Why would God give us free will when He already knows who will choose Him and who won't.
Rated: E
~822 Words
Philosophy, Religious, Satire
Type: Column
Updated 2 days ago
Looks at relationship issues, denial, domestic violence & its causes. An opinion piece.
Rated: 13+
~1,898 Words
Relationship, Philosophy, Opinion
Type: Essay
Updated a day ago
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