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This blog is a doorway into the mind of Percy Goodfellow. Don't be shocked at the lost boys of Namby-Pamby Land and the women they cavort with. Watch as his caricatures blunder about the space between audacious hope and the wake-up calls of tomorrow. Behold their scrawl on the CRT, like graffitti on a subway wall. Examine it through your own lens...Step up my friends, and separate the pepper from the rat poop. Welcome to my abode...the armpit of yesterday, the blinking of an eye and a plank to the edge of Eternity.

Note: This blog is my journal. I've no interest in persuading anyone to adopt my views. What I write is whatever happens to interest me when I start pounding the keys.

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March 31, 2018 at 12:16pm
March 31, 2018 at 12:16pm
I'm halfway through Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers...The Truth Behind the misinformation , Distortion, and Derision by Debunkers, Government Agencies and Conspiracy Conmen.... Written by Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden.

I've decided to supplement my U-Tube video watching with whatever written materials I can find at Barnes and Nobel. The reason I'm intrigued by the subject is I've come to the conclusion that something after WW2 so shocked the United States Government that they resolved to take action, to counter a phenomena they viewed as a major threat to National Security. This begs the question, what was so concerning to President Truman and his top advisors, it compelled them to clamp a secrecy lid on flying saucers that continues to this day.

If you read the book you'll be shocked at the lengths our government has gone in the coverup. It makes Watergate, The Russia collusion, and Uranium 1 story pale in comparison. A concerted effort was made to explain the flying saucer anomolies away using every device known to counter intelligence in an effort to keep the American public and the world at large in the dark. A disinformation program was launched to make people think sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) could be explained by natural means as well as intimidate scientists into remaining mute, or worse, become participants in the cloak of secrecy that has surrounded the UFO phenomena from its early beginnings.

Again, what was it the United States Government, the most powerful country on earth, found so disconcerting in the aftermath of WW2? The answer has been leaking out in dribs and drabs for the past seventy years. If you think the Big Brother can't keep a secret you're wrong.

By now most everybody knows that in 1947 something mind boggling happened at Roswell. It was something so significant that even after seventy-five years, it refuses to go away. Several saucers were alleged to have crashed in the deserts of Nevada and New Mexico. Debris, alien and human body body parts as well as flying discs, several nearly intact, were recovered. One that was relatively undamaged went down at "The Trinity Site" on the North end of White Sands Proving ground. Close by was home base for the 509th Bombardment Group operating out of Roswell Army Airfield. This was where the B-29s were stationed, which dropped the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What is now coming out is a broader context for what else was going on.

Recently I watched a U-tube video and the presenter was talking about a revelation provided by a contemporary who made the following claim.

Following WW2, rocket scientists were brought to White Sands Proving Grounds from Germany. In 1947 they were setting up shop in the western desert of the United States. A V2 was launched and shortly thereafter a silver disc appeared causing the missile to veer off course and crash. This was an unexpected development. While these discs, also known as Foo Fighters, were observed throughout the war, this was the first incident where one behaved in a hostile manner. The visual and radar imagery left no doubt that the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) had intervened and that the action resulted in a deviation in course, gyroscopic instability, and catastrophic failure.

Several weeks later a second launch was scheduled. This time state of the art radars and prototype antiaircraft weapons were readied around the launch area. It could be a large conventional warhead was placed on the rocket capable of command detonatiion. As the rocket took off several of the UFOs reappeared in the airspace. The V2 exploded vaporizing a disk shaped craft and one or more of the others appeared to sustain damage. This was confirmed shortly thereafter when it was reported that one of the craft had come down in the vicinity of Roswell New Mexico. Several dead Extra Biological Entities (EBEs), human body parts and a surviving EBE were brought to the airbase.

Another unreported series of events followed. There were a number of military and civilian aircraft that began to crash. The Air Force had reason to believe these crashes were in retaliation to their earlier response.

The point to be made is that for the UFOologist, evidence must be seen in a broader context. What happened at Roswell was related to what happened at White Sands and the aircraft crashes that followed. By just looking at Roswell, the observer sees a tree and not the surrounding forest.
March 29, 2018 at 8:44am
March 29, 2018 at 8:44am
Yesterday I wrote about "Chains." When we think about slavery we think about the Blacks being brought to the United States on slave ships to work on the plantations. Slavery has always been around but there is something obscene about owning another human being...Human abuse, at its low and vile worst is a foregone conclusion when slavery is allowed to exist. Abolishing it was a good thing even though it took a civil war.

However this did not mean there was an end to the chains. They only took other forms. Social Injustice, human trafficking, imprisonment, extortion, prostitution, abortion, welfare, food stamps, ghetto's and currently an opioid epidemic that has gone viral have picked up the guide-iron of evil and carried it to new heights.

In the USA our society is being reshaped by social engineers. Recently there was a hue and cry when President Trump referred to certain Third world countries as "Shit-holes." I submit we don't have to go abroad on this planet to find them. They are in our back yards in places like San Francisco and Chicago. Homeless people, ad-hock dwellings, garbage, feces, and drug paraphernalia have become common features of the landscape..., so much so they become easy to overlook.

Parts of our social fabric are rotting and we have become much better at removing the norms of societal restraint than replacing them with product improved versions. The result is that swaths of our society have become shit holes and who wants to live in one when the prospect of a better life is seen in malls and gated communities. Is it any wonder that those living in shit-holes want to escape? Unfortunately slaves are still bound by chains and if there is no physical escape then there is always recourse to drugs.

It takes self discipline to claw out of the Shit-Holes in life and self discipline is a commodity in short supply. The Liberals either are clueless or party to this travesty. We're on the glide path for a hard landing and the middle class is targeted for destruction. In a socialist world there can be no middle class..., only the haves and have nots. Socialism is simply a rebranding of feudalism. Our worst Orwellian fears are coming to fruition and as the parts become shit-holes so will the one world utopia the elitists are angling for.

The Second Amendment is not a relic of the 18th century but a tool of last recourse... a means for getting the George Soros's of the planet to knock it off.

March 27, 2018 at 10:49am
March 27, 2018 at 10:49am
I'm in my early seventies and can definitely feel the slowdown. Still, I try and maintain a healthy life style and exercise.

In front of my farmstead is a straight road that extends for a mile. The intersections mark the grid laid out by the early surveyors. In the middle of each intersection is a hole where the seat of the survey rod was placed. If one walks from one intersection to the next the distance is one mile. For me that is about 2300 paces. (Sometimes more or less depending on my wobbly knees.)

My hearing is not so good and modern cars are quieter than they once were. If a motor vehicle comes towards me, I see it and call my dogs. It usually takes three calls which is enough time for them to run up and be held out of harms way. However, if I don't restrain them, they want to get a closer look at who is inside. When a car comes from behind I don't always respond and usually the dogs run up behind me and start jumping up on my back. They seem to be saying...."Hey dumbass, you make the rules..., aren't you going to turn around and hold our collars in this stupid restraint ritual you've invented?"

Several weeks ago my neighbor showed me some trail cam from his back forty, of seven wolves chowing down on a deer carcass. The pack definitely had some big brutes. Since then I take more precautions. I'm really not all that worried because there are plenty of deer and cattle around. The Department of Natural Resources, who imported the wolves, compensate local farmers for calf kills. The farmers have taken to grazing donkeys with the beef cattle for protection. Apparently donkeys imported from out West provide a deterence to predators.

We are experiencing the drug and opiode epidemic in Adams County. This is the poorest county in the State of Wisconsin. I give out food at the local pantry and the recipients show the effects. The sight is heartrending.

Obama really screwed things up. Poor people and minorities are being used as political pawns. Chains are chains.... instead of iron chains they have morphed into welfare, food stamps and the next link is going to be a paid salary for doing nothing. If you think entitlement programs are off the charts now just wait for what the Liberals are about to roll out next.
March 26, 2018 at 4:22pm
March 26, 2018 at 4:22pm
Today is the 26th of March. It is cold in Wisconsin but not as cold as it has been. It looks like a thaw is coming.

TWO-SIX is my lucky number. In Vietnam I was a Rifle Platoon Leader and the men called me "two-six." The Company Commander explained to me not to be surprised if nobody ever got to know my name. Attrition was high and it was easier to stick with the platoon number and a "Six" leader designation.... hence as second platoon leader I got the designation, "Two-Six." I survived, even though I can't recall any of the men ever knowing my name. I know some of you might be wondering about a name tag on my BDUs. The first set of jungle fatigues I got issued over there, I had all the stuff sewn on but once they got dirty they went into a common heap of dirty clothes that everyone replaced with whatever came out of the base camp in a laundry bundle. We all looked the same, a bunch of OD colored rag-bags.

At one time I could damn near relate all that happened on each day I was over there. Now it all runs together and like a defensive back, I've forgotten most of the mundane stuff and the intense part is all I can dredge up.... It returns to me in not so fond recollections, bad dreams and flashbacks. Sometimes in the car... a moment wafts back over me and I cringe, draw up and mutter an explicative. My sweet and gentle wife jumps in her seat and says..."I hate it when you do that!"
March 24, 2018 at 9:48am
March 24, 2018 at 9:48am
In the latest incident of weirdness, taking place in Austin Texas a young man, who looked otherwise normal, was compelled to build some bombs and randomly place them in the community. Two people were killed before an intensive search tracked him down and led to his demise.

As I watched the story unfold I was struck by how advanced our means have become in finding perpetrators. While the principles have remained the same, the technology has exploded. Young people have become so dependent on cell phones that everywhere you look one is stuffed into somebody's pocket. For a criminal, carrying such a device is a very bad idea. A cell phone is a transmitter and electronic signals can be tracked and recorded.

In WW2, over seventy-five years ago, locating devices were commonly used for this purpose. How often have you seen in war movies bands of brave partisans being tracked by evil Nazis driving trucks with antennas poking out of the roof. Signals from transmitters were detected by listening devices and used to zero in on their locations. While what was being said was often coded, just the transmission and where it emanated from was enough to track down the embattled resistance fighters. Then came a huge breakthrough.... ENIGMA. Here the Allies were able to not only locate the source of the signal but decode the context of the message.

Anybody familiar with the Vietnam knew that signals intelligence was used by both sides to locate units and listen on telephone lines and radio networks. The locations, name and size of opposing forces played a key role in determining the order of battle. Following Vietnam the technology was used in the drug wars against the Columbian Cartels. By this time the size of transmitters had shrunk from iron boxes that were transported on back packs, to cell phones. Helicopters used scanners to search for signals from the drug lords and determine their locations.

By the time President Obama came along everybody had a cell phone and this became fertile ground to finding individuals involved in various sorts of nefarious activities. We all remember OJ, driving down the interstate while a helicopter flew over head tracking his cell phone signal. That was old tech... and today the state of the art has expanded exponentially.

The National Security Agency (NSA), along with the other Intelligence agencies, have boxes that no longer require real time transmissions to zero in on a source. They can actually go backward in time and locate a source and even listen in on a conversation that took place several years ago. If you think about it what happened in Austin and how electronic surveillance was used to break the case... boggles the mind.

At the end of the Cold War the internet came along. When the early computer networks were established inside, and linking various organizations together I had occasion to caution members of my unit on the dangers of email. I called everybody together and warned them that every email they sent, went through an administrator and that individual (The IT guy) had a record of everything you were saying. That you'd be well served to send nothing over the net that you'd feel uncomfortable reading on the church bulletin board. That was over thirty years ago in the infancy of the information age.

In more recent times we are hearing bits and pieces about the... "gathering of META data." If you have ever gotten a bill from a credit card company you're familiar with what Meta data looks like. These are records that contain the essential elements of information necessary to complete a transaction. For example a record might show a a date/time, an amount, a product description, cost, interest and running total. These records are compiled into an accumulated list that shows a monthly billing statement. Every month this statement is filed on a company server, or perhaps in a "Cloud" which is a huge server, located somewhere in the nethertworld.

With cell phones this META data, we are told, does not reveal the content of the call but rather only records of the date/time, duration of transmission, caller GPS location, and callee, GPS locations. While storing this data is not supposed to intrude on the substance of the call it certainly tells volumes about who the callers were and where they were speaking from.

Now take this several steps further. We know that text messages of emails sent over the internet were stored somewhere and used at FBI Headquarters to tie Peter Strzok and Lisa Page together. We also know that a new type of Black Box has been developed that provides the Intelligence Agencies not with only META data but actual conversations. I submit that if you can recover text messages it is a small step to being able to recover voice or telephonic messages....virtually any conversation that has take place over say.... the past 10 years. The evidence of this is complaints by our European friends that we have access to what they are routinely saying over the telephone.

Zoom forward now to Austin Texas. The bomber left packages at specific GPS locations, and was then captured on video camera at the LOCAL Fedex office. Once a law enforcement agency can determine a location and a time, it is possible to search all the cell phones that were in the vicinity. If the same cell phone turns up at more than one location then BINGO!... the perpetrator can be identified, his cell phone turned on and used to track his whereabouts. Once that is known the contents of his phone calls can be listened in on not using a "Wire Tap" but rather by searching what is stored in the huge server in the sky. In addition his computer can be accessed and anything written in the recent past, put under a microscope.

As widely reported, once the Texas Bomber was pinpointed at the FEDEX building, all the cell phones in his vicinity could be identified and depending on the power of the signal and his exact location at the box drop, his identity determined. As we digest all this it becomes clearer what the true nature of the state of the art, Voodo Black Box, operated by NSA really is and how it is being used at home and abroad.
March 23, 2018 at 8:47am
March 23, 2018 at 8:47am
If you are not following the political drama playing out each night on Fox News you're missing the educational experience of a lifetime.

Detractors of President Trump are being revealed for what they are... all out partisans, who've resorted to letting the ends justify the means, hell bent to achieve their agenda by hook or crook. "Impeach Trump" is the message and Liberal Democrats and many Republicans have worked tirelessly, before the election and since, to thwart the success of our duly elected leader and undermine his efforts to make America Great Again.

Look at what John Brennan, recent director of the CIA Tweeted last week.

"When the full extent of your (President Trump) venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe but you will not destroy America. America will triumph over you."

Of all the political tweets I've read in the past year and a half, I find this one the most troubling. John Brennan has long been a Deep State operative with a view on America is that is out of touch with the interests of the American people. He's a gridiron bearer for the globalists like George Soros who are intent on diluting America's role in the world and submerging it in a sea of mediocrity. With the monied elitists he has a distorted socialist view of a one world government. He doesn't want America to triumph over anything.... quite the contrary! He wants America to dissappear.

March 20, 2018 at 10:34am
March 20, 2018 at 10:34am
Last night I had a dream. Many sweet thoughts wafted through my slumbers, expressed in a wistful grace and eloquence, all but gone when I woke up. When I try and recreate those poignant recollections, they mock me, like crows, cawing out the once vivid and profound whispers.

In this dream was a message that we should strive to give the good in us, dominion over evil... That we should strive to tip righteousness in the direction of good. That we should set the bar high and be all that we can...knowing our limits and fighting the good fight...not so high as Job did (mind you) a fine man who did much..., more than we could ever manage, yet someone who fell short in distinguishing better from best. He suffered as a consequence and the lesson is pray, stay humble and hope to be spared hard trials. Better to aim high and keep a low profile... pride and arrogance attract evil like shit attracts flies. Follow the lamp of goodness and avoid the dark temptations. We are the synthesis of both... And a spark of the Divine animates our journey from inside a corpulence of elemental flesh, rife with needs and desires, compelling us in ways oft' contrary to our best interests.

Be glad for a woman to bear your seed but understand that her need goes beyond thirst. Be glad for the company and someone to cling to. Kind words and abiding love are more portentous than an occasional squirt of dookey snot.

March 18, 2018 at 9:33am
March 18, 2018 at 9:33am
Nobody can cut through the BS like Judge Jennine Shupero on Fox News.

Last night she got on Andrew McCabe's case and gave him a slam dunk.

For those who are unaware Andrew McCabe was the Deputy Director of the FBI under James Comey. Both off these high officials forgot that the FBI is supposed to be non-partisan and mortgaged their integrity for political purposes. They disgraced the Agency. Both were unceremoniously fired. At the FBI there is a rule that if you lie you get canned.

Instead of sucking it up and accepting the judgement of an unbiased review process, McCabe has blamed President Trump. The truth is that he has nobody to blame but himself. He should have recused himself from the Clinton Investigation after his wife received a quarter of a million dollars in Clinton money. He should have fessed up to the truth of questions asked by the IG, Congressional Committees and the internal review process. He should never have resorted to self serving leaks or allowed his office to become a den for conspirators. Now he sounds like Hillary Clinton. His feeble claim that none of this was his fault, falls on deaf ears. His pathetic excuse that it was President Trump's fault... is simply absurd.

This sorry state of affairs should have nobody dancing in glee. These are depressing revelations. The integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a proud agency with a long tradition of excellence has been besmirched by those at the very top. This is a lesson to everyone who might be tempted to flirt with evil. The Clinton's have a well deserved reputation and everything they touch turns to shit.

March 17, 2018 at 9:38am
March 17, 2018 at 9:38am
Now that the Face on Mars and the pyramids have been established as artifacts of a once ancient civilization the next question is "So What."

The answer to that is that the coverup proves that NASA is a front for the Secret Space Program (SSP), which is an undertaking that began when MJ-12 was commissioned by President Truman in the aftermath of what fell to earth at Roswell in 1947. The debris of at least one saucer and alien remains were recovered. It is strongly suspected that at least one of these Aliens survived and put us in touch with other Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs.) An exchange took place and twelve(12) astronauts, in two teams were taken to off world locations presumably the Moon and Mars. The landing of the craft is depicted in Stephen Speilburg's film, First Encounters of the Third Kind.

Since Roswell a shroud of secrecy has descended on all matters pertaining to all Aliens, past and present. The official explanation for all the hush-hush is a Brookings Institute Report, commissioned by NASA on the actions that needed to be taken if evidence of Extraterrestrials came to light. The Brookings Institute Report gave NASA exactly what they were fishing for... a recommendation, that any such evidence should be suppressed or risk destabilizing the world order. Never mind that this recommendation is absolute BS, and such revelations would lead to a sense of wonder and awe rather than panic and social upheaval..., the prohibition was necessary to allow for a secret enterprise to investigate the UFO phenomena, mine and back engineer artifacts, and determine the threat posed by the EBEs and measures that could be taken should they prove hostile.

This research and development has been going on for over seventy years and led to an explosion of technological advances. Artifacts have been found on the Moon and Mars and crashed UFO's are being mined for the technology they offer. This has put the United States over fifty years ahead of our closest competitor on the planet. By having a virtual lock on the artifacts the USA, has continued a monopoly we enjoy today. Any attempt to change the status quo is being met with a ferocious resistance, unprecedented in history. If you think back to ENIGMA in World War Two, and the threats of on the spot execution to anyone who breathed a word, you get a sense for how profoundly important the mining efforts of these crashed space vehicles and ancient artifacts are to the government. When President Eisenhower warned us to beware of the Military Industrial Complex he was referring to the deep state that is coordinating these efforts. When President Bush let down his guard and referred to the power of these forces and the influence they exert that go beyond anything the government directly controls, this is what he was getting at. When President Clinton showed anxiety when questioned by Kimmel, and President Barrack Obama said he "was not allowed to speak further," it suggests something huge is simmering just beneath the surface of public awareness. The question is why is the subject of Aliens and evidence of past visitations and archeological artifacts such a verboten area of inquiry... kept under a shroud of super secrecy?

There are two answers and they are related. The first is that evidence has been discovered that the Alien issue has a dark side. These EBEs are not the sweet little ETs often portrayed by Hollywood. The second is that every time the disclosure question comes up the guardians (MJ-12) decide they need more time to unlock the secrets of this arcane technology and translate the results into a military capability. If you recall the technology of WW2, the case is often made that if the Nazi's had been given five more years their rockets and jet aircraft would have made them victorious.

The manner in which the Face on Mars revelation has been allowed to play out shows the lengths that NASA, as front for the SSP, is prepared to go to cover up the question of a past Alien presence on the Red Planet. For the skeptics it is as close to a smoking gun as the public is ever likely to get.

March 16, 2018 at 8:48am
March 16, 2018 at 8:48am
I often write regarding my belief that there is an alien presence operating in our solar system. I guess this qualifies me as a conspiracy theorist. Occasionally someone responds to my blog or an article in my port, saying they find my stuff interesting but otherwise remain unconvinced. Yesterday I was listening to U-tube videos after searching "Alien Face on Mars."

Most everyone on the planet must have seen, at one time or the other, the famous NASA image of the Face on Mars. When it first appeared it generated a great deal of public interest, despite NASA claims it was an natural feature, that while it resembled a face, in actuality it was a play of light and shadows. However, since it was causing so much "Hoop-La" they agreed to send the next mapping satellite over to take a closer look. For a few years everyone waited for the promised imagery. When it finally arrived everybody was dissappointed. It was simply a mesa without a face, like something we sometimes see in clouds, which at first glance resembles a face but is actually the result of the human propensity to see things in nature as having human features that don't really exist.

Now if you're a skeptic of the Alien Presence Hypothesis and think all the hype about little green men is a bunch of mularkey, then NASA's treatment of the FACE and the nearby DM Pyramids anomolies should raise an eyebrow. From the time when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) released the doctored images a hard core of NASA scientists and administrators cried "Foul!" These were insiders who knew better than anyone, the culture that exists at NASA and its principle subcontractor, the JPL. While a first they could not offer conclusive proof that the images had been doctored they knew enough to smell a rat.

One of the first to take exception was a renowned plasma scientist, Dr. John Brandenburg, a once high level administrator of the Clementine Project, who had worked to discover the presence of water on the moon. He made several discoveries about Mars, one of which was the presence of a radio active isotope in the Martin atmosphere that is a marker for the past explosion of a nuclear weapon. He has been named, "A once promising scientist who came unhinged." He is worth listening to on U-Tube. His comments on NASA's treatment of the Face on Mars has the following bottom line..., "When you see an undesputable face within 5 KM of some huge perfectly geometrical pyramids, a rational person must conclude that the anomalies are of intelligent origin." When one looks at satellite imagery of both the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza, on earth, and those at Caledonia, on Mars, the similarities are unmistakable. Duhhhh!

So then how does one explain that the follow up pictures revealed simply a mesa covered with boulders? Dr. Tom Van Flanders has the answer. NASA wanted the controversial face to go away and told JPL to make it happen. JPL took the imagery and subjected it to every slight of hand known to the voodoo of computer enhancing imagery. One photo used a scrub of high and low level level filters and then averaged the two. BINGO! this became the photo that the Public Affairs Officer picked from the table that best illustrated the outcome that NASA was looking for. Having explained this likely happened, Van Flanders goes on to make his case. He uses a scientific approach known as "a priori." He postulates that if the side off the face that can be seen can predict the features in the shadowed side of the face, then the probability of a natural occurring vs an intelligently created object can be decided. So looking at the early photograph and using criteria of eyebrows, pupils and lips and extending what is visible into the dark regions a projection was made. If in the follow-up imagery taken on the subsequent pass the predicted lines were found to be extended into the shaded part, this proves the structure is of intelligent origin. Conversely if the second pass showed rocks and boulders, the anomalies will be shown as naturally occuring. When this test was done it was shown that the odds were over a billion to one that the image was of intelligent origin.
March 10, 2018 at 4:31pm
March 10, 2018 at 4:31pm
Once a school shooting begins its a little late to try and end it.

Returning Prayer and the pledge of alleginece to schools, mental health counseling, eliminating "Promise" programs, insisting on disciplined learning environments are worthwhile matters to consider however, the Liberals who control education will never change their stripes and will insist on more of the same old nonsense they've been peddling since the end of WW2.

If you look at the laws that are being enacted, they are not going to help much either..., and when the crazies realize the scope of the political mayhem offered by school shootings the likelihood of repetition and more carnage approaches certainty. No doubt the home grown and foreign terrorists are already taking notes.

The only way a school shooting can be stopped, once it gets started, is for those in the vortex to take violent and immediate action. From start to finish an active shooter(s) scenario is of short duration. Five to seven minutes is the expected timeframe. After that its all over but the crying, gnashing of teeth and bloviating rhetoric of incompetent sheriffs, educators and elected officials trying to cover their asses.

Only those inside the vortex have a chance at ending the slaughter once it gets started. The designated school law enforcement officer can become a game changer as could a percentage of armed teaches, and coaches. If counter forces inside the building, exercise immediate action, there is hope the matter can be nipped in the bud. Otherwise the situation becomes increasingly ugly as the minutes pass, ending only when the terrorists expend their ammunition or beat a hasty withdrawal. The sad truth is that by the time law enforcement arrives and decides upon a course of action, the window of opportunity has already slammed shut and the perpetrators fled. Active shooter drills practiced by local law enforcement are pretty much a waste of time. For those arriving late to the scene the only promising option is to take out a firearm and rush headlong into the school. This is opposed to setting up a perimeter, waiting for the SWAT Team to arrive, or asking the FBI to send a hostage negotiator.

Whether teachers like the idea or not at least ten percent of them must have quick access to weapons, be trained in their use, and most importantly be conditioned to take the bold and immediate action necessary to protect their students.

March 8, 2018 at 8:44am
March 8, 2018 at 8:44am
The reason the second amendment was included in the Constitution was to protect the people against the tyranny of central government. The idea was that militias could be quickly formed in the states to throw off the yoke, should the power in Washington ever get out of control and start oppressing the citizens. If everybody was armed a serious pushback would be possible, where otherwise it could be strangled in the cradle.

It is no surprise that the Leftists favor a socialistic form of governance. This redheaded stepchild of communism has been seeded in countries across the planet and once people get used to it, this onerous system will be ready for morphing into an overarching global government to rule all.

One Government to rule them all
One Government to blind them
One chain to yoke them all
And in the Darkness bind them...

Sound familiar...?

In order to do this the elitists realize they have to radically change the political landscape of the United States of America. This will be no easy task but the Dark Lords of globalism are not daunted.

One of the first tasks is to destroy the American Middle Class (AMC). This is well on the way, an almost a foregone conclusion before President Trump came along. What it is about the AMC that the Neo-socialists find so disconcerting is that it offers an alternative to the Orwellian society they have in mind. Why would anyone in their right mind opt for a socialist state and its two class system when a democratic state offers a higher level of self actualization? Stated in simpler terms why would anyone in their right mind prefer living in Cuba to living in the United States. The answer is NOBODY but the elitists, and the proof is the lengths the have nots from "Shit Hole" socialist countries will take, to come to the USA. We are the last bastion of freedom in a sea of mediocracy and oppression.
March 6, 2018 at 8:27am
March 6, 2018 at 8:27am
A contest begins, it goes on for awhile and it ends.

During this period lots of stuff happens, some good and some bad.

For example in a professional sport, like football, baseball, hockey, and soccer, teams comprised of individuals with an athletic aptitude go at each other for a period of time. In the course of this conflict individual contests take place and in almost every case one player outdoes his counterpart. These matchups continue throughout the game, one after the other, and form a chain of causation from beginning to end. Individual victories are scored, points are recorded and when the offensive and defensive struggle runs out of time the numerical records are compared and the winner and looser is declared.... If this seems so obvious that it appears an insult to your intelligence, indulge me... there is a point to be made.

It is an inclination of human nature to attribute the outcome of one of these athletic contests to the last play in the game. Never mind all the errors that were made in the earlier periods or innings but rather to focus on the last gasp of the contest. This is where the goalie gets involved in a shoot-out, where the bases are loaded and the MVP steps up to the plate or the Kicker is looking to make a fifty yard field goal. Success or failure becomes a measure of what happens on the last link of the chain. Never mind all the bone head plays, poor coaching devisions, or conversely great moves or brilliant foresight throughout the contest but rather fixating on the culminating act where the final outcome gets decided one way or the other.

Athletic contests are social models that demonstrate in a gentler context, complex elements that play out in life. In athletics we enjoy the game, nobody gets killed and we experience a catharsis well below the gut wrenching agony of what would happen were something many times worse to take place... like a school shooting. When such a social event takes place the knee jerk reaction is to seize on the last link in the chain of events leading up to it. We blame the final batter, the goalie or the field goal kicker. In this instance we blame the gun that sent bullets into the helpless mass of innocent bystanders, the slow response of law enforcement, or the stupidity of protocols that demanded the wrong action at the wrong time...

The point is that there are many links that have to fail before the assault rifle goes Rat-Tat-Tat and it behooves us to start thinking about what they are before another psycho or worse a team of terrorists bursts onto the scene of a soft target. This is not to say that a gun component cannot be part of trying to prevent school shootings but rather to say it is only one is a long chain of failures proceeding it.

Some of the earlier links are banning prayer in school, erosion of family influence by making parents fear the exercise of physical discipline in the home, violence in video games, Socialist influences in modern education, undisciplined classrooms, red flags that go unreported at all levels of government, bullying in school, social ostracism, programs in schools that underreport misbehavior to avoid administrative stigmatization with unintended consequences, legislation that permits restraining orders to take away weapons from the mentally unfit, hardening schools, arming a core of teachers to protect students in a worst case scenario, taking a look at fire prevention procedures and devices, immediate action drills for law enforcement, bloviating sheriffs .... the links go on and on, any one of which might have prevented or mitigated tragic incidents from the past.

It's time to quit blaming the field goal kicker and get serious about fixing all the links in the chain. The next time it won't be a wacko piece of social wreckage... its going to be an orchestrated terrorist attack... If you don't think they're watching, taking note and plotting you're badly mistaken. As bad as these shootings are they serve as a wake up call for some even worse tidings sure to come our way.
March 5, 2018 at 8:23am
March 5, 2018 at 8:23am
Yesterday was Sunday and I went to an RC model airplane swap meet in Appleton. On a scale off 1-10 I'd give it a 5.

As usual I didn't sell anything but except for a $25 purchase did not engage in acquiring any new acquisitions. I bought a big trainer without anything inside it... only the fuselage and wings. In my shop I have plenty of the stuff that goes inside.

At the last swap meet in Milwaukee I saw a nice Storch but didn't have enough money to purchase it. For those who are wondering, a Storch is a German WW2 short takeoff and landing light aircraft that was widely used in special operations.

So, I was hoping that the owner would be attending and he wasn't. Shucks! How often have you forgone a purchase only to see it forever slip from your grasp? Not having enough cash was problematic and not really a limiting criteria. There might have been an ATM in the hall or I could have borrowed the sum from a friend or worked out something with the owner. Excuses, excuses.

Without trying to get too philosophical, life is like that. Often I get so embroiled in one line of thinking that that something incredible drifts past unnoticed. One of the disciplines I try and cultivate is keeping an open mind. For example when I go to this event or that, I try and avoid preconceived filters. In the example above I had an arbitrary rule in mind that if I didn't have the cash in my pocket I wasn't going to buy something. Another example is walking into an antique shop so focused on something in mind that something else, of far greater craftsmanship, quality and artistic wonder goes entirely overlooked. I was warned of this human propensity once by an antique dealer in Germany who took me under his wing.

One day he asked me when I came into his shop what I was looking for. I told him, "a jewelry box for my wife's birthday." He showed me a table with jewelry boxes and some other assorted items one of which was a figurine that I barely noticed. He told me I could have anything on the table for 100 marks. I picked out a jewelry box and paid for it. Afterwards , he shook his head and motioned me back over to the table. Taking the figurine he turned it over revealing the crossed sabers, which is the trade mark for a piece of Meissen. "This piece is easily worth 1000 marks... you could have had it for 100. Let that be a lesson.
March 1, 2018 at 8:58am
March 1, 2018 at 8:58am
I did a rather incomplete job with my blog last month. There were too many days where I failed to make a journal entry.

If you're like me the tolerance for political mayhem becomes unbearable and after awhile one has to quit listening to it and move onto something else... Unless you're Sean Hannity and he paddles around in the milieu like an infant in a wading pool. This is not to say that I fault him for it, because to the contrary I commend people like Sean and Rush who expose the excesses of political corruption to the light of day.

What I'm saying is that I find it overwhelming, oppressive and noxious and eventually get to a point where I become overwhelmed by the fumes and must turn my mind to other things.

So today I'm resolved to go out to the shop and work on my model airplanes.

Before I head out there I must do the chores and take my morning obligatory walk with my dogs. First allow me to relate a most interesting set of circumstances.

Early in February I went to an RC model swap in my van, following my friend Al to the event. He had a GPS in his new carvan, so it guided us on a circuitous route. During the swap meet I must have said something insensitive to Al because when it came time to go he had departed leaving me to find my own way home. No problem, I had a map of Wisconsin and navigated home the old fashioned way. During the trip I got turned around backwards and headed several miles in the wrong direction. I got off at a rest stop to use the facilities and there was a guy in his twenties driving a rusted out car trying vainly to get it started. When I came out he approached me and asked if I'd take him to a gas station. I said "No" my van was packed to the brim, including the front seat with model airplanes. I drove off and headed down the interstate for home. About a mile away I came upon an exit ramp and gas station and compelled by a guilty conscience, turned around and returned to the rest stop. The young man, who did not look to be dealing from a full deck, was trying to talk somebody else into giving him a ride. I made room in my van and told him to get in.

It took him to the station, paid for his gas and returned him to the rest area whereupon he filled his tank, his car cranked and we both departed. Before going our separate ways he said, "I'm sure you will be rewarded for your kindness." to which I replied, "I've already been repaid.. and many times over."

Now, when I got home a couple of days went by before I discovered my cell phone was missing. I scoured my shop, my house, my van, and the family car but to no avail. In the following weeks I repeated the process but to no avail... the cell phone was nowhere to be found. Yesterday, Linda and I concluded it was lost for good and went to US Cellular and bought a new one. On the trip home I looked around onto the floor of the back seat and guess what? There lay my phone. We had just spent a good chunk of change to buy a new one and laying on the floor was the old one. It had been the object of three determined searches over the period of the past month and suddenly it appeared in plain view on the floor of the back seat.

Now why, you must be wondering... am I writing about politics, model airplanes, and a lost and found cell phone? I don't have a clear answer to that except to say I have a mind that connects things.... often things that seem unrelated. "Could it be?" I asked my wife, "that if I hadn't lost my phone I would have received a call that might have changed the direction of my life." Linda responded, "It sounds like a stretch to me but anything is possibe. More likely you had a senior moment and are trying to read more into your carelessness than the situation warrants."

February 24, 2018 at 9:06am
February 24, 2018 at 9:06am
Donald Trump better hope ..."there was no collusion." His political life, beginning in 2014 is being put under a microscope. Paul Manaforte, his onetime campaign manager is in a heap of trouble. He faces some serious jail time. In addition, a lawyer who was once his executive assistant has pleaded guilty and faces time behind bars. If there was any hanky-panky with the Russians it is likely to come out. That, however, is a big "IF." Keep in mind that Trump is a billionaire and has spent most of his adult life dealing with shady characters and fooling around with women. It isn't like he is a babe in the woods and didn't get to where he is by being stupid. That leads to the key question. Did he do something stupid with Manaforte that Muller can discover. Trump has been repeating "There was no collusion" over and over again while his supporters have been working on a back-up plan if something unexpectedly toxic turns up. Its becoming clear that Muller has made plenty of dumb mistakes on his own from the beginning of his investigation. I doubt that Muller could survive the same scrutiny he has placed on "Trump Collusion" if the spotlight shifted to his own involvement in Uranium 1. Chances are that even if Manaforte knows of some improprities he'll bite his tongue. Right now it appears likely he'll go to jail for a long time and his best bet would be to clam up and hope for a pardon in a couple of years. How much his bag man knows is no doubt enough to expand the seriousness of Paul's nefarious activities and lead to a stiffer sentence, but its doubtful if his assistant personally knows about any collusion involving Trump...if it ever existed to begin with.

In my view, Manaforte knew he was in trouble with his financial dealings and wanted a friend in high places for an insurance policy, when the crap hit the fan. As a consequence he brought plenty of money and clout with him upon joining the campaign. It is well documented that Manaforte had ties to well placed Russian players and without a doubt the Russians realized that having a direct connection to a presidential candidate, through his campaign manager illuminated some interesting possibilities. In my view there is a strong likelihood that Donald escaped any long term liabilities and what the Soviets were doing through Manaforte was quietly laying the groundwork for exploiting the President's weakness for women as a future opportunity for blackmail... in the unlikely event that Donald got elected president. Still, in Trump's favor is the fact that he came suddenly onto the political stage and there wasn't a whole lot of time to corrupt him with incriminating material. The Beauty Pageant was an opportunity, and while graphic photo's of the President banging some Russian prostitute would be problematic, it's probably a worst case scenario he could ride out.... if he didn't try and cover it up. The coverup is always worse than the crime as Bill Clinton discovered. The assumption of course is that Trump was stupid enough to get lured into a compromising situation... a worst case scenario I'de not assign a high likelihood to. So what else could Manaforte and/or his aid have to bargain with? Money and bribery....? hardly likely either, as Trump is not particularly vulnerable to this approach since he is a billionaire in his own right. So if the Russians have a hook in Trump it likely has a sexual component which while embarrassing, would not by itself prove fatal.

Meanwhile, in the back of Muller's mind is the looming and very real possibility that his reputation will be stained by what the investigation into the Uranium 1 deal is likely to uncover. That happened on his watch and could potentially dwarf anything the "Collusion Hypothesis" is likely to chase from the underbrush of the deep state.
February 23, 2018 at 8:55am
February 23, 2018 at 8:55am
We keep seeing more and more, coming in dribs and drabs. Some of it seems unconnected but as you slowly realize what happened and connect the dots... one is forced to acknowledge the enormity of corruption that spread through the Obama Administration. From one public official to the next the compromise swept like a fire-storm, sucking the oxygen of human decency from the air, while idealism fled in shame. Public officials began behaving like sociopaths.

"What good is the power of public office," they reasoned, "if you can't use it on political enemies?" This became the Credo, the mantra of the Democrats, who came to see no act as so foul... no option so vile, nothing so over the top that it couldn't be used to stay in power. Morality went out the window and fair play came to be viewed as weakness... Anything and everything was OK as long as you didn't get caught and since Hillary was certain to win, who was worried? Anything could be covered up as the past eight years had so aptly demonstrated.

Bureaucracies meant serve the Republic..., created for the common good, got weaponized and applied to a twisted end. Hillary Clinton, never the best of candidates, took evil as a modus operandi and it left her soul a charred husk.
February 19, 2018 at 12:36pm
February 19, 2018 at 12:36pm
The past week has not been a good one for the FBI.

Their failure to follow up on two promising leads that might have prevented the mass shooting have seen them hammered again and again on Fox News. Judge Jeanine Shuperrio has been the most eloquent and passionate showing that the failures go back to 9/11 and provide a snapshot of major terror events in the United States that were on the FBI's radar and were not acted upon. This is a bit unfair because there is no doubt that the FBI has thwarted terrorist acts in the past that went largely unreported. Still, the images of high school students running in terror from the buildings and the carnage that left seventeen teachers and students dead is now indelibly etched into the American psyche.

The point that has not been well made is that the rot that has formed at the top echelons of the IRS, DOJ and FBI has spread to the middle management and below. Anyone who thinks that corruption at the very top does not filter down and passes unnoticed without consequence is deluding themselves. Ultimately the cancer metastases to the whole body of an organization. It's time to go in and start over. Demands to "Clean House" are cries that need to be heeded. Even if some good men and women get caught up in the purge, cauterizing the wounds is a remedy well worth suffering. What Obama, Lynch, Yates, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and a host of others... to possibly include Muller... did to not just look the other way but enabled the Clinton and Obama political machines to seize and abuse the powers of these most prestigious of Federal Agencies. It's a crime so repugnant that drastic measures are called for.... not only at the FBI but also the DOJ and IRS.

If you think that Christopher Wray is capable of getting the job done then think again... He went on camera all but saying he could do nothing until the IG submitted their report in March. The President needs to fire him. He might be a nice man but its going to take a mean SOB to get the job done.
February 14, 2018 at 3:02pm
February 14, 2018 at 3:02pm
Once the National Security Agency was given a virtual carte blanch to spy on the emails and phone conversations circulating in political networks, what did they do with the results of their surveillance? Who did they report to with all the fruits gleaned by their eavesdropping? Obviously when Obama was president, they reported to Barrack, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett and god knows who else...but who are they reporting to now?

For example if they are listening in on Adam Schiff and he talks to his sister's father in law, George Soros and they overhear how the Resistance is going to use civil unrest in the upcoming Midterms, who is the NSA going to share this information with? Will Donald Trump's National Security Advisor get a heads up? Will Rod Rosenstein receive a report? Will Robert Muller be brought into the picture? Will Christopher Wray be told what the Left Wing extremists are up to? How is the chain for disseminating these intelligence products now going to work?

We can speculate with some assurance who would be told what and who wouldn't... if John Brennan or James Clapper had their say but who is currently being told what... in Intelligence products at the highest levels of sensitivity and classification? Keep in mind that once the FISA court allowed the nose of the camel, into the circus of political intrigue... to worm its way under the tent where the sausage is made, they loosed an extremely potent instrument into new and uncharted waters. The precedent of weaponizing Intelligence was set in motion by President Obama and where does that leave President Trump as he struggles to survive his first term, facing an array of foreign adversity, domestic issues and the treachery of off shore interests with a globalist, socialist agenda?

This FISA warrant set the NSA with their black box technology into uncharted waters and put into motion forces that here-to-fore were barred from the Deep State shadows of American Politics. So who is reporting what to who now that politicians are being spied on by the Deep State?

Secrecy is more than a double edged sword.... it is one with a sharp tip, pointed at the heart of our Constitution.
February 13, 2018 at 11:01am
February 13, 2018 at 11:01am
Every day more and more begins to dribble out. The hemorrhaging of the Obama Legacy is coming in dribs and drabs. It is a dearth of agonizing slowness that began on the appendages and is spreading to all parts of the body.

Yesterday, Susan Rice popped once more into the limelight with a strange CYA memo directed to herself, asserting that President Obama admonished his staff repeatedly to let the law enforcement branches "do their work, by the book." If you have to remind yourself of that... as your boss is going out the door it seems self evident that it was not happening. Does this relate to that meeting with Barrack Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice in the waning days of the Administration. I wonder where Valerie Jarred was? Then there was the e-mail from Lisa Page telling Peter Struck that the POTUS wants to know everything... the same POTUS that claimed he "Never crossed the line in influencing work at the DOJ and FBI. The memos from the Intelligence Committees keep mounting into a body of evidence that the FISA application was an underhanded attempt to spy on an opposition party. We haven't even seen the IG report, due to hit the streets in March. FBI director Wray says he is waiting for this report to act.

I'm reminded once more of Hillary Clinton's dire prediction after her tirade on Donna Brazil. Remember how coming out of one of the debates she riled on the questions posed by Matt Lauer, threatening to have his head..? "If that wasn't bad enough Clinton went on....

"If that F***ing bastard (Donald Trump) wins we will all HANG FROM NOOSES. Lauer's finished and if I lose it's all on your heads for screwing this up...." Following this tirade..."Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of her assistants...

"HANG BY NOOSES..." those words could go down as the most prophetic in American political history.

Christopher Steele, author of the infamous "Dossier" has disappeared and can't be located and that Pakistani DNC IT guru, has been arrested at the airport by the FBI after leaving a trail of smashed laptops and cell phones.

Then there are those inexplicable Executive Orders on freezing the assets of foreigners suspected of corruption and directing the FBI to close in on the Soros Militias.

If you're watching the main stream media, you'll note that they're in a panic-stricken disarray, refusing to even mention the scandal of the century for fear their low information listeners will realize they've been played for fools. If you look at the Olympics you will see them instead heaping praise on the daughter of the most evil dictator in history, as the screws are relentless applied by the Trump administration.

It is finally becoming evident that external forces are in full control of the mainstream media... interests outside the United States, that have turned fake news into the propaganda tools of our enemies. Decent Americans would not be suffer the self inflicted wounds being served by the "Drive-bys,"... Nor will this outside bloodletting be suffered to continue for much longer.

As Jeremiah "Goddamn America" Wright predicted eight years ago... "The chickens are coming home to roost."

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