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"Putting on the Game Face"
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This blog is a doorway into the mind of Percy Goodfellow. Don't be shocked at the lost boys of Namby-Pamby Land and the women they cavort with. Watch as his caricatures blunder about the space between audacious hope and the wake-up calls of tomorrow. Behold their scrawl on the CRT, like graffitti on a subway wall. Examine it through your own lens...Step up my friends, and separate the pepper from the rat poop. Welcome to my abode...the armpit of yesterday, the blinking of an eye and a plank to the edge of Eternity.

Note: This blog is my journal. I've no interest in persuading anyone to adopt my views. What I write is whatever happens to interest me when I start pounding the keys.

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March 7, 2017 at 7:14am
March 7, 2017 at 7:14am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 10: Crossbreeding with humans with more than one alien species has occurred. Hybrid children and hybrid adults do exist. They have characteristics of both the alien and human races.

Consider the Great French Wine Blight. In the middle 1800s it decimated the French wine industry. The cause has since been attributed to an amphid that found its way back across the atlantic ocean from the Americas.
It was proposed that the dying european vines be grafted to the more resistant American rootstock. This proved to be a remedy.

Many of those brought in to study the UFO phenomenom are microbiologists by trade. This makes sense when living and dead extraterrestrials are introduced into the facts of what was recovered at the crash sites. The government would naturally want to know as much as about the biological evidence as they would about the hardware being recovered.

It's ironic that while we live inside these bio-organisms we call a "body" we actually know little about how our body works. In a sense we are as clueless about the processes of life as we are about the processes of interstellar space travel.

There were two females among the 12 cosmonauts that set out for Eban. One would think they had hysterectomies before they were allowed to go but little is said about the women. It is said that two of the dozen elected to stay. The reason given is that they "fell in love with the planet." A more plausible explanation is that they were bred and became bonded with their hybrid offspring. Too bad, so sad. Page 157: "I asked the doctor if 308's body had been used to create a being. The doctor said "Yes" and showed me the being. This being, with our teammate's blood and cells looked like a large Eban. But the hands and legs were similar to a humans." CONJECTURE: With this kind of bio-technology, replacing a living human female's reproductive organs would be within the bounds of reason.

Archeological discoveries show Megalithic civilizations that left behind evidence of an alien presence over ten thousand years ago. What this means is the Earth was a sort of gigantic petri dish for the seeding of organic life. We often confuse evolution with creation. To some creation happened spontaneously when when just the right combination of amino acids and conditions of heat and moisture resulted in spontaneous generation that started swimming around in some primordial pool of enzymes. In other words we evolved ourselves into existence and into all the exotic forms of diversity that have existed ever since. This hypothesis fails to pass the common sense test. I'll not debate it here.

A more plausible explanation, once one accepts an extraterrestrial intervention is that the earth was seeded and became a huge bio-labratory used to study and test plant and animal life. Who was the first farmer is a question the Aliens should be wondering about and not one that is within the present scope of human understanding.

When ancient tests use the word "God" aren't they referring to aliens and "Heaven" to mean space? When the texts make references like...."And angels descended from on high, mingled with men and seeing the women were fair, mated and bore offspring." This certainly requires much less a suspension of disbelief than spontaneous generation.
March 6, 2017 at 8:25am
March 6, 2017 at 8:25am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 9: In many cases the "abduction phenomenon" is a real event. This activity is complex, coordinated and purposeful. It often occurs throughout many generations of a family.

This declaration suggests that a root cause for the Aliens interest is obtaining "Root Stock" in the human genome for purposes of improving their blood line, perhaps diminished by prolonged space travel or the harsh effects of radiation or some other unexplainable cause.

There are numerous references in ancient texts of Gods (Aliens?) coming down from the heavens, mating with human women and bearing offspring. If this is true then abductions of human males, taken up into spacecraft for intercourse with female aliens is a likely correlation. Several ancient relics inscribed with egg and sperm imagery show that these unions could be more in the line with a host of artificial techniques most everyone is familiar with. Visual representations of Alien physical characteristics would tend to inspire more a sense of revulsion than a prurient interest and I'm sure the converse would hold true for Aliens.

If anything is made clear in the book, the Ebans had an advanced knowledge and understanding of microbiology and how to manipulate genes to achieve an entity which in their view is a product improved version of intelligent life forms that were compatible with attributes they are seeking to obtain.

Page 156-157..."The dark side of this civilization." explains what the Human Commander of the exchange party was shown when he demanded to see the body of his team member who died in route to Eban. "A being with our teammate's blood and cells looked like a large Eban. The hands and legs were similar to a human."

The theme of biological experimentation is a thread that runs from beginning to end of the flying saucer phenomenon. The first crashed saucers were said to contain human body parts. Other claims are made that in return for technological exchanges permission is given the Aliens to conduct these activities only if they return those abducted unharmed. Our government is skeptical that many of these abductions live up to the agreement.
March 5, 2017 at 9:01am
March 5, 2017 at 9:01am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 8: The social orientation, motives and agenda (SOMAO) of theses beings is very diverse. Some Alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.

It could be there exists in the Cosmos a tacit agreement of sorts to allow developing planetary civilizations an opportunity to evolve without outside interference. If you follow this idea the litmus test could be the ability to break free from gravitational restraints and succeed in achieving an orbital space presence.

If this is the rule such an overarching principle has been loosely followed in our distant past. Archeological evidence shows skulls, artifacts and construction techniques suggesting that our ancestors were visited and interacted with Alien visitors. Most of this visitation appears to have taken place before the "Flood" where a catastrophic event shifted the earth's axis and plunged Antartica into a deep freeze. If an asteroid can be used to expunge a civilization how hard would that be for a hostile alien presence to make that happen?

On Mars is evidence of a similar catastrophic event. The Asteroids are claimed by some to be the remains of an exploded planet. If some of this is true the question arises whether this was the result of natural forces or intelligent intervention. If our early contacts with the Ebans revealed that these types of cataclysmic events were the result of Alien intervention, then it is easy to understand the need for secrecy and due diligence to develop technologies for our planetary defenses.

The Ebans referred to an Intergalactic war lasting about 100 Earth years. In this war particle beam weapons were used by the combatants and continued until the Eban' s won. They warned about the hostility of several other Alien races. (181-182)

This could explain our governments near paranoia regarding UFOs. If they take an alien threat seriously the cover-up begins to make some sense.
March 4, 2017 at 7:42am
March 4, 2017 at 7:42am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 7: The spiritual evolution of an alien life form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.

I'm not sure what this declaration is referring to. Is it a sense of morality? Is it a belief in a higher creator or God? Do they perform regular worship services? Or is Big Brother referring to spirit in the context of being more animated and capable of some advanced form of telepathy?

I have two dogs and within their bodies they have uniquely different spirits. The same was true for my children. When I look at the siblings of others I see this same differences in spirit at work. As a species I believe that the human race is on the edge of telepathy.

For example a mother can glance casually at one of her children and read volumes about what they are up to. The same can be seen in a woman's intuition for detecting infidelity in a spouse. It will appear this awareness is the result of interpreting subtle changes in eye movement and body language, however it can be so uncannily accurate at times it seems to go beyond attributions that can be scientifically explained.

If this reference refers to a belief in God, the book explains that worship is not much different from what we practice today. The Ebans meet daily and deliver chants in worship of their deity.

The ambassador that was exchanged for the twelve astronauts is said to have met with the Pope who expressed the view that both are essentially worshiping the same God. They believe in reencarnation and an immortal soul. They do not believe that animals or sworn enemies have a "Soul."

If spirit is referring to a telepathic or etherial sort of charisimatic personality then it is not mentioned in the book, however it is referred to in other references where "mind melding" experiences are claimed to have taken place.
March 3, 2017 at 8:24am
March 3, 2017 at 8:24am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 6: Some alien beings have the ability through advanced technology or other means to move forward or backward at will through time and space.

Of all the declarations (affirmations) this one is the most troubling.

On the one hand it suggests that future outcomes of the human race are already known.

The troubling part is that supposedly we can change our future by modifying specified actions or behaviors. For example suppose the earth is going to collide with an asteroid sometime in the future. That such a collision will end life as we know it. So how does humankind act or behave in response?

The first step is to verify the event. Given a doomsday scenario with an asteroid strike the cause it should be within our means to identify the offending asteroid and do something about it.

On the other hand suppose we discover how to move a space rock from a benign orbit into a collision course with some other space rock. This would take the crystal ball out of the problem. All objects with a suspicious orbit could be addressed.

The problem statement might read, "To determine the best way to avoid the asteroid collision of .....(Date)

The next step in the problem solving process is to list facts and assumptions that bear on the problem. These can be converted into mathematical equations that frame the solution window, or the problem solver can simply keep them in mind.. What this means is that the answer or optimal solution lies in the shaded interior bordered by the regression analysis lines. This is great unless the solution lies outside the box.

Perhaps at this point some definitions are in order.

Fact. Something that has happened in the past and continues on into the present. Something that can be verified by the senses or irrefutable scientific process.

Assumption: A fact that has been concealed, is not widely known or has an element of futurity.

It is commonly assumed that time travel in a real sense is not possible. If it was people could get rich on the Lotto or Stock Market. In this declaration the claim is being made that some aliens have this ability. Of all the claims being made in Kasten's book this one most raises an eyebrow and invites honest skepticism. I submit that some strange physics is taking place regarding travel to distant galaxies and solar systems but question how one learn the real truth? How could we be certain that the coverup bureaucrats weren't being duped by an Alien snake oil salesman? For example, did the Aliens demonstrate this ability with measurable and irrefutable certainty? If the answer is "Yes" then claims the earth might experience, once again, a global catastrophe are to be taken seriously. It becomes imaginable that a government entity might want to buy time to develop technologies that might prevent some future disaster. If the answer is "No" then why is " Big Brother" wasting everybody's time.

I've stated that I'm willing to suspend disbelief in the examination of these Declarations however, believing in time travel, regardless of what Einstein had to say, is the most difficult idea to swallow. It requires one to accept that the future is knowable before it happens... This is not using a predictive instrument, like wheather forecasting where futurity is predicted based upon past events using models that process large amounts of variables and huge amounts of date. This requires opening the door to the possibility that foreknowledge of futurity makes it possible to travel backwards into the past, make some changes, hit the reset button and suddenly tomorrow changes from doom and gloom to roses and lollipops. Further, despite the good intentions presented by our extraterrestrial visitors in Kasten's book there are a host of other reports that suggest the opposite might be true. Officials in Government and Science who presume the right to negotiate on behalf of humanity might be smart but that doesn't necessarily mean they are better suited that the average citizen who just might possess a bit more common sense and social awareness. Look at EX President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Being rich, smart and powerful does not preclude being, where it counts, dumber than a box of rocks.
March 2, 2017 at 8:56am
March 2, 2017 at 8:56am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 5: The variety of life in the universe is diverse, like the life on our planet is diverse.

This acclimation informs the public that life in the universe is abundant and takes many forms. This is a rather obvious statement of fact that almost goes without saying except that it has been steadfastly denied by NASA. To suggest the possibility of anything beyond microbial life existing outside our planet has been heresy and the careers of honorable men and women have been ended by postulating that this dogma might be false.

The only reason that NASA fessed up to the possibility of "Microbial" life is because a meteriorite thrown off from an ancient asteroid strike on Mars came down in Antartica and provided irrefutable scientific evidence that even the most rigid of scientific minds could not quarrel with. Imagery from Mars has shown what looks to be ancient trees and other anomalies that look to be evidence of primitive life forms.

Why scientists at NASA are so reluctant to admit findings that must be clearly evident from satellite imagery... of simple plant , algae, vegetation, and other primitive lifeforms makes little to no sense. Even as a cover for the Secret Space Program making such obvious admissions would not compromise anything. It is reasonable to understand why NASA would want to conceal evidence of intelligent life or possible past civilizations, but primitive life.... what's the big deal?

Last week NASA convened a news conference taking credit for the discovery of a a far off solar system that had five planets in the "Goldilocks Zone." While the greatest scientific discover in history is being covered up in Antartica they strut and fret about small matters they had only a minor role in discovering .

What NASA has maintained from its earliest beginnings is that Mars is a dead planet like the Moon. What is beginning to leak out is that the moon might not be as dead as we've been led to believe and that Mars, despite receiving a knockout punch in the past, is still alive with abundant water, albeit frozen, much lying at the poles and an abundance just below the surface.

What is most discouraging is that in running cover for the Secret Space Program, NASA has destroyed much of its credibility. Despite their remarkable accomplishments with moon landings, orbital satellites and surface rovers, theirs has been an ongoing struggle to cover up imagery of scientific truths through steadfast denial. The NASA legacy will be forever tarnished when it becomes evident of the deceit they have practiced on not just the taxpayers but the whole world. The little old lady in green eyeshades with the airbrush gun is the busiest and most valuable employee on the NASA staff although in fairness it must be acknowledged, that she's had an army of enablers providing backup.
March 1, 2017 at 7:38am
March 1, 2017 at 7:38am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 4: Alien beings may have humanlike bodies or nonhuman (such as hybrid, insectoid, or reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, nonphysical or interdimensional in nature.

This acclimation describes, in general terms, the morphology of shape and form that an alien would appear to have if confronted physically in a face to face encounter.

I interpret "nonphysical" to mean ghostlike or amorphous; "Interdimensional" as holographic. The other lables are self evident.

Photograph evidence, usually the result of hoax or leak, run the gamut from poor to vivid imagery. Vivid is the exception and poor is the norm. Much of these are artist renderings. It is in the nature of what the public has been shown that images tend to be of extremely poor quality, blurred and treated with various types of software obfuscation to make the photo misleading and open to dismissal as naturally explainable, wildly imaginative, or the result of hoax.

It is known that many encounters with Alien beings have been recorded with state of the art cameras capable of pixilated imagery that show a clarity seen on modern photographs or high definition television. For example the exchanges of April 24, 1964. The camera's in Stephen Spielberg's Film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is a cinematic rendering of the event, gives a good ideal of the scope of the camera's and other recording devices that were present.

The norm for anonymously released documents is written materials consisting of alpha characters. Visual imagery was not usually provided to support the leak. Since much of the photographic or cinematic evidence was recorded on older technology devices, chances are it was stored then and remains today in classified repositories. It it is unlikely to have been converted to computer compatible formats. It's easy to envision a storage facility that's not plugged into the Internet where these images can be viewed only in their original formats.

This could be about to change in a dramatic sort of way. Information is being leaked regarding archeological discoveries in Antartica. World leaders are turning up there for what is speculated to be a preview of what is to come. It could be that a virtual trove of evidence has turned up under our very noses, irrefutable evidence of an extraterrestrial presence could be forthcoming about our distant past. However, don't get your hopes up. The lid has been kept on Antartica since the end of WW2 and what is being discovered is no surprise to the guardians of our Secret Space Program. If anyone could stage a massive coverup our shadow government has the expertise and experience to pull it off.
February 28, 2017 at 7:58am
February 28, 2017 at 7:58am
MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 3: These beings have been coming here for tens of thousands of years.

This begs the question why? What is it that we have that would warrant a journey over hundreds of light years?

Perhaps it isn't the Earth but the Sun that's the attraction. Space imagery of the Sun has shown huge UFOs feeding off the plasms that shoot thousands of miles into space.

Perhaps other planets hold the key. Mars is a possibility that shows anomalies posssibly indicative of past intelligent habitation.

Perhaps Earth was/is an outpost, a way station or some outer line of defense. Walls left by monolithic civilizations show a sophistication in stonework far beyond what tribes of hunter gathers could ever have attributed. Some of these ancient archelogical wonders are awe inspiring and even today appear well beyond our technology to duplicate.

In biblical and other ancient texts are stories of Gods (Extraterrestrials) who came to earth, mated and created biological offspring. Could it be a workforce was needed to mine materials or construct massive stone artifacts? Were the ancient Jews genetically engineered as a skilled labor force? Did they flee Egypt fearing what was in store once work on the pyramids was completed?

Colonization is another possibility. The remains of a Pre-Adamite civilization is rumored to being found in Antartica. Remains discovered beneath the ice suggests sudden climate change happening so fast that bodies are being excavated "Flash Frozen" in time.

Natural resources are always a possibility. Materials are being found in back engineered space craft that contain elements and isotopes we heretofore had no knowledge of. Perhaps our solar system is a rich source of anti-matter.

Revitalization of base genetic stock that has suffered from prolonged space travel and the radiation of harsh off world environments is another possibility. Early crashed spacecraft were found to contain terresterial human and animal body parts. Were these being harvested for seurms or other medical purposes?

Why these extraterristerial visitors are here is a profoundly important question and one that extrateresterials from the same or different origins, could have different motives. Discovering these reasons could provide clues to our own future and place in the cosmos.
February 27, 2017 at 8:04am
February 27, 2017 at 8:04am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 2: Craft of not human design or manufacture are operating in and around the land, sea and air of Earth.

Here is affirmation, from a high level, that UFOs are real and not figments attributable to natural or man made causes, or products of wishful thinking or overactive imagination.

It is worth mentioning that these admissions are "Leaks." They are not releases sanctioned by the United States Government. An anonymous source posted these revelations on the internet to a prestigious UFO Thread List. This source labeled himself "Anonymous." The difference between this leak and others, is that this one has not received the push-back of ridicule and misinformation that has characterized other leaks in times past. The government's response has been one of complete silence.

At MJ 12 there is a document called the "Red Book" used to brief Presidents. In it are collected sightings that have been verified and found to be of significant importance.

These days a UFO sighting does not necessarily mean that the craft is of extraterresterial origins. President Clinton said, on an evening talk show, words to the effect that many of these can be attributed to stealth programs that have been recently declassified. He was being specifically questioned about Area 51 which he described as a facility used to test new Department of Defense airborne technologies. This is true as far as it goes. There is no doubt that some of the advances in back engineered ET craft and components find their way into the Defense Aerospace Industry. Most however are directed elsewhere.

As a consequence there are frequent sightings that observers might attribute to a "Flying Saucer" which is actually a type of aircraft that is a product of advanced research and aircraft testing. While related, and often confused, sightings of "Stealth" technology aircraft are different from back engineered alien craft that are being developed as part of the Secret Space Program.

By "Not Human Design" I assume that means, design external to human programs which might or might not be assisted, in some form or the other, by alien/extraterrestrials who are said to be cooperating in developing our Secret Space Program technologies.

A distinction is sometimes made between Alien and Extraterrestrial beings. The distinction is that an "Extraterrestrial" shares a common genetic heritage while an Alien does not.

One of the more intriguing of the sightings is often referred to as "The Black Knight" which is said to be in a counter clockwise polar orbit. A web search seems to confirm its existence.
February 26, 2017 at 8:23am
February 26, 2017 at 8:23am
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 1: Intelligent Life does exist on other planets and throughout the universe.

For those who might be wondering MJ 12 is an organization chartered by President Truman in the aftermath of recovering crashed UFO's following WW2. For years it has operated under the umbrella of the highest security classifications the United States has to offer.

In the intertveneing seventy-five odd years it has been behind the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its front, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NASA has deflected attention away from the SSP while maintaining the cover of a legitimate functioning civilian agency ostensibly operating to further our knowledge of the Universe and leading the peaceful American space effort. As with any front organization, every effort has been made to make it appear legitimate and to an extent these efforts have succeeded. Wags have interpreted NASA to stand for Never A Straight Answer. The reputation of the agency has thus suffered as a consequence of its deceptive primary mission. Still, it has accomplished much good portraying a technological development many years behind what actually exists. In deceiving the American public it could be fooling any Alien intelligence that might be listening in. If an Alien presence is looking down they are only seeing the first layer of the onion, that is if they are paying serious attention to anything that NASA is saying and doing.

The first Declaration that MJ 12 makes to acclimate the average American is to acknowledge the existence of extraterresterial Life. This is a profoundly important admission that has far reaching implications for every human on the planet. While this memo was "leaked" three years ago it hasn't made much of a dent in the public's awareness. They have been so conditioned to skepticism regarding UFO's that when the truth is finally admitted a normal citizen can't accept the it at face value. The derision heaped upon those who dared to raise the very possibility of ETs has stifled anyone from speaking up over the last seventy-five years. That type of unrelenting conditioning does not vanish overnight. If you go to U-tube and look at the evidence, even photographs that are extremely convincing are dismissed by skeptics as an affront to their intelligence.

For example take the Columbia Tragedy. There are two U-tube videos that illustrate what I'm referring to. The first is titled (1) "What did NASA do to piss off the ETs?" The second is (2)"Nine foot Alien seen in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle." In number 1 the video shows two saucer like UFOs closing on the shuttle, supposedly as it begins its ill fated reentry protocol. Contact is lost and the trailer shows the Columbia as a wrecked shell still floating in earth orbit. The second shows two normal sized and one abnormally tall astronauts working in the Columbia's cargo bay and then what appears to be an alien space craft hovering overhead. The video seems to suggest, on one hand, an exchange of off world technology that was detected and led to the destruction of the shuttle. On the other the written narrative suggests it was shot down by the Russians with some sort of particle beam weapon. The imagery suggests one thing, the words suggest something else and the viewer is left with the impression the entire thing is some sort of bizarre hoax.

It appears to me that credible information was leaked in the photo of the three astronauts and a barrage of misinformation was then used to obfuscate the offending immage. This seems to be Standard Operating Procedure used by NASA and the intelligence gathering agencies. It comes under the category of "Damage Control."

This brings me back to the First Declaration. It begs the question, Is this "Intelligent Life" benevolent or hostile? What is being released suggests the former but there is enough evidence from the past history of Earth and Mars and testimony from believable sources, to suggest a need to be wary in interactions with extraterrestrials. What we do know is that humanity had better play some technological catch-up before getting in a pissing contest.

Humanity must be quick to realize how easy it would be for these Extraterrestrials to expunge life as we know it. For example positioning an asteroid on a collision course with Earth would seem well within their means. Let's hope that being kept in the dark all these years has bought time to acquire some credible means for dealing with the more obvious worst case scenarios.
February 25, 2017 at 8:56am
February 25, 2017 at 8:56am
In writing these essays I'm making a case for myself.

There is such a firehose of information on this subject that the full scope of what happened in historical times and more recently in my own lifetime is voluminous and overwhelming. Humanity operates on a distributed rather than a centralized data-base. Each human being has his/her own unique bio-processor and while some have more capability than others, mine is ordinary, finite and limited. What this means is that there are thresholds to what my brain can accomplish. Focusing on the tactical, operational and strategic aspects of what a body of information can potentially convey is beyond my ability to concurrently process. Trying to understand the individual bits and pieces is one thing, however, reconciling the entirety requires a different capacity and focus. It has been my good fortune to be blessed with bio-software that has an aptitude for connectional thinking in the three basic modes of thought.

For example wearing a tactical hat, I see one picture, with an operational hat another and in a strategic mindset still another.

There are other things I want to accomplish with my remaining years than worry about about whether my findings and views meet high standards of science and scholarship. I am neither a scientist or a scholar. What I've had some success doing is reaching out and connecting thoughts and ideas and applying the results to challenges faced in my lifetime.

Since retiring I find myself engaged in exercises more for my own interest and satisfaction rather than out of any need for public recognition and acclaim. I've had enough praise along the way to satisfy my appetite for such empty accolades.

So, for those who might stumble by accident upon my writings I'll try and provide an occasional reference, however, much of it I glean from the internet. Eighty percent or more I filter out realizing that in screening the chaff, some of the wheat will be lost. This is unfortunate but I am happy to measure success by achieving one standard deviation of understanding.

If you search the words "Megalithic Civilizations, ETs, and Government Coverups" this is what flashes on the screen.

Did you mean: megalithic civilizations ETs Government Cover Up
Searches Related to megalithic civilizations ETs Government Coverup
The Ancient Megalith Archeology Coverup YouTube
megalithic monuments
various past civilizations
UFO Transported On A Flatbed Truck By US Government Higher Ups
The Atlantean Conspiracy
Pre-Flood Civilization and the End Times
various megalithic structures around the Earth
Wall in Peru started by ancient civilization then fixed by Incan
Web Results
The Ancient Megalith Archeology Coverup [FULL VIDEO] - YouTube
Jan 17, 2016 ... Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilisations, Archeology Coverups and devastating wars of the past are all ...
Ancient Aliens - Wikipedia
Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History ..... This episode postulates that various past civilizations were ruled by ... Examined are groups who claimed to receive messages from ETs such as the ... This episode theorizes that various megalithic structures around the Earth ...
1000+ images about Strange Tales on Pinterest
1. UFO Transported On A Flatbed Truck By US Government Higher Ups! [VIDEO] .... Wall in Peru started by ancient civilization then fixed by Incan. Quality of work ... And then later finished by Spaniards which doesn't even compare to the megalithic builders. ..... Senator Barry Goldwater Admitted Government UFO Cover-Up ...

The above is a small sample. In addition one can go to Barnes and Nobel and in the UFO section get the following books.

1. Secret Journey to Planet Serpo... A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, by Len Kasten, 2013.

2. Alien Agenda... Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence among us. Jim Marrs. 1997

3. The NASA Conspiracies... The Truth behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and the Face on Mars. Nick Redfern, 1964

4. Forbidden History... Prehistoric Technologies,Extraterrestrial Intervention, and suppressed origins of civilization. Edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

5. Steven Speilberg's, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition.

Of all the books and there are many more than those listed above, #1 Secret Journey to Planet Serpo is the most compelling and believable. However, all the above sources are valuable tools in separating what appears to be truth from a clutter of misinformation. On page 279, is appendix 12, A Framework for Public Acclimation. "...it reveals in twelve short declarations everything we have secretly learned about the extraterrestrials."

I will be using these declarations as a baseline for my essays.

February 24, 2017 at 10:43am
February 24, 2017 at 10:43am
Since the end of WW2, for most of my lifetime, there have been some momentous events taking place. These events revolve around contacts with Extraterrestrials.

The Government has had success in covering up the scope of what is happening. That is, until recent years. With the advent of social media made possibly by the Internet, the paradine has changed. Today anybody can make a U-tube video and get it posted in near real time.

The Bad news is that this information is not always factually vetted, is riddled with assumptions and often half baked and full of wishful thinking. Further it is awash in a sea of deliberate misinformation making it difficult to separate fact from fiction.

The Good News is that the truth of what has happened can't be "slow walked" forever. Historically our government has been able to keep a lid on such matters and done so for decades. In the last ten years, however, have come leaks and the information flow has increased from drips to a hemorrhage. A collective guilt has manifested itself as insiders struggled with the morality off hiding this story, unprecedented in the history of mankind.

The United States of America has made contact with one or more alien races and benefited from an exchange of off world technology. A Secret Space Program has flourished under the cover of A public space program that goes by the name of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

It all really began when something momentous happened at Roswell New Mexico in the late 1940's. Two UFO's collided and crashed into the desert. There was one survivor who escaped the crash with only minor injuries. He was labeled an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) who lived for several years and became known as EBE 1. EBE 1 was intelligent and learned English from those entrusted with his care. He was taken to Los Alamos National Laboratories and given special accomodations until dying in 1952.

Before his death EBE 1 cooperated in identifying many of the components found in the two crashed spacecraft. He explained, as best he could, how the items worked. This provided a starting point and framework, however, the task of back engineering has been daunting and ongoing ever since. A notable breakthrough was a communications device he serviced, used to contact his Eban society. As a result of this link two exchanges took place.

The first was a mission to recover their dead. The second was an exchange program. Twelve candidates were recruited by the Airforce and exchanged for an Eban ambassador. The mission lasted about thirteen years and seven of the twelve returned . In Stephen Spielberg's motion picture, Close Encounters of the Third kind, this historic incident is portrayed in the movie.
February 23, 2017 at 7:19pm
February 23, 2017 at 7:19pm
I've always had an interest in Science Fiction. UFOs however, were another matter. More recently, I've crossed the line from skeptic to believer.

It is hard to believe any longer in the Government's, perhaps well intentioned policy, of disavowing extra-terresterials.

With the advent of the Internet it has become all but impossible for "Big Brother" to keep secrets. It might take awhile but eventually the truth begins to slowly trickle out. Advocates of UFOs are scoffed at, derided with satire, and subjected to ridicule. A good example is Dr. Brandenburg who has been branded a "Good Scientist who became unhinged." Who would want to take seriously someone like that?" we ask ourselves.

Still, where there's smoke there's fire. If a whiff can be ignored a pall cannot. When flames lapp up from beneath then it's time to take notice. What we see today is on the scale of a bonfire... that nobody in science or government is willing to acknowledge.

In Steven Spielberg's classic, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," the audience sees, at the close of the movie, twelve (12) Earth beings, dressed in red jumpsuits, boarding the alien mother-ship to accompany the ET's back to their home planet.

Recently leaked information shows that such an event actually took place. Len Kasten, in his book "Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, a True Story of Interplanetary Travel, lays it all out in detail." Don't take my word for it... read the book and if that doesn't convince you about extraterrestrials, then nothing I can do or say will change your mind.
February 14, 2017 at 9:47pm
February 14, 2017 at 9:47pm
There is something obscene abut "Paid Protesters" in American Politics. What have we come to when Geroge Sorrors, just because he's a rich foreigner who hates America can recruit and pay protestors to whip up a news frenzy.

Its bad enough that we have X-President Obama putting together an organization that he intends to use to discredit and bring down the Trump Administration. Past presidents have graciously stepped aside and allowed the new administration an opportunity to implement a new agenda. No way that is going to happen. The blood letting has already begun. I say let the games begin! The Democratic Part has been commandeered by the Left Wingers and they are not going to relinquish their goal of destroying this country just because they've lost a couple of elections. It is going to take another resounding defeat that will significantly reduce the seats they hold in the House and Senate to give the moderate Democrats a chance to stage a comeback. Even that will not stop the Left Wingers from their nefarious agenda.

The voters thought that all they had to do to reverse the trends of the last eight years was exercise their vote at the ballot box. Was that ever naive thinking. the American people have no idea the virulent malice they are up against.

We see it in the Media. One would think that if NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS The New York Times and Washington Post saw their ratings plummet because of biased coverage that they would try and be a bit more "fair and balanced." That the Yellow journalism they keep pumping out is propaganda that runs contrary to the will of the people. Forget that! Whoever owns these medial outlets doesn't give a damn what the American people think or care if they ever make a dime. This should tell Americans that whoever these owners are they use the medial as a propaganda tool believing they can peddle their slanted coverage and shape the attitudes of low information voters. Well they seem to have forgotten that everyone in the middle class is not a moron! The results of the election showed that you can't fool all the people forever.

First blood has already been drawn by the Democrats. The Federal Circuit Court in Seattle handed down a ruling to prevent President Trump from exercising an authority that was clearly his to exercise. The court ruled that the temporary executive order issued by the President had no rational basis. Since when does the President of the United States have to go, hat in hand, before a left wing court stacked by Obama appointees and beg permission to protect the American People? It was the first move by the Democrats to discredit the new administration. On the heels of that has come a tactic that is even more unsettling.

The presidents national security advisor, following a precedent set by the Obama Administration, began talks with the Russian Ambassador over sanctions. It was no secret that President Trump was looking for ways to defuse the tense relations that have existed with the Soviet Union since the end off the cold war. One of our Spy Agencies listened into the conversation. There was nothing illegal about keeping tabs on the Russian Ambassador. What is frightening is that the contents of the conversation was leaked to a Left Wing news outlet and led to the resignation of a National Security Advisor who was a top notch public servant.

His mistake was not being savvy to the politicalization that has crept into virtually every public agency. Every one has been packed with liberal cronies. I don't know how an American can be so devoid of honor and human decency that they get their jollies off, hiding behind anonymity and selectively releasing privileged information for political gain. What weasels! The CIA, NSA, and FBI are riddled with left wing political operatives. We saw what happened to the Internal Revenue Service, The State Department, the FBI, and Department of Justice under the Obama Administration. It was a national disgrace. Well the left wing lever pullers are still at it. They are imbedded so deep it will take years to realize that these Neo Aristocrats will stop at nothing to keep from turning the United States into a third rate European Socialistic State.

The only chance the Country has is to regrow the middle class that the Obama Administration did everything in its power to destroy. the Democrats want to be part of a small elitist body at one end of the economic extreme, ruling over a huge mass of indigents. Once they succeed with this they can threaten the masses with their Health Care and Food Stamps. It the Trump administration can rally the economy and bring back jobs sent overseas he just might be able to "Make America Great Again." Unfortunately the deck is stacked against him. Already they are beginning to pick off the most worrisome of his advisors that are capable of advancing his agenda. We haven't seen anything yet.

Wait until the Obama machine, backed by Sorros money, and an army of paid professional protesters kick in. President Trump has an uphill fight and the forces arrayed against him are legion.

What is this Nation Coming to.
February 9, 2017 at 9:34am
February 9, 2017 at 9:34am
President Trump is about to be tested by the Crazies in the Middle East.

The Military and State Department will once again leave the poor guy hanging out to dry.

These two huge bureaucracies suffer from a dearth of imagination. The only way they learn is to have the proverbial shaft, shoved up their asses and broken off.

Allow me to predict what will soon happen, not that having "Told You So" will be any consolation.

An Embassy or CIA Annex will again be attacked and the hostages used as pawns on the international propaganda stage. Only this time the stakes will be much higher.

Does anyone remember how that Palestinian girl danced gleefully on National News as the Twin Towers came crashing down? Does anyone recall that Jordanian fighter pilot doused with gasoline and set on fire in a cage. Imagine if you will a clutch of State Department employees huddled together and put to the torch as the Muslim extremists twirl about dancing with joy. And what do you think President Trump will be left with, as far as options,when DOD and the State Department shrug and give the Polish Salute? "Duh!" you will hear, "Who would have ever expected that to happen?"

In fairness these two agencies probably learned something from Benghazi but not much. The Military hates the State Department and considers them a bunch of left wing loonies who firmly believe that talking about problems is all it takes to achieve a perfect world. The State Department thinks that the Military is a bunch of Neo-Nazi's for whom force is the only option..These mind sets will prove fatal in the next couple years. President Trump will be left standing with nothing in hand but his "You know what." It will be the Iranian Embassy Takeover played out once more at an elevated level of horror.

What did we learn from Benghazi? Has the United States really come to realize the importance of "BACKUP? Any police department could teach both these agencies volumes about its importance and how it works. The Military is still fighting WW2 with a little Korea and Vietnam sprinkled in. The Gulf Wars were an aberration of sorts which gave the military an opportunity to relearn the Lessons of Vietnam... Improvised Explosive Devices are a good example. Most of our casualties in Vietnam came form IED's. Our vehicles were Death Traps. No surprise there... we knew that ten years before the Iraq wars and did nothing about it. The Iranians came up with a cheap detonator and today we have a host of veterans hopping around as a grim reminder of our inability to learn from the past.

The point I'm making is that we are once again setting ourselves up by making the same dumb mistakes all over again...only this time the stakes will be much higher.

DOD is great at writing contingency plans that are unworkable. they are so out of touch with reality that nobody in their right mind would consider implementing them. It takes months to ever get them off the ground. These plans languish on some forgotten computer disk and exist only for the purpose of saying that we have one. Benghazi is a great example of how ill prepared we are for the type of conflicts we will face in this century.

The State Department and CIA looked to contractors to provide the security for their annex's and Embassy. It was clear to them that inviting DOD to be a part of that effort was impractical. They were right. Involving the military meant giving up some control of their destiny, something they are loath to do, but even if they did our Defense Department was too ponderous and slow moving to ever be of much good. It might be heresy for me to say this but DOD does not live up to the billing that most citizens have from watching the movies.

February 8, 2017 at 10:52pm
February 8, 2017 at 10:52pm
I used to be a moderate Democrat.

That came to an end when the party focus shifted to patronizing the rich and poor to the exclusion of the middle class. The Left has become the new aristocracy and they depended too much on the votes of poor minorities to secure their base.

In repudiating the middle class, which was historically the locus of the Democrat's power, they made a huge mistake as evidenced in the recent election. Swing states which have traditionally gone Democratic went for President Trump. President Obama acknowledged as much in the aftermath.

The Left has coopted the Democratic Party and led them over the past eight years into a downward spiral. When President Obama took office eight years ago the Democrats had the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Thinking they had a mandate the Obama Administration squandered the political capital at their disposal.

From the beginning the Obama Administration floundered on the rocks of Universal Health care and long after it was demonstrated that The Affordable Health Care Act was unworkable the Administration kept doubling down on it. Instead of focusing on the issues the Trump Administration has chosen to champion, Obama kept driving the ship of state deeper into the shoals of a terribly implemented Obama Care until it floundered on the eve of the Republican's victory. When voters woke up and saw their health care premiums skyrocketing that was the final nail in the coffin.

After a closely contested football game it is common for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks to seize on the last link in the chain of failures that decided the game. For example the game was lost in the waining seconds because the Field Goal Kicker missed the uprights. Obama care alone was not responsible for the Democrat's defeat. There were many other nails, almost all self -inflicted that played a role in the Trump Victory.

Note that I say Trump Victory and not Republican Victory. The Republicans might be wallowing in the glory but they deserve little of the credit. Had it not been for the ineptitude of the Democrats through the course of the last eight years the Republicans would have never triumphed. There was only one Republican in that field of sixteen hopefuls that could have defeated Hillary Clinton.

Only Trump managed to energize the populist base that led to his victory. This base was the middle class, a constituency the New Aristocracy despises. Despite Union Leaders being solidly behind the Democrats, the rank and file revolted and turned out for Trump. Concurrently the minorities failed to turn out in the numbers needed to counterbalance the defection.

The Democrats continue to be ruled by the Extreme Left and cannot admit that they are in any way responsible for the defeat they suffered. They blame it on the Russians.... if any sensible person could believe that.

Consider this. The Soviets understand what it is to act upon their National Interests. Ask yourself how the interests of the Soviet Union could be served by a strong American President. Russia has been on the ascendancy the past eight years because of a weak America. It is no secret that historically the Soviets have fostered groups in the United States to promote a socialist ideology. So why would they want a staunch Capitalist as president who might just reignite our economy. Why indeed when they could have eight more years of a left leaning regime enamored with European socialism? Hillary Clinton was the answer to their prayers and not someone they would be inclined to bring down.

Regardless of who did the hacking , it did nothing more than reveal the truth of what insiders to the Democratic Machine really believed. The hacked emails showed the truth of what was really motivating the lever pullers. They coined the term "Deplorables." Whoever the hackers were, we should be grateful for their assistance in revealing the truth. What the "Inner Circle Emails" showed was their contempt for the average American. Is it any wonder that the Middle Class finally woke up and expressed their disgust in the voting booth?

Ask yourself this. If it wasn't the Russians doing the hacking then who did? Again I go beck to the question of National Interests. If the Soviets National Interests were not being threatened then who's were?. Its sort of like following the money to determine what is really going on behind the scenes. What nation had its National Interests threatened most by the Obama Administration and the capability to do something about it? The answer is so obvious I won't insult your intelligence.

February 7, 2017 at 10:46pm
February 7, 2017 at 10:46pm
We're conceived in darkness shut off from the light of day. The union of a man and woman, caught in the clutches of passion. An egg enters a dry and thirsty womb, to be deluged in a spray of hot semen. Thirteen foreign chromosomes enter, entwine with their counterparts and begin to replicate. A division occurs and an embryo is formed. All this takes place in the darkness as the fetus, nurtured by the elements comes to term. All this in darkness. Then at birth the infant experiences the day. The light animates the clueless host filling it with the spirit of life. The product is an awareness which arbitrates the light and darkness guiding a common interest to survive.
January 30, 2017 at 9:06pm
January 30, 2017 at 9:06pm
I'm working away on my Gemini 2. It is a big model even by today's standards. The building notes were included when the plans were sent via a drop box. I can't seem to find where I put them. The first time through I built a half scale version which I completed in two weeks. I really ripped through it and my friend Ron gave me old ned for my sloppy work. Can't argue with him there. The whole purpose was to get a feel for the full sized kit that was expensive. It was well worth it but even though the parts are keyed to the plans it is still a complex undertaking.

The wing came in three parts. These I have framed up. The fuselage was more complicated than I imagined it would be. In the end I just took all the parts and found a home for them, using the blueprint and shape of their outline. Now that is framed up. I put the center wing on top today and it looks pretty good. Next I have to build the tail. When I scratch built the half scale version I realized how complex this part of the construction was. Now I have the kit and I suspect that even with all the parts cut assembly is going to be a bear. Anyway that is the last big remaining hurdle to completing the airframe.

In my class, The Exploratory Writing Workshop attrition has taken its toll. I started out with six students and am down to two. The two are above above average writers and one is quite advanced. Usually I get plenty of questions but this time around it has been pretty quiet.

Linda bought me one of these overstuffed back supports designed for you to sit up in bed. It is a great improvement over cramming some pillows behind my neck. After awhile my back used to start to hurt but so far I've been spared that annoyance. A friend of mine will be visiting on Monday and we will be spray painting my humongous Giant Big Stick. It is mammoth and I don't want to mess it up with the spray gun after coming so far with it.

So I manage to keep myself busy and look forward to starting on the Tail Fin tomorrow.

January 29, 2017 at 7:46pm
January 29, 2017 at 7:46pm
January 28, 2017 at 9:16pm
January 28, 2017 at 9:16pm
I watched a U-tube video about Peru an the images were facinating.

What the ruins show is two civilizations that lived in the same place at different times in history. What is amazing is that the earlier occupants had a vastly superior command of architecture and construction techniques. In looking at the ruins one can see stone work that is elegantly rendered, using blocks of stone that were huge. Then one can see where the Incas who came later moved in to thest structures, patching them up with adobe bricks.

What I would expect is to see the adobe bricks first and then the elegant stonework later. It isn't what the evidence shows. A more advanced group did the early work and a less advanced group arrived afterwards.

There is so much about our past that we don't understand and much of what we learned in school does not seem to be borne out by some of the amazing discoveries being made in remote parts of the world.

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